LEGO Izzie’s Narwhal Hot-Air Balloon Review

Izzie's Narwhal Hot Air Balloon

Last year LEGO introduced both the Dreamzzz TV show, and a corresponding line of buildble sets. We were introduced to Mateo, Izzie, Z-Blob and a bunch of other characters. This year, 2024, LEGO has added 5 new Dreamzzz sets to the lineup and they are all amazing. So Far I have obtained two of them, and today I will be reviewing the Izzie’s Narwhal Hot-Air Balloon.

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Did you know that this set has a secret? In fact, all LEGO Dreamzzz sets do. You can build them 2 different ways. One way is for the real world, and the other way is for the Dreamzz world. I’m not sure which is which for the Narwhal Hot air balloon. You can decide which you like best as you read this review.

Izzie's Narwhal Hot Air Balloon mode
Izzie’s Narwhal Hot Air Balloon mode

Overall Rating for Izzie’s Narwhal Hot Air Ballon

Rating: 4 out of 5.
  • Price: $15.99
  • Set Number: 71472
  • Release Date: January 1, 2024
  • Recommended Age: 7+
  • Part count: 156 pieces
  • Number of Minifigures: 1

When is Izzie’s Narwhal Hot Air Balloon Released?

Set 71422, Izzie’s Narwhal hot air balloon was released Jan 1, 2024. I was able to find this set at a local Target store on the shelf on the day of release. It is also available on or lots of other retailers. This is not an exclusive set.

Like the other sets in this series, it does have a great price. I think LEGO has been listening to us, or perhaps the IP with some of the other branded sets is so high that they have to inflate the cost of them. Im specifically talking about the Marvel, Star Wars, and LOTR sets.

But since Dreamzzz is an in-house brand and creation, LEGO has managed to keep the prices very reasonable, and you get some amazing sets and Minifigures.

Izzie's Narwhal Hot Air Balloon details
Izzie’s Narwhal Hot Air Balloon details

What’s in the Box

Inside the Narwhal Hot air balloon toy are 3 numbered bags with the pieces, and an instruction book. This set does NOT have any stickers.

I decided to challenge myself and open all 3 bags and dump them into a single pile. Usually when you do this it takes longer.

Inside the bags are all the pieces you need to make the set – and there are some colorful ones! I really like the white teal combination wit the purple accents. Very fantasy and magical if you ask me.

Inside one of the bags are the parts you need to make the Izzy minifigure. She is super easy to assemble.

Izzie's Narwhal Hot Air Balloon Pieces
Izzie’s Narwhal Hot Air Balloon Pieces

Instructions for the Izzie’s narwhal hot air set

Although the paper instructions are included in the set, you can also access them on-line or through the LEGO Builder app. Click here for the Narwhal hot air balloon instructions.

LEGO has made all the instructions for their sets available at If I had a better parts selection, I might try to re-create this set from different colors.

Lately, though, I’ve been using the LEGO Buidler app – it runs on my phone or tablet, and has a digital version with animations of the instructions.

Another cool feature of these is the background art in the instruction book. There are images of the fantasy toys in the Dreamzzz world. I don’t want to spoil them for you, but it’s worth keeping an eye out for.

Izzie's Narwhal Hot Air Ballon Instructions
Izzie’s Narwhal Hot Air Ballon Instructions

Review of Izzie’s Narwhal Hot Air Balloon

“To learn how I came up with the different categories and how I assign star ratings, please read my article about how I review LEGO sets.” These are the different categories I use:

  • Is it Worth it?
  • “Build fun-ness”
  • Minifigs
  • Hidden Surprises
  • Build time
  • Is it Worth it?

Star Ratings

Build fun-ness

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Building the Whale Figure Fantasy Toy is fast and easy. Although it is in a circle shape, that really doesn’t matter. In fact, you build the whale figure fantasy toy as two semi-circles. There is a simple hinge in the back which allows the mouth to open revealing a small storage compartment where you can put the animal toy Bunchu inside, or maybe even eat the evil Grimspawn.

The large 2×2 round black plates have eyes printed on them (there are no stickers) and a recolored to blue new leaf peace is used as either fins or wings – depending on how you build the set. The horn is gold, and there are other golden color accent pieces on the animal.

Additionally, as I mentioned above, this set has two ways to build it.

The Narwhal deep sea animal model, or the hot air balloon toy way. Both are equally fun and easy to do! However, I don’t think you need to buy 2 sets just to have the different builds. You can easily convert this one back and forth to deep sea animal model depending on how you want to play in your onw dream world adventures.

The basket which hangs below the Narwhal can either be a chariot when in the boat mode, or a basket when in hot air mode. It is sturdy, and uses what I think are less brittle brown pieces (the don’t seem to have the same sheen or feel as the older style more brittle ones). Perhaps these are some new Plants from plants pieces?


Rating: 4 out of 5.

Although this set only comes with a single Izzie Minifigure chharacter, you also get her bunchu bunny and an black Grimspawn bad guy.

Izzie's Narwhal Hot Air Balloon Minifigure
Izzie’s Narwhal Hot Air Balloon Minifigure

Izzie has a gold and teal tri-colored sword, and tons of detail on her face, torso, hair, and even legs. Her hair, is an old mold, but somehow it also feels like it has 3 colors in it including purple and pink! And just look at the stars that are painted on her cheeks!

I give her 3 stars because of all the detail and color!

In the real world, bunchu is a plush animal toy, but in the Dreamzzz land, bunchu is Izzie’s partner and sidekick.

In LEGO Dreamzzz, Grimspawn are nightmare creatures that are the Nightmare King’s lackeys. They are made from the imaginations of dreamers and are considered terrible.

Hidden Surprises

Rating: 2 out of 5.

This set Doesn’t really have any hidden surprises. Yes the Narwhal opens, and yes you can change it form a hot air balloon toy to an agile chariot boat. Other than that it’s a pretty straightforward LEGO build and payset. that’s not to say that I dont like the Lego dreamzzz izzie’s narwhal. The colors are great, and there are some cool little build things I’ll share next.

Build time

Rating: 3 out of 5.

I’m an advanced builder, and it took me around 15 minutes to completely build this set – two times. There aren’t any complicated connections.

Designed for kids 7 and up, the transforming whale figure toy goes together quickly with larger pieces, and follows a pretty traditional LEGO anumal build. It’s transforming whale figure toy not a house so you don’t have a traditional brick stacking experience.

Instead you create 4 semi circles that are SNOT builds – studs not on side. Basically you have the studs facing out on both sides of the build which is a bit different for a LEGO toy. It’s a great way to learn that there are different techniques to make LEGO!

Izzie's Narwhal Hot Air Balloon Build 1
Izzie’s Narwhal Hot Air Balloon Build 1

Is it Worth it?

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Absolutely! Set 71472 izzie’s narwhal, hot air balloon toy is a great value and absolutely worth it. While each different component isn’t 100%, when combined, everything just works together, and it fits in seamlessly with other Dreamzzz sets from this year, as well as the first wave.

Izzie's Narwhal Hot Air Balloon Extra Pieces
Izzie’s Narwhal Hot Air Balloon Extra Pieces

Final thoughts

When you dive into the whimsical world of LEGO Dreamzz with the new and enchanting “Izzie’s Narwhal Hot Air Balloon” set, a cool animal toy that promises endless hours of creative play, you won’t be disappointed.

The star of the show is the LEGO Dreamzz hero figure, ready to take young builders on a journey of their own dreams. Imagine soaring through the skies alongside Izzie in this exciting hot air balloon, inspired by an exhilarating TV show that captures the essence of childhood fantasy.

Unleash your imagination and bring your dreams to life with this captivating LEGO set, where every piece is a building block towards your own dream of a world of adventure and wonder.

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