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Easy and Affordable LEGO Minifigure Frame

DIY LEGO Minifigure Frames

Are you looking for an easy to make, and affordable frame to display your LEGO Minifigures/

Perhaps you want to make a Minifigure Wall and don’t know where to start? Are the store-bought display options too expensive? I’ve got your answers right here for the ultimate Minifigure Frame.

One of the defining features of my LEGO room is my Minifigure display wall. I have a frame for each of the 30 or so different CMF series that have been made.

I was inspired by two different AFOLs – Jangbricks and Heathersbricks. Each of them uses a colored frame to showcase the 12+ minifigures that come in each collection.

The way this looks is just so cool.

But I wanted to make the minifigures stand out even more! I took their ideas, and slightly changed them to suit my style and make each minifigure stand out!

How to Display Your Lego Minifigures

LEGO Minifigure Wall
LEGO Minifigure Wall

There are a number of ways that people display their LEGO Minifigures. Some use store-bought display cases, while others build their own custom displays.

When I was first buying and building LEGO sets, my LEGO storage was pretty basic. I would build the sets and then try to display them (while keeping the model as put together as I could).

But as I would play with them, or friends would come over, the sets would come apart.

Sometimes I would take them apart to modify them and build my own new LEGO creation.

By this time, it would be hard to keep the sets together, so they would just end up in a bin.

This LEGO bin would have loose pieces, partially built sets, and of course Minifigures.

Sometimes, I would want to display all the minifigs I had.

My first attempts were to build little stands with the LEGO bricks I already had.

The most basic was putting all the minifigs in a single line.

As I would get more and more, the single line would become two rows. And in order to see the ones in back I would build the back row a little higher. Sort of like a stair, or bleacher.

The issue with this was twofold:

  • The Minifigures would get dusty and dirty
  • They weren’t protected, and people could pick them up and play with them.

It was easy to dust them (I like to use Swiffer products). The harder part was keeping my friends from playing with them and taking them apart to create new LEGO Minifigures.

I needed a new solution.

After looking at a lot of different options (official LEGO Minifigure Storage, 3rd party LEGO Minfigure boxes, and even craft storage boxes with compartments, I came up with my frame solution.

If you’re looking for an easy and affordable way to display your Minifigs, try using one of my frames!

DIY LEGO Minifigure Frames

To make your own DIY LEGO Minifigure Frames, you will need a few different things –

And of course Minifigures

I like to buy each of these different items in quantity so I have enough for all the different series of Minifigures.

  1. The 10×10 frames I have linked above come with glass and a picture mat, but I don’t use those. I just use the frame by itself. I recycle the glass and paper appropriately and don’t worry about saving them or reusing them. It’s not terribly expensive.
  2. Then I take the Strickly Bricks Baseplates and fit them where the picture Mat and glass would go. It usually fits just perfectly.If it doesn’t I take a very sharp utility knife and carefully cut (using a straightedge) just a little bit of the side of the frame off. It takes a couple of passes but is really easy to do.
  3. Then, using the clips that came with the frame, I hold the baseplate in position.
  4. Finally I use the brackets and plates to hold up the minifigures. You can use the holes on the back of the minifigure legs to attach them to the baseplate, but I prefer to have them upright on a little stand.
  5. I like to arrange the figures with even spacing to fill the frame. I usually have 3-5 rows of 4-6 minifigures in each row. Just play around with the arrangement and find something you like!

For me, I always use white frames and baseplates, but you can use colors in any combination you like!

Lego Minifigure Frames

Ikea Frames

A quick google search will reveal lots of different IKEA Minifigure frames and storage ideas. I have a few issues with this.

Ikea frames have a modern look and are easy to get. Plus they are relatively inexpensive.

While it is relatively easy to get IKEA frames (the Ribba is the most common), It is hard to get a baseplate to fit perfectly inside the frame.

You would think it would be easy. But it is not. I know, I’ve tried.

How to Store Lego Minifigures

Dislpaying your LEGO Minifigures in frames is a great way to store them.

I have a collection of over different 1000 minifigs, and use a variety of different storage solutions to store LEGO Minifigures.

LEGO Storage Drawers for minifigure storage.

One way is to use the Akro-Mills Drawers for Minifigure storage. I like the 64 drawer unit. Each drawer can hold 5-6 minifigures easily, which means you can get over 300 minifigures organized easily.

3-D printer for LEGO Storage

3-D printed LEGO Storage
3-D printed LEGO Storage

Lately, I have been using my 3-D printer to make custom bins to hold my Minifigs.

I found this guy on YouTube who makes storage bins for his workshop.

I adapted his design to fit into Ikea kitchen drawers, which I then use to hold up the tables in my LEGO room.

For me, this is the ultimate way to store LEGO. It is super inexpensive, and easy to expand, as I get more pieces and sets.

The drawback is that it takes a lot of time. Making just 1 bin takes about an hour. But I can set my 3-D printer to run automatically and make up to 5 bins at a time.

LEGO Minifigure Frames

I hope you have found a way to show off your LEGO Minifigures. From my DIY Lego figure display frame, to 3-D Printed LEGO storage, I have tried (and used) just about everything out there.

You aren’t limited to using frames for CMF minifigures, either. You could have a Lego Figure Display Frame of all the Batman Minifigs, or one for all the different versions of Lloyd from Ninjago. How about one for all the Star Wars Droids.

How to Build your Own LEGO Minifigures

LEGO Minifigure Factory

Have you ever wanted to build your own LEGO Minifigures, but they don’t come out the way you want? I have some suggestions for you.

Maybe you want to make an army for your city. Perhaps you want your own SigFig that you can trade with your friends. The possibilities are limitless.

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Complete Lego Star Wars UCS List

LEGO UCS millennium falcon 75192.

If you are looking for the ultimate Star Wars LEGO sets, these LEGO UCS sets should be near the top of your list. These are large sets, usually with a lot of pieces, and Minifigures. They typically have advanced build techniques. As a result, they are marketed toward the adults more than the kids. Now on to the Complete LEGO Star Wars UCS List.

Currently, I know of 35 sets that qualify.

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Rare Lego Star Wars Figures

rare lego star wars figures.

LEGO are more than a cool building toy for kids, they are a series of collectible parts and figurines that can increase substantially in value over the years. Perhaps the most desired theme is the Star Wars one, and those Minifigures can command quite a price, especially when they are in mint condition. Here are the top Rare Lego Star Sars Figures, including tips on identification, storage, and value.

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One way to Sort LEGO Bricks

At some point, it becomes necessary to sort LEGO to quickly and easily find the piece you need. 

There are lots of different ways to organize the bricks, and I’ve tried most of them.  Over the years I’ve come up with a method to sort and store LEGO bricks that allows me to find the exact piece I need in just a matter of seconds.  But getting to this point took a lot of work, and the storage method I use takes up a lot of space.

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Lego Winter Village Sets – All 14! Updated for 2022

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and that means it is time to bring out all of my LEGO Winter Village sets and set up the annual Christmas Display.

I’ve updated this list to include the new LEGO Winter Village Collection Holiday Main Street set (10308) – scroll to the end for more!

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LEGO 71031 Marvel Collectible Minifigures in Stock!

LEGO 71031 Marvel Collectible Minifigures

Earlier today, Monday July 26, I noticed the LEGO website had changed with an entry for the new Minifigures from Marvel Studios! This is so exciting!

Are you looking for one of the new LEGO CMF Marvels Minifigures? Rumor has it that there will be new minifigures from the LEGO Franchise in the September 1 of 2021. And they are here!

This series will also be in blind bags, but there won’t be as many minigies as usual per case. This series has only 12 different characters – the complete list is below. I’ve been collecting these minifies for quite some time, and am on my way to having a minifigure wall showcasing them all.

Click here to be notified when the Marvel LEGO Minifigs are available for Pre-Order

These are all the current Marvel Characters from WandaVision, Loki, The Winter Soldier and other Marvel and Disney+ Shows.

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LEGO 71030 Looney Toons Collectible Minifigures – In STOCK NOW!

This article has been updated now that the Looney Tunes Minifigures are released.

Are you looking for one of the new LEGO CMF Looney Toons Minifigures? Rumor has it that there will be new minifigures from the LEGO Franchise in the spring of 2021

This series will also be in blind bags, but there won’t be as many minigies as usual per case. This series has only 12 different characters – the complete list is below. I’ve been collecting these minifies for quite some time, and am on my way to having a minifigure wall showcasing them all.

Click here to get the entire series of ALL 12 Looney Tunes LEGO Minifigs

These are the most popular Looney Toons characters, all the ones I remember from Saturday Morning cartoons when I was a child.

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Lately LEGO has been trying to combine technology and bricks. The first attempts were with the LEGO Dimensions, the Hidden Side Series, and more recently with the Super Mario sets. Now they are trying again, with the VIDIYO line. Each time, I think they are getting closer and closer to a hit, and I’m really hoping that these VIDIYO sets will do the trick. They have a lot of cool things going for them.

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