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I’ve been waiting for a long time for more Farm sets to come out from LEGO, and LEGO 60346 BARN & FARM ANIMALS doesn’t disappoint!

There are at least 4 different play scenarios included.

LEGO 60346 comes with some poop!
Cleaning up a mess on the farm

Why is it so expensive?

When you look at the price, you will also notice that this is a bit more expensive than the regular 4+ sets.

Driving a LEGO tractor

That’s because there are 4 minifigures and a whole bunch of farm animals.

In fact, some have called this set the Farm Battle Pack. But we all know that Battlepacks are usually around $25 USD, and this set is around $60 (when released).

Age Range

LEOG 60346 Barn & Farm Animals Has 230 pieces
4+ LEGO sets used to be called Juniors

You will notice that this is only a 4+ set. But don’t let that prevent you from getting this one. There are a lot of cool pieces inside the cardboard box. It isn’t a playset for kids aged 4. Everyone can enjoy fun building this set.

Did you know: The 4+ sets used to be called Juniors. In 2018 the name was re-branded to just the age.

Basically, LEGO is creating a building toy that encourages independent play with inspiring characters.

The pieces are all larger ones (the smallest is the red 1×2 slope) which is great for beginners who are developing creative skills. I wouldn’t exactly call them LEGO starter brick element pieces (to me those are Duplo) but this is the next step up.

Opening the Box

The medium-sized box doesn’t use tape to seal it. Instead it uses the thumb push method. This is much more common on non-adult sets.

Opening LEGO Barn & Farm Set
Use your thumb to press open the box.

The Instructions

This set comes with 4 easy-to-understand instruction books.

LEGO 60346 Instruction Books
LEGO 60346 Instructions

Each bag uses it’s own instruction manual. Bag 1 uses book 1, and so on.

One cool feature of the 4+ instructions is at the bottom of each page.

There is a progress bar using the Minifigure for that bag. As you build through the pieces, the minifig travels across the page. At the end, when you are finished there is a little celebration.

If you are looking for free instructions, be sure to download the LEGO Builder App. It includes digital building instructions for every set. These are the free lego building instructions you’ve been looking for.

And if you want to learn how to make your own, I’ve written a great article on Creating Your own LEGO instructions.

The Bags

As you dump out the contents of the box onto your table (or floor) the four instruction books come out along with 5 bags.

There is a 1:1 correlation for bags numbered 1-4. However there is also a 5th bag that has some larger pieces, as well as a cow.

I hope that LEGO will soon move to more eco-friendly paper bags. It has been rumored for a long time, but I’m still waiting.

Assembling the set

For an experienced builder, this set will not even be a challenge. There are no technic pieces, and every step in the instructions only has 1 or 2 pieces placed at a time.

Bag 1

The first bag has a blonde-haired Minifigure Lady, as well as a cool toy Tractor kids can play with plus a trailer, and 3 little LEGO pigs.

LEGO 60346 Barn & Farm Animals Bag 1

The Minifig is wearing green coveralls with the logo of the farm on it. She also has some printed glasses with a blue tint. Maybe safety glasses?

All the build from bag 1

Next is the blue tractor. It’s a pretty simple build to make the front loader. Basically, it is a 6-wide, however, the back tires are a bit wider. The bucket only has a little bit of movement to it. Ideally, I’d like to see it be able to lift and dump.

The Tractor in the LEGO Farm set

There is also a little trailer that attaches to the rear. This makes for a great trailer for a hay ride or to move equipment and livestock around the farm. The detachable tractor-trailer would benefit from a hinge so it could dump. I knew as a kid I used to love this kind of playability.

LEGO farm tractor trailer with 3 pigs

The three little pigs are adorable. One larger one and two baby ones! These animals are one of the major reasons I bought the set. And there is a little brown 4×4 plate that serves as a mud patch for the pigs to wallow in.


Bag 2

The second bag builds the lower half of the barn. There’s also a minifig, and of course some little animals.

LEGO 60346 Barn & Farm Animals Bag 2

The minifigure that comes in this bag is a bearded farm worker. He also has the green overalls with the farm logo, over an orange shirt. What is interesting about his beard is that it is attached to the hair, sort of like a big hair helmet.

The building is a very simple and quick build. Large pieces are used to make up the walls and doors.

Speaking of the doors, they are on hinges and open up very wide for easy access.

Inside the barn is a little area with a trash can and a water bowl. Plus some clips to hold the shovel, and scissors.

Shearing a LEGO sheep

The two animals that come in this bag are a bigger and smaller sheep. The lamb or baby sheep is super cute and about the same size as the smaller pigs.

LEGO sheep with removable wool

But the larger sheep has an interesting play feature. There is a wooly coat that fits over the back of the piece to simulate a full coat. It can be removed to show a smaller skinner sheep that has been sheared.

Also, there is a shovel and 3 little brown pieces that can be scooped up.

Chores on the LEGO farm

Bag 3

Bag 3 builds the upper half of the barn, and of course comes with a minifig and animals.

LEGO 60346 Barn & Farm Animals Bag 3

This minifig is a boy. He has the shorted blue legs and a blue coverall over a white shirt. The animals that comes in this bag is a little grey squirrel.

To me, this bag has the most playability of all. There are two yellow 2×2 bricks that are hay bale.

A working winch at the top of the barn, plus a cute grey LEGO Squirrel.

There is a working hoist at the top of the barn to raise and lower them. You’ve got a brown LEGO pitchfork that the minifig can hold.

Using a pitchfork to load hay bales

Plus the roof opens up, and there is even a little bed inside.

Taking a break from a hard day's work on the farm

The entire structure in this bag fits right on top of the lower level made in bag 1.

Bag 4

The fourth and final bag also has some very cool play features. You get another minifig, plus a cow and some carrots. In addition there is a little wash station for the animals 60346 playset.

LEGO 60346 Barn & Farm Animals Bag 4

The wash station uses a part that we have also seen in the LEGO street sweeper set. The blue brush piece is used for cows to rub against to tickle themselves.

Keeping farm animals clean

There is also a little faucet with a hose that shoots water to clean animals and other things.

This bag also comes with a little greenhouse growing crops. Carrots and Pumpkins are in season!

Finally there is a new cow figure and baby calf animals. What is interesting about the larger one is that it has a 1×2 brick section in the middle that can be removed so you can place a minifiugre on it. Have you ever ridden a cow? Not me.

This completes the farm animals playset.

LEGO City Barn Farm

This set would fit in beautifully in any LEGO City. In fact, I purchased it so that it could go into my CITY MOC which is farm and country-based. If you want to watch my progress on that, visit my LEGO YouTube Channel. So far this is my favorite LEGO city Farm playsets because of all the cute farm animals you get.

City Barn Farm Animals

All in all you get nine animals in this set. There are two cows, a larger one and a baby calf, Two sheep (one is a baby lamb), three pigs (one big and 2 little) a Grey squirrel, and a yellow butterfly.

LEGO Toy Farm Playset

The first thing you will probably notice about this set is the cool tractor. But the toy barn has an equal amount of playability.

The barn has 2 levels. The roof opens up, and there is a chain wench to play with. The barn has a pre molded base that measures 8×16 studs. That white plate it comes on has some 1/2 level cutouts. Because of the different levels to this piece it will be good for LEGO Christmas Displays.

LEGO Hay Ride

The tractor can be used to carry farm equipment, animals or even people!

Barn Farm Animals 60346

The cute animals in this set are the major reason I purchased it. It was a great way for me to get a lot of LEGO farm animals quickly and begin to build up my Farm Moc.

New LEGO animals

Some of the new LEGO animals

This set introduce 4 new lego farm animals. They are:

  • Baby pig
  • Calf
  • Lamb
  • Cow

The sheep fleece part is also new, but since it isn’t an animal exactly I don’t know if it should be counted.

Final Thoughts

This is a great set for little animal lovers (or big ones too). It depicts daily life on a farm, and has a lot of cute farm animals.

All in all the Farm Animals 60346 playset is a fun build, and has lots of open ended play possibilities.

This is a fun and exciting way to simulate farm animals realistic play not just for younger builders but more advanced ones too.

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