How to Create Lego Instructions of your very own

Create your own LEGO Instructions

You don’t need to be a professional LEGO builder to create your own instructions. With a little time and effort, anyone can make their own custom Lego set from their own LEGO bricks. These LEGO blueprints can look exactly like the kind that comes with every new set. Here’s how:

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Decide on a theme

The first step is to decide on a theme for your set. Will it be a space set? A castle? A pirate ship? Once you’ve decided on a theme, you can start collecting the pieces you’ll need to build it. You need a plan to make the best LEGO plans. This is the best way to begin to make LEGO directions.

Gather your pieces

Once you know what you want to build, it’s time to start gathering the Lego pieces you’ll need. You can find Lego bricks at your local toy store, online, or by scouring your own collection (or your child’s collection).

Build the model.

This is the fun part! Sit down with your Lego bricks and start building the model according to your chosen theme. If you get stuck, there are plenty of resources available online that can help you out, including step-by-step instructions for many popular Lego sets.

Take photos of your model.

Once you’ve built your model, it’s time to take some photos of it from different angles. These will be helpful when it comes time to create your instructions.

Write the building instructions.

The last step is to write out the instructions for your set using the photos you took as a guide. Remember to be clear and concise in your writing so that anyone can follow along and recreate your model exactly as you intended it. I’ve got some sources below for your model’s instruction booklet.

Sets like LEGO the child instructions are easy to follow. Try making your own today!

It can also be helpful to provide an inventory of all the LEGO bricks used in the process.

Programs to Create LEGO instructions

You don’t have to use crayons and a sheet of paper, or be a graphic designer to produce high quality, easy to understand Lego Building Instructions. There are several different kinds of LEGO building software available that I’ll outline below

There are several great AND free tools on-line that can simplify the process and make custom instructions for your MOCs.

These programs will allow you to:

  • Create an image of each step
  • Generate A list of pieces needed for each step
  • Provide you with the ability to download/save your own PDF LEGO instructions.
  • Custom Printing – if you want a hard copy you can even print them out.


If you’re a fan of LEGO, then you’ll love Bricklink Studio! With this lego building instructions designer managed by the LEGO Group, you can create your own lego creations and share them with the world. The best part is that it’s totally free to use!

Creating LEGO instructions with Studio
Creating LEGO assembly instructions with Studio

To get started, simply head to the Bricklink Studio website and sign up for an account. Once you’re logged in, you’ll be able to access all of the features of the program. To create your first lego building instructions, simply click on the “Create Instructions” button and follow the prompts. You’ll be able to choose from a variety of lego pieces, colors, and sizes to create your perfect lego creation!

This program is good for making professional looking instructions. From simple models with just a few pieces, to complicated builds that resemble lego creator instructions, Studio is the choice I use for all my diy lego set creations.

The process is very easy. Once you design your set with the easy to use design side, simply press the instructions button and complete and editable LEGO assembly instructions are generated automatically.

The building process can be fully documented.

When finished, you can save your instructions or share them with others. You can also download a PDF of your instructions so that you can print them out or share them electronically. So what are you waiting for? In my opinion, this is the perfect LEGO app to virtually play with the bricks.

These are the same kind of instructions that you might get with an authentic lego ideas instructions set.

Web Lic

Web Lic is a free tool that can be used to make professional looking instructions for your MOCs. Lic helps you create 3D models and export them as high-resolution images or PDF from you 3D LDraw models.

This is a great custom LEGO set maker online that you can use.


If you don’t know about brickset, you should! They have the most complete database of all LEGO sets, pieces and minifigs.

Start by searching for the set you want to build. A page will open with all the details of it, and most have a link to download free building instructions.

Power tip – create a free LEGO account on Brickset to save your LEGO collection, and to get rid of all the pesky ads that make the site difficult to use.

Are you looking for LEGO building instructions for Official sets?

Perhaps you have lost the original instructions. You want a new LEGO Blueprint to guide you through the process.

If you want to find official instructions for any set ever made, just visit the customer service page of the LEGO website and search by theme, set number or name. They have a complete digital library of all the digital manuals. It’s called the LEGO builder and you can find PDF LEGO instructions for just about any set ever made to keep grownups and kids busy.

Then you can download the lego instruction book for whatever you need. It’s called the LEGO Builder app. You can see it or down load it with this link. Also explore lego construction sets withoutt having to actually buy them.

You don’t even need a LEGO account. It’s so easy to use LEGO builder for free.

LEGO Everyone is Awesome Instructions

For example, one of the top sets of 2021 is the colorful LEGO 40516 Everyone is Awesome. This colorful set comes with. 11 Monochrome Minifigures and is very simple to build.

Most builders with a moderate collection of bricks have all the elements needed, but you still may want to see exactly how to do it.

To get LEGO Everyone is Awesome Instructions, just visit the LEGO instructions page and type in the set number 40516. You will be able to download an easy-to-follow PDF, for free, and without registering.

Selling your LEGO instructions.

If you have a passion for Legos, you may be wondering if you could make some money by selling your Lego instructions. It might be better to give away free building instructions to start, but that is up to you.

While it is possible to sell Lego instructions, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

  1. First, the market for Lego instructions is relatively small, so you will need to find a niche audience.
  2. Second, becauseLego sets are always changing, your digital building guides may quickly become outdated.
  3. Finally, selling Lego instructions online can be tricky, as you will need to find a way to protect your intellectual property.

With these factors in mind, selling your Lego instructions can be a viable option if you are willing to put in the time and effort.

You could either sell them as digital downloads, or printable lego instructions that you can mail to people who pay you!

There are a few different websites where you can share and distribute your new creations if you do decide to go that route.


If you’re like most Lego fans, you probably have a huge collection of bricks, minifigures, and sets. And if you’re anything like me, you might also have a few (or more!) sets that are missing their instructions. Thankfully, there’s a website that can help with that: Rebrickable is a Lego fan community where users can upload and share their lego instructions. So if you’re looking for instruction for that old Star Wars set you got at a garage sale, chances are good that rebrickable has it. Just create a free account and start searching! And while you’re there, why not upload a few of your own.

Build Better Bricks

BBB is another site that both sells bricks as well as provides instructions for the purchase of MOCs. You can have fun exploring tons of awesome quick build models, and you can even get a pdf form to help you with the building process. They have thousands of designs for viewing and purchase.

Let’s Build it again

One other site that has a huge database of Older sets of instructions is Let’s build it again. They have free instructions dating back to 1958. You can even find small lego house instructions there!

Custom LEGO Minifigure Instructions

At this time I don’t really know about any ways to do custom minifigure instructions. On the surface a Minifigure consists of a Head, a Torso, and Legs. They may have hair or a hat too. Build your own lego figure is a fun project, if you have the pieces!

Breaking that down the torso actually consists of 5 pieces,

  • The Torso Itself
  • Left Arm
  • Left Hand
  • Right Arm
  • Right Hand

And if you look at the legs carefully, they are made of 3 pieces

  • hips
  • Left Leg
  • Right Leg

So all in all there are 10 pieces to a minifig – everything else is an accessory if you ask me. So there really isn’t a need for instructions.

If you know of a way to build your own lego minifigure instructions, please let me know in the comments.

Custom LEGO Box Maker

As of right now I don’t know of a program or company that makes custom LEGO boxes. If you have ideas about how to make lego stuff like this, please let me know in the comments.

If you are looking for LEGO storage options, I’ve come up with a way that seems to work for most people. First you sort by shape, then by color. This makes it easy to organize and retrieve any piece you may require.

As for boxes tho – all I do is store complete unopened boxes on some shelves in my LEGO room. I don’t store boxes from opened sets.

I’ve learned that to maximize LEGO value, is to keep unopened sealed sets. Once I open a set, I do NOT save the box. it goes into the recycling. As for the set, I build it, then do 1 of three things with it.

  1. After building a LEGO set, I display it in my city or on my shelves
  2. With some sets, after building it, I take it all apart and put the pieces, sorted, into my collection.
  3. If I want to store the completed set, I carefully put it into a Rubbermaid tub, and label and seal it. That gets stored in the space under the tables that hold up my LEGO city.

Final Thoughts

Creating your own Lego instructions is a fun and easy way to put your creative skills to use. With a little bit of planning and some imagination, anyone can do it! But don’t use the official LEGO logo – that is reserved for use by the LEGO group ONLY!

However, with the help of the different programs above you can make your own LEGO building ideas step-by-step and share them with others!

Having a lego brick instruction book is the best way to quickly and perfectly complete a model. If you want professional looking custom sets, this is the way to go! Customizable lego sets are within your reach!

Also, remember that LEGO publishes, on all the instructions for all the sets they have ever made. This way, replacement lego instructions are always available

Try making your own instruction manual today!

Be sure to check out the roundup of all the LEGO Modular sets ever made, too!

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