LEGO Officially Reveals New Lord of the Rings Rivendell set with 6,167 pieces and 15 Minifigs


One ring (set) to rule them all! If you’ve been on social media in the last few days, you have seen some great teaser posts from the official LEGO account. My favorite was the reflection of the new LEGO Rivendell set in the gold ring of doom.

As of today, LEGO has officially announced set 10316 – THE LORD OF THE RINGS: RIVENDELL

NEW LEGO lego Rivendell Set

I can already tell that this will be an epic set – a great fun build, lots of detailed minifigures, and if you have the ability to keep a pristine sealed set squirreled away somewhere, a great investment too.

Set Details for LEGO 10316 Lord of the Rings: Rivendell

Set – 10935

Pieces – 6167

Release date – March 8 2023 (March 5 for LEGO VIP)

Age – 18+

Minifigures – 15

Original US Price – $499.99

LEGO VIP members will have early access to this set. Be sure to sign up to get your early access – its FREE

LEGO Rivendell Elves Minifigures
LEGO Rivendell Elves Minifigures

LEGO Rivendell set officially revealed!

What was once considered only a kid’s building toy, the LEGO group has pivoted and over the last few years focused on making sets for adult collectors. Things like the LEGO Eiffel Tower, all the Star Wars UCS sets, or the LEGO Modular buildings cater to a more advanced, and discriminating (and rich) builder.

LEGO Rivendell Set Back
LEGO Rivendell Set Back

With the release of the LEGO lord of the rings set, this will delight fans recreating scenes from the famous trilogy (either books, or movie, you choose).


The box is the newer black style, and it is BIG. Because the set measures H: 16″ (39cm) W: 30″ (75cm) D: 20″ (50cm) and is over 6,100 pieces, the box is also massive – larger than Modular building boxes, and more on scale of the Star Wars UCS sets.

The front of the box has a very high quality photo of the front of the entire set, as well as a gold band with all the set details running across the bottom.

The back of the box shows the back of the set and has some detailed call outs of the different rooms that are described below.

The Lord of the Rings film trilogy

Speaking of the Film Trilogy- I am a purist. I really prefer the books. I know for many LOTR fans the books can be a bit pedantic – with all the songs and drawn out battle scenes, but the printed versions really get my imagination going – much like this set. all the fan favourite moments are re-created.

LEGO Rivendell Set
LEGO Rivendell Set

Frodo’s Bedroom

You can see Frodo as a young hobbit lying in bed recovering from his injury. This follows his rescue by Arwen from the hands of the Nazgûl, before being reunited with Bilbo Baggins. A scene recreated perfectly.

LEGO Rivendell The Hobbit film trilogy
LEGO Rivendell The Hobbit film trilogy

The Council Ring

Custom brick built chairs in a semicircular ring surround a brick built platform where the nine members of the fellowship discuss their plans in as much detail as possible to continue their quest. There is a centerpiece with printed next knight tiles where the one ring can sit.

LEGO Rivendell Round Table
LEGO Rivendell Round Table

The LOTR Set has 3 major sections

There’s the main building, a Gazebo, and the elven tower. Each has some great build features as well as some surpirsed and easter eggs (that LEGO is so well known for). And yes, there is even a gold LEGO ring.

LEGO Rivendell Lord of the Rings Scene
LEGO Rivendell Lord of the Rings Scene

All the LOTR LEGO Rivendell Minifigures

This set comes with a whopping FIFTEEN (15!) minifigs. From what I can tell, each is new and original. Plus some extras that I’ll discuss too. Here’s a rundown on 15 you get:

Arwen, Gloin, Pippin, Elrond, Legolas, Samwise Gamgee, Boromir, Aragorn, Bilbo, Gimli, Merry, Gandalf the Grey, and Frodo Baggins and Two Elven smiths

All the LOTR LEGO Rivendell Minifigures

With this many characters you can complete the members sitting around the council roundtable and the fellowship of the ring characters and have some extras too!

Looking carefully at the official LEGO images, you can see that the Elven hairpieces have more pronounced molded ears. I like the details on them.

It also looks like there are at least several dual face minifigures – as well as lots of accessories like battle axes and even food items. Frodo Baggins even comes with Sting- his elven made knife.

I have a strong suspect ion that all of these will become highly collectible minifigures over the next few years.

In addition to the 15 minifigures, you also get a bunch of grey statue minifigures too. Five Elven statues of unnamed famous warriors on the outside of the building, and a sixth seated inside.

The Hobbit film trilogy

Who designed the LEGO Rivendell set?

I’m sure many different people were involved with the creation of this set, but Ashwin Visser is credited with being the LEGO design Master lead for this project. He’s been involved with some cool sets like LEGO Winnie the Pooh, and the classic Batmobile, plus many others. Check out his instagram (link in his name) for more of his incredible work.

LEGO Rivendell set officially revealed
LEGO Rivendell set officially revealed

Final Thoughts

This is a day 1 must have for me. The details of the set, all the different minifigures, as well as the lore of the LORD of the rings are what makes this essential. As soon as I get my hands on it, I’ll be doing a much more complete review with detailed photos. I will also have all the spoilers revealed – This is the only warning!

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