My Sets

Note: I only update this list once per year.

Also if you are looking for a list of ALL the LEGO Holiday and winter sets – I keep that updated more often.

Set NumberNameCategoryYear
40106Toy WorkshopHoliday2014
40138Christmas TrainHoliday2015
10254Winter Holiday TrainHoliday2015
40139Gingerbread HouseHoliday2015
31038Changing SeasonsCreator2015
10245Santa's WorkshopHoliday2015
40107Winter Skating SceneCreator2014
10235Winter Village MarketCreator2013
75205Mos Eisley CantinaStar Wars2018
10249Winter Toy ShopHoliday2015
40358Been There Donut ThatTarget Exclusive2018
21315Once upon a Brick LEGO Pop up BookIdeas2018
71040The Disney CasleDisney2017
75955Hogwarts ExpressHarry Potter2018
41155Elsa's Market AdventureDisney2018
10736Anna & Elsa's Frozen PlaygroundDisney2018
75951Grindlewald's EscapeHarry Potter2018
75952Newt's Case Magical CreaturesHarry Potter2018
10268Vestas Wind Turbine (new)Creator2018
40292Christmas Gift 2018Holiday2018
5005257Ninjago Minifigure CollectionNinjago2018
75251Darth Vader's CastleStar Wars2019
76133Spider Man Car ChaseMarvel2019
76113Spider Man Bike RescueMarvel2019
76114Lego Spider-Man's Spider CrawlerMarvel 2019
76115Spider Mech vs. VenomMarvel2019
76134Spider-Man: Doc Ock Diamond HeistMarvel2019
70666Ninjago Golden DragonNinjago2019
70823Emmet's Thricycle!The LEGO Movie 22019
70824Introducing Queen Watevra Wa'NabiThe LEGO Movie 22019
60212City Barbecue Burn OutCity2019
60206Sky Police Jet PatrolCity2019
70680Ninjago Monastery TrainingNinjago2019
41360Emma's Mobile Veterinary ClinicFriends2019
70841Benny's Space SquadThe LEGO Movie 22019