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LEGO Trains

Searching for insights on lego trains? Discover the top sets and what makes them special. Whether you’re building a collection or sharing the joy with the next generation, Ill guide you through standout features and what to consider when choosing your next set, ensuring you make the most of your LEGO train experience.

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Key Takeaways

  • Choo-choo-choose your journey from retro battery-powered blue tracks to the modern usb controlled Powered-up modules.
  • Unbox a whole world of imagination with the latest LEGO sets where passenger trains bring your minifigure world to life and cargo trains come with neat knick-knacks for elevating the heavy lifting.
  • Become a track master by mixing and matching pieces to design complex routes, and revel in the power of controlling multiple models with snazzy remotes and high-tech sensors.

Journey Through LEGO Train History

Vintage LEGO Train with blue track
Vintage LEGO Train with blue track ( I don’t have the 323 set)

Rewind to 1965, as the LEGO Group joined the train frenzy and launched their first train set, the 323 Train. This marked the beginning of an enchanting era filled with imagination and creativity. Moving on to 1966, the LEGO train sets debuted with:

  • Unique blue plastic rails
  • Chic white 2 x 8 plates as ties
  • Retro charm
  • Initially unpowered, with the locomotive housing a 4.5V battery in the tender.
Retro LEGO Train Set

The Grey Track Revolution followed, a transformative phase that marked the switch from blue to light grey rails and dark grey ties. This era also ushered in the 12-volt transformer for locomotives and improved track power components, forever changing the landscape of LEGO trains.

The Pioneer Days: Blue Tracks and Battery Power

In 1966, LEGO trains, featuring blue tracks and battery power, captivated both young and mature LEGO aficionados. These early sets were powered by 3x AA batteries in a separate blue battery pack connected to the motor with a little wiring harness.

Throughout the ‘blue track’ era, from 1966 to 1979, LEGO laid the groundwork for future LEGO trains by kick-starting their train production. These tracks were also on an 8-wide stud system, and there are even sets today that still use that style track piece, like the Daily Bugle.

The Grey Track Revolution

The Grey Era represented a seismic shift in the LEGO train world. It introduced:

  • Dark grey ties and light grey rails with the traditional snap-fit design
  • Redesigned trains that were minifigure compatible
  • New train bases with swiveling bogies
  • Snap-fit tracks

This revolution set a new standard in LEGO train construction.

The High-Voltage 9V Chapter

Advance to the high-voltage 9V era (compared with the 4.5V previously), a phase marked by another considerable transformation of LEGO trains. However, this chapter was cut short as the 9-volt and RC train formats were discontinued due to demand and profitability concerns.

Unboxing the Latest LEGO Train Sets

Opening the latest LEGO train sets is a thrill, a moment of anticipation and excitement as you uncover new features, designs, and functionalities. Imagine unearthing the intricate designs of the Hogwarts Express & Hogsmeade Station or the Express Passenger Train from their boxes.

Whether you’re a novice builder or an experienced collector, these sets, ranging from passenger to cargo trains, present infinite play opportunities. And the joy of assembling these sets? It’s an experience that’s hard to put into words but is sure to bring a smile to your face.

The All-Aboard Experience: Passenger Trains

The design evolution of LEGO passenger trains has been exciting, initiated in 1964 with the first ever plastic train composed of LEGO bricks. By 1966, the company introduced passenger trains featuring track and battery-powered motors, complete with blue rails and white sleepers.

Adding LEGO passenger train sets to your LEGO city or landscape infuses it with a vibrant sense of movement and vitality. This not only allows your minifigures to gallivant around and engage with their surroundings but also creates a more captivating playtime when you buy a LEGO train set.

Plus, LEGO passenger train sets can aid in honing motor skills, sparking creativity, solving problems, and igniting imagination.

Heavy Haulers: Cargo Trains

A variety of cargo trains from different LEGO train systems

LEGO cargo trains have been popular since their initial introduction. Some popular models include:

LEGO cargo trains offer endless building and play possibilities.

LEGO cargo trains are known for their interactive features, such as:

  • cranes for lifting cargo
  • rotating cabs
  • extendable booms
  • operating winches
  • hooks

They bring an interactive and dynamic vibe to the model and can transport all sorts of items within the store setup.

Building Your World: Tracks and Accessories

A selection of LEGO train tracks and accessories

Understanding the ins and outs of your LEGO train world is beneficial. By understanding how to connect LEGO train tracks and learning about the different motor types and functions, you can take the controls and become the master of your LEGO train universe. These insights will not only boost your building skills but also enhance your play experience.

The versatility of LEGO trains adds to their appeal, catering to various interests. Whether you’re into:

  • passenger trains
  • cargo trains
  • classic designs
  • modern touches

There’s a LEGO train set that’s just right for you at the official lego shop us.

Curves, Straights, and Switches: Track Options

LEGO train track pieces come in different styles and shapes, offering endless possibilities for building unique layouts. Some common types of LEGO train tracks include:

  • Straight tracks
  • Curved tracks
  • Switch tracks
  • Cross tracks
  • Flex tracks

Each track type has a role to play in shaping the route and creating complex designs.

LEGO train sets also offer a mix of track types like straight, curved, and switch tracks, providing endless possibilities for building unique layouts.

Powering Up: Motors and Functions

For LEGO trains, adequate power is crucial. From the PF train motor to the LEGO Technic Large Motor and the LEGO Medium Power Functions Motor, there are plenty of options to rev up your LEGO trains.

Operating a powered LEGO train’s functions offers an exhilarating experience. With the LEGO Power Functions Speed remote control, you can fine-tune the train’s speed, control up to 4 models at once, and even handle 4 different channels.

Station Stops and Scenery: Expanding the Environment

Constructing a LEGO train set involves not just the train assembly but also the creation of a world for the train to traverse. From station stops to scenery, LEGO offers numerous options to expand your LEGO train environment, bringing your LEGO city layouts to life.

By adding station stops, scenery, and other accessories, you can create a lifelike environment for your LEGO trains. For both novices and experienced builders, these supplementary items can enhance your LEGO train experience.

Remote-Controlled Adventures

A child playing with a remote-controlled LEGO train

The introduction of remote-controlled LEGO trains marked a significant shift. Introduced between 2005 and 2008, the RC system runs on onboard batteries and is controlled using an infrared remote. This allowed trains to be controlled independently, eliminating the need for second track circuits.

The remote controls in LEGO train sets, like the LEGO Power Functions Speed remote control, offer a range of functions. With various speed options for forward and backward movement and the ability to handle 4 different channels, these remotes give you the power to control up to 4 models at once.

Technological Tracks: Powered Up and Beyond

In 2018, LEGO introduced the Powered Up system as a contemporary version of the Power Functions system. The Powered Up system introduced:

  • Smart motors
  • Power hubs
  • Color and distance sensors
  • LED lights
  • A Bluetooth remote control

This ramped up the technology factor in LEGO trains.

With the LEGO Powered Up system, LEGO trains can be brought to life with the LEGO Powered Up 88011 Train Motor. This system also features a range of motors, remotes, and sensors to elevate the train’s capabilities.

Collectible Classics: Memorable LEGO Train Sets

Certain LEGO train sets have emerged as coveted collectibles over time. The key to a set becoming a collectible masterpiece lies in its rarity, exclusivity, limited production, and discontinuation. Some of the most sought-after LEGO train sets include the 12 volt train sets from 1969, the LEGO 10022 Santa Fe Cars Set II from 2002, and the Maersk 10219 and Emerald Night 10194 trains.

These rare sets, such as the 7750 Steam Engine with Tender, the 180 4.5V Train with 5 Wagons, and the LEGO Train 720 with 12V Electric Motor from the 1960s, have seen a significant increase in value and are highly coveted by collectors.

Tailor-Made for Train Enthusiasts

Designed for train enthusiasts of all ages, LEGO train sets promise an exciting railroad adventure and loads of fun. Some features that make LEGO train sets particularly popular among train enthusiasts include:

  • Promoting teamwork
  • Coming with a fiddle yard
  • Boasting a range of features like a fabulous color scheme, intricately designed carriages with interiors, and a colorful array of minifigures.

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced builder, there’s a LEGO train set that’s perfect for you. From classic designs to modern innovations, LEGO train sets offer something for everyone.

Expand and Explore: Compatible Add-Ons

Enhance your LEGO train sets by incorporating accessories such as the LEGO City Tracks 60205 extension set, custom train tracks, and the Powerbrick Train RC Motor Accessories Modification Building Set. These add-ons bring LEGO city layouts to life, add new behaviors through programming, enable remote control and management of the train system, and offer customization options with LED light kits.

Whether you wish to extend your current LEGO train set or create a custom layout, a wide range of add-ons exist to elevate your LEGO train experience.


From their humble beginnings in the mid-20th century to the modern marvels of today, LEGO train sets have captivated builders and collectors alike. Whether you’re a novice builder or a seasoned collector, a young enthusiast or an adult fan, there’s a LEGO train set just waiting for you to discover. So, why wait? Hop aboard, and let your LEGO train adventure begin!

Frequently Asked Questions

When was the first LEGO train set released?

The LEGO Group released their first train set, the 323 Train, in 1965, turning the tracks into a world of creativity and imagination.

What is the Grey Track Revolution?

The Grey Track Revolution refers to the transition in LEGO train history from blue to light grey rails and dark grey ties, marking a significant change in the design.

What are some of the latest LEGO train sets?

All aboard the latest LEGO train sets! You can check out the Hogwarts Express & Hogsmeade Station and the Express Passenger Train for some magical fun.

What are some popular LEGO train set add-ons?

All aboard the LEGO train! Upgrade your ride with the LEGO City Tracks 60205 extension set, custom tracks, and the Powerbrick Train RC Motor Accessories. Happy building!

What makes a LEGO train set a collectible?

A LEGO train set becomes collectible due to factors like rarity, exclusivity, limited production, and discontinuation. So, if you spot one, grab it!

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