Introducing LEGO Natural History Museum – the 2023 Modular Building

LEGO Natural History Museum Modular

LEGO tries to keep their new set announcements secret. There have been rumors of a new Modular coming, LEGO always releases them around the beginning of the year. Surprise, the LEGO Natural History Museum is launching on December 1, 2023, just in time for the holidays!

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Earlier this year LEGO ambassadors got a sneak peek of the set – The designer, Chris McVeigh (check out is instagram) seemed to give a few presentations to different groups of official fan ambassadors where they could video the set, and learn more about it. After watching several of those videos (I’ve posted them below), here are the main take-aways I’ve learned about the new LEGO Natural History Museum set.

  • Set: 10326
  • Pieces: 4014
  • Release date: Dec 1,2023
  • Age : 18+
  • Minifigs: 7
  • Original US Price: $299.95

When is the LEGO Museum Released

Available right now for pre-order, the official release date for the largest Modular set ever released is December 1, 2023.

For me this set is a day 1 purchase. I’ve already added the newest LEGO Modular to my cart, and am just waiting for the next LEGO VIP promotion so I can get a little something extra with my order. (Either extra VIP points or a mini set that LEGO sometimes releases).

After December 1, you will be able to get this set on, at LEGO stores, and perhaps even some select stores like Target or Barnes & Noble.

LEGO Natural History Museum -1st floor

How many pieces are in the LEGO Natural History Museum

This set is the largest modular ever with Four Thousand fourteen pieces (4014). Scale wise, it is also huge using a 48-stud wide baseplate.

Remember that the standard is 32×32. There is one other modular with a 48 wide baseplate and that is the Assembly Square set from 2017.

I have a feeling the Assembly Square set will soon be retired, and then you will only be able to find it on Amazon or other 2nd hand sites.

LEGO Natural History Museum - 2nd floor
LEGO Natural History Museum – 2nd floor

How big is the LEGO Natural History Museum

As for the physical size of the LEGO Museum Modular set it’s dimensions are:

  • H: 13″ (31cm)
  • W: 16″ (39cm)
  • D: 10″ (25cm)

This makes it HUGE for a LEGO set. While it isn’t the biggest LEGO set of all time, it is the largest maodular set to date.

The building itself has 3 stories, and two wings. You can see more about that by watching the videos below.

LEGO Natural History Museum – Observatory

Thoughts on the Modular LEGO Museum set

As an AFOL, with a limited budget, I find myself focusing on 3 major kinds of sets.

Of course you know I have one of the largest Minifigure stores in the world outside of bricklink. With your help and support, I plan to be able to offer every single minifigure ever produced for sale in the next few years.

I also have built a LEGO city full of Modulars and Trains. My ever growing YouTube channel is documenting that, and Im excited to show you those videos every week.

I also collect every LEGO Winter Village set, and have been doing so for years!

Let’s start by looking at the box for the new modular:

The box for the museum modular looks big. It’s in the ICONs style that LEGO has been using for the past few years. Mostly black with a colorful image of the set on the front.

There is a bottom white band with the set details including piece count, and age range etc.

The back of the box whows how the set would fit in to a modular city, and has the Jazz club – (LEGO 10312) on one side and The Botique Hotel (LEGO 10297) on the other.

Below that, are some images of the details of the set. This includes the observatory on the roof (also called the Curator’s office), the brick built dino, some minifigures (there are 7 total in this set) and a cool brick built display of our solar system.

Minifigures in the LEGO Natural History Museum

There are a total of 7 minifigurtes in this set:

The Curator – who one LEGO Ambassador pointed out looks like the Dr. Articus Kilroy, or his twin, Dr. Charles Lightning minifigures from LEGO Adventurers?

The Boy – Who has. a green sweater and short brown legs

Two Docents – A male with a broom, and a female with brown hair – they each have badges attached to their blue sweater vests.

Male guest – who has a cookie and a brown vest.

Female Guest – with a camera and a prosthetic leg.

The window washer – who is the real easter egg in this set – he is a sig fig for the creator, Chris McVeigh. You can tell from the hat and beard that it’s 100% him.

There is also a dog with a bone who has some funny antics according to the instructions for the set.

Videos about the LEGO Natural History Museum

Bricksie video about the LEGO Natural History Museum Modular
Racing Brick – The biggest LEGO modular building revealed
Tiego video LEGO Natural History Museum – REVEALED

Final Thoughts

The LEGO Natural History Museum is a great set, and I know I will be getting it for my birthday during the holiday season. As soon as I do, I’ll update this post with a complete review of the modular set.

If you want to learn more about all the different others, be sure to visit my post about all the LEGO Modulars Ever Made.

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