LEGO July 2024 GWP

LEGO July 2024 GWP

Every month LEGO offers a Free Gift with Purchase. For the 4th of July the LEGO July 2024 GWP is the Firework Celebrations 40689. It is only available in LEGO stores and on the LEGO website.

For all you collectors of the LEGO Gift With Purchase sets, you won’t want to miss the LEGO FIrework Celebrations set 40689. There really isn’t a set that it is designed to go with, but for everyone in the USA who is reading this, this set goes great for the 4th of July, American Independence Day holiday.

This set has 184 pieces, but in order to get it for free you have to spend $85 on or at a LEGO store. As far as I know there is no way to buy it outright. Also once they are gone, they are gone – you will only be able to buy it on the second-hand market. It is available from 6/28 until 7/7 (or unless they run out first).

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40689 Firework Celebrations

LEGO FIrework Celebrations GWP
LEGO FIrework Celebrations GWP
  • Set: 40689
  • Pieces: 189
  • Threshold: $85 US
  • Release date: June 28, 2024- July 7, 2024 (while supplies last)
  • Age : 7+
  • Minifigs: 2
  • Original US Price: $14.99

The first LEGO July 2024 GWP. Celebrating with Fireworks of all kinds!

This set reminds me of some of the Lunar New Year sets that have come out in the past.

There are 2 little scenes that come in this set, plus you get 2 minifigures, too!

The first scene is a fireworks scene with two pinwheel fireworks being launched from a white platform area. There is a background scene with more decorations, but my favorite is the curved trans clear piece that holds up the explosions!

The second little scene is a box container with 2 little fireworks ready to be launched next.

Pick up this scene with your next LEGO purchase, but only until July 8, 2024 or until supplies run out.

Here are some new LEGO sets you might want to consider to get the July GWP.

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