The Rules

  1. LEGO. Never Legos.
  2. As a Cult of LEGO member, you must refer anyone who breaks these rules to this list.
  3. Cult of LEGO members must strive to keep all elements and bricks pure. No stickers.
  4. Knolling is required post bag opening and prior to building.
  5. Boxes, bags and packaging are not to be saved once opened. Please recycle.
  6. Illegal connections are forbidden. Don’t stress the bricks.
  7. The ultimate storage for LEGO bricks and elements are individually, fully separated and in its own private drawer, compartment, or container. Preferably displayed in a pleasing color arrangement.
  8. Sniffing the bags once open is encouraged.
  9. Keep the bricks and elements clean. Dust as necessary.
  10. Don’t disrespect the LEGO by leaving on the floor to be stepped on.
  11. Only authentic LEGO bricks and elements are to be used in MOCs, as LEGO would never put a non LEGO piece in their sets.
  12. When taking photographs of your set or MOC, make it look as good as possible using the best lighting, angle and gear as necessary. Pieces must be pressed together tightly preventing gaps.
  13. Never use glue or any other kind of adhesive to permanently affix bricks and elements.