What are Micro LEGO Figures?

Lego Mr. Incredible Minifigure

Did you know there are several different sizes of LEGO Minifigs. In this article, we will discuss Micro LEGO Figures as well as some other common (and not common) shaped characters. Get ready! This will be super informational!

LEGO MicroFigures are LEGO Minifigures that are smaller in size. They were introduced in 2007 and have been featured in several LEGO sets since then. Micro LEGO Figures are about 1/4 the size of a standard LEGO Minifigure.

One of the first LEGO sets to feature Micro LEGO Figures was the LEGO City set “Cargo Train” (set number 3677). This LEGO set included a Micro LEGO Figure of a train conductor.

Other LEGO sets that have included Micro LEGO Figures are:

– Star Wars “Droid Escape” (set number 75059)

– LEGO Marvel Super Heroes “Hulk’s Helicarrier Breakout” (set number 6868)

– LEGO Batman “The Batcave” (set number 6860)

As you can see, Micro LEGO Figures are not as common as standard LEGO Minifigures, but they have been featured in several LEGO sets over the years. If you’re a LEGO fan,

What are the tiny Lego figures called?

A Lego miniature, also called minifigs, are small articulated miniatures created by The Lego Group Danish toymaker. The original came out in 1978 and was very different from the ones we see today. But that is another article.

Basically, there are 4 sizes of Lego Figures:

  1. Minifigures
  2. MicroFigures
  3. NanoFigures
  4. BigFigs

How many Lego Minifigures are there?

As of 2020 the Lego Group says approximately 4,000,000,000 (4 Billion) Minifigures have been made.

Also, according to Brickset, there are over 10,000 different characters.

It won’t be long before there is one minifigure for every person on Earth.

If you were to stack all the minifigures ever made end to end it would be over 160,000 km. That’s 99,419.3908 miles.

This is about 4 times around the earth, or just about half way to the moon!

Are LEGO Minifigures the same as Lego figures?

Legos usually contain three distinct parts: torso, body and feet. The material is ABS butadiene acrylonitrile styrene. This tough substance helps make LEGO figures durable. The plastic is melted into specially constructed moldings producing the various parts for the miniature figure.

However, LEGO has been experimenting with using a plant based plastic. But that’s a different article.

It is possible to make your own LEGO Minifigures. Have you ever tried?

Just like the proper term is LEGO bricks (not LEGOs), the correct name for the standard LEGO person is a Minifigure.

If you use a different name it could be a different thing. So it is essential that you use the right term.

This can help with your search keyword when looking for a particular lego set or piece.

What are LEGO Microfigures?

A micro figurine is a tiny figurine that is smaller than a normal figurine.

LEGO MicroFigs were first introduced in 2012.

A MicroFigure has a normal LEGO head, but it is on a torso that is molded as one piece. The arms and legs do not move. It sort of looks like a little statue.

The first MicroFigure was released in 2012 in the Battle of Hoth board game, set number 3866.

As of 2022, there are approximately 119 different Microfigure characters ranging from Batman to Harry Potter.

What scale are LEGO Microfigures?

Dimensions of the microfig. The scale for LEGO Microfigs is 1.80. Microfigs are such primitive representations of people that like the classic miniature they are too wide for their height.

Where a normal Minifigure is 4 bricks tall, a Microfigure is 2 bricks tall, or about half as big as a regular ‘fig.

LEGO Nanofigures

The next size down in figures is the NanoFig, it is also called a Trophy Figurine. Lego nanofigures were originally named by fans in the form of statue or trophy as they appear as very tiny figures. The original piece was released in 2010 with the LEGO Collection of miniature figurines with two Karate masters as his prize, so the name came from it. Originally, the statuettes came in 12 different colors and are still available today.

More recently LEGO has begun to print on these little Nanofigures. Characters range from LEGO Ant Man (How appropriate) to Emmett and lots of Harry Potter and Star Wars ones too.

These trophies minifigs fit on a single stud. Because of this they can be held by the claw hand on a regular minifig.

What scale are LEGO Nano figures?

Based upon LEGO miniatures dimensions our model measures 1:25. The height can easily be altered to match LEGO miniatures to their width. So it would be the same ratio 1:25 horizontally as vertically.

If you want to think about it from the LEGO scale, it is approximately 4 plates tall. Remember a 3 plates = 1 brick. So 1 1/3 bricks tall is a trophy miniature.

Other kinds of LEGO Minifigs

There is a baby Minifigure that uses a smaller than normal head and has little arms that move with claw hands that don’t grab anything

The Child –

Grogu is an example of a baby Minifigure with a custom molded head.

There is also a baby Minifigure – like baby Jack Jack from the incredible. He has a more traditional LEGO head, but it is smaller so it doesn’t fit on a regular Minifigure.

How to buy Micro LEGO figures

You can for instance easily order all of the different color trophy figs right in the shop section of this website.

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Collecting Minifigs

So how do you start to collect LEGO minifigures?

There are a few ways to get started.

You can buy LEGO sets that come with a minifigure or two.

You can also buy LEGO Minifigure packs. These are blind packs so you don’t know which figure you will get.

There are also LEGO Minifigure series. These are released every few months and each series has 16 different minifigures to collect.

Finally, you can also buy LEGO Minifigures online or at LEGO stores.

Minifigure packs are a great way to get started with your collection. They are relatively inexpensive and you can get a good variety of figures this way. LEGO Minifigure series are also a great option. They are reasonably priced and you know exactly what figures you are getting.

LEGO Minifigures online or at LEGO stores is the best way to get rarer minifigures. You can find a greater variety of figures online and you can also find rarer figures that are no longer in production. LEGO Minifigures are a great way to start your LEGO collection or add to your existing LEGO collection. There are a variety of ways to get started with your LEGO Minifigure collection. Choose the option that best suits your needs and start collecting today!

Final Thoughts

How many of the different sizes of minifigures do you have?

I think that collecting some of these alternate sized lego men are a great way to get started in the hobby.

The use of the LEGO name, and the LEGO logo are trademarks of the LEGO group. All images are taken by me, and this article is written from an AFOL perspective. Data is accurate at the time of writing.

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