Lego Winter Village Sets – All 15! Updated for 2023

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and that means it is time to bring out all of my LEGO Winter Village sets and set up the annual Christmas Display.

I’ve updated this list to include the new LEGO ICONS Apline Lodge Winter Village Collection (10325) – scroll to the end for more!

I’m particular in that the sets can come out until after Thanksgiving, and they have to be put away before New Years – Tradition and all, you know.

LEGO started making these Creator Expert Holiday sets in 2009 and every year they release a new one.  As of  2021 there are thirteen different sets that all are in the same theme.  I’ve been collecting them since they came out, and want to share a few thoughts on each one so you can pick your favorite. 

Lets start with the oldest to newest – be sure to comment your favorite below!

Winter Village Toy Shop

Lego 10199 Winter Village Toy Shop

LEGO 10199

Release Year: 2009

This is the very first Christmas set, and it is now retired.  But there are still some places you can find it.  But be ready to pay, as it is getting harder to find complete or sealed sets.

Winter Village Bakery

LEGO 10216 Creator Holiday Bakery

LEGO 10216

Release Year: 2010

I didn’t get this set when it first came out – and I regretted it.  Now I have it and am glad I did so my series could be complete.  There are 7 minifigs, as well as a light up brick (which is pretty standard for these sets).   There is also a cute little ice skating rink and a horse pulling a wagon that can be used for hay rides or hauling X-mas Trees.

Winter Village Post Office

LEGO 10222 Winter Village Post Office

LEGO 10222

Release Year: October 2011

Where do all of Santa’s Letters go?  To the North Pole, of Course.  But first they travel through this Post office, and get sorted, and then put on the vintage mail truck for their journey to Santa.

Winter Village Cottage

LEGO 10229 Winter Village Cottage

LEGO 10229

Release Year: October 2012

This set has a lot of “extra: scenes besides the main house. There is a truck with a snow-plow attachment, an Igloo, a wood shed, and the coolest little brick built toboggan.

Winter Village Market

LEGO 10235 Winter Village Market

LEGO 10235

Release Year: 2013

If I were to rank my favorite sets, this is #3.  Mostly for the carousel which I immediately motorized so it could spin around and around by itself.  If you don’t have the parts for the motor, you can crank it by hand which is super cool too.

Santa’s Workshop

LEGO 10245 Santa’s Workshop

LEGO 10245

Release Year: 2014

Up until now, all the sets have been village sets.  Finally we were able to get a North Pole set with a real Santa and Mrs. Claus.  There are a bunch of elves included and some brick built reindeer too!

Winter Toy Shop

LEGO 10199 Winter Toy Shop

LEGO 10249

Release Year 2015

This year we are back to the little village with a cute toy shop.  There are presents, and model rockets, and toy trains of course.  Plus If I remember correctly, this set has the biggest Christmas tree of them all.

Winter Holiday Train

LEGO 10254 Winter Holiday Train

LEGO 10254

Release Year 2016

My regular blog readers know that this is my favorite set, because it has a LEGO Christmas Train.  It is possible to motorize it which I did of course.  There are 4 cars, including a Locomotive, Tender, a flat car with a tree that actually goes around and around as the train goes down the track, and a cute little caboose.  Even though I leave my train track set up all year, this train only comes out for 1 month every year. Obviously my #1 most favorite holiday set

Winter Village Station

LEGO 10259 Winter Village Station

LEGO 10259

Release Year 2017

What compliments a Leg Holiday Train?  A LEGO train station decorated with snow and ready to take families across the land to meet relatives and re-unite everyone for the holidays. My #2 set after the Holiday Train

Winter Village Fire Station

LEGO 10263 Winter Village Fire Station

LEGO 10263

Release Year 2018

Every town needs a fire station, and LEGO made a great little holiday set to compliment all the other buildings in the series.  There’s another brick built sled, a 4-stud wide firetruck, and an ice-rink too!

Gingerbread House

LEGO 10267 Gingerbread House

LEGO 10267

Release Year 2019

As of the first publication of this blog post, the LEGO Gingerbread Set is still available in the LEGO store, but it sells out quickly this time of year.  You might be able to find it at your local LEGO store if you are careful.

Elf Club House

LEGO 10275

Release Year 2020

This is one of the sets with a true LEGO reindeer (not a brick built one).  There are also a lot of cool brick built LEGO toys like a ship, keyboard, airplane and more presents.

Santa’s Visit

LEGO 10293 Santa’s Visit

LEGO 10293

Release Year 2021

The latest set is still available, of course on line and at the LEGO store.  

I actually haven’t built this set, but am looking forward to a relaxing evening after Thanksgiving dinner with this one.  Stay Tuned to my Youtube and Instagram for some photos and shorts.

Holiday Main Street

LEGO 10308 Holiday Main Street

LEGO 10308

Release Date – October 3 2022 (VIP), Oct 7, 2022

This set is one of the largest and has a lot of great play details.

This set looks amazing! With 6 minifgures, Two buildings, a trolley, and of course the Christmas tree, I can’t wait to get this set and add it to my holiday LEGO collection

Alpine Lodge

LEGO 10325 Alpine Lodge Box Front
LEGO 10325 Alpine Lodge

LEGO 10325

Release Date – October 1 2023 (VIP), Oct 4, 2023

This is the newest set, being released just in time for the Holiday season 2023.

LEGO always amazes -this time the extra scenes for the Holiday Alpine lodge include an ice skating rink, a snow mobile, and the Outhouse! But the main building has a lot of details too!

Winter Village History

I love this video produced with the history of the different LEGO Winter Village Sets. It’s worth watching until the end!

LEGO Seasonal Sets 2023

Looking for the perfect Christmas present? Why not give the gift of LEGO! The iconic building blocks are always a hit, and there are plenty of festive sets to choose from.

For example, the LEGO Winter Village set is perfect for anyone who loves the winter season. It comes complete with a snow-covered cottage, a frozen pond, a Christmas tree and even a sled. I wish they had polar bears, but maybe they will come in a future set. C’mon – wouldn’t a baby polar bear just be the cutest thing ever?

Or how about the Holiday LEGOs Train set? It’s perfect for anyone who loves trains or spending time with family during the holidays. The set comes with a locomotive, tender, passenger car, dining car and more.

As you collect all the different sets you will get a little village started. There will be matching buildings, themed winter and Christmas activities for the minifigures, and of course christmas trees – some withtaller tree stands, and other with medium tree stands for some variability.


For me, these are the best Christmas Lego sets. Building my lego Christmas village is something my family and I look forward to every year. I insist that we wait until Thanksgiving, but I usually loose and we start to build it sometime after Halloween. It helps put the house in the right holiday decor.

We still build Christmas vacation lego set too though. This year we will be building the new modular, and other ones that I am too exited to wait to open. Xmas LEGOs are for everyone during the holiday season, not just for Christmas Eve or the morning of.

Also, lego adult Christmas sets are not just for adults – Ive seen lots of kids get involved with some of the more advanced sets. It just depends on the ability of your builder.

Also the best LEGO Christmas sets vary from year to year, and person to person. You might want to check out my guide about how I review LEGO sets. That can help you find the perfect one for YOU!

Final Thoughts

No matter what your budget is, there’s sure to be a LEGO set that’s perfect for the special someone in your life. So why not make this Christmas extra special with a LEGO gift?

When the season is over, I carefully pack each of the sets up in Sterlite storage bins, and label them “Christmas LEGOS 2022”. Then I can’t wait until the lego city 2023 winter sets come out. Be sure to subscribe to this site, so you will get the latest LEGO news, when they are announced next october.

If you like these kinds of reviews, be sure to check out the post I did on all the LEGO Modular Buildings ever made! they are some of my favorites.

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17 thoughts on “Lego Winter Village Sets – All 15! Updated for 2023

  1. My som collects the Christmas am I just early or will there not be one in 2022

    1. You are just early! They come out October 1st.

    2. Lego is rumored to release info October 1st 2022, said to be the biggest winter village set yet for size and piece count! Looking forward to it!

    3. They just released the 2022 set. It’s supposed to release Oct 3rd!

    4. You were early

  2. I can’t wait for the 2022 set!

  3. Hi, the 10199 Winter Village Toy Shop and the 10249 Winter Toy Shop seem pretty much identical to me, am I missing something? If not, why did they do two so similar?

    1. Set 10199 was re-released with some revisions as set 10249 due to some internal needs at LEGO. They decided to re-release this set instead of having no set at all for that year. Some of the changes are structural, including to the shop roof and the Christmas tree. There are differences in the toys in each version as well. You can see on the model that the wreaths have changed, as well as the color of the D-shape technic liftarm on the front of the shop. There’s an additional minifigure in 10249, and some changes to the previous minifigs. My opinion is if you have one, you don’t really need the other, as they will look like near duplicates in your display.

  4. So excited to have just purchased the last set for this entire collection. 😊

  5. How and where do you display your Christmas lego sets?
    Woman owned by 4 cats and 3 flighted parrots

    1. I plan to use a keyboard stand and 2″ styrofoam boards. Light, easy to cut to size and with a heated cutter and all will be flat for storage. I don’t know how your owners would take to this…

  6. I have a Christmas train that came out prior to these sets. Do you know the set # or release year? I skipped the train you have listed above, as I didnt need two trains.

  7. G’Day from down under,
    I’m interested in purchasing all 14 of the Lego Winter Village Sets. Unfortunately this year the shed which the sets were stored in caught fire and I lost everything not just my Lego sets. Each year I set up the sets around our Christmas tree for the grandchildren to enjoy. Hoping I can purchase most of the sets before the end of the year so I don’t disappoint the family.
    Cheers Noel

  8. Hi what is your instagram name please. I would like to follow you. Many thanks. Andre

  9. Interested in motorizing my train. Any info on this?

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