LEGO Gaming Tournament Truck 60388

LEGO 60388 Gaming Tournament Truck

Last year, my son was invited to one of his friends birthday parties. Instead of it being a pool party or playing party traditional games, this event was based around a gaming truck. The truck had video game stations for every kid. They could play individually or compete as teams or even against each other. The LEGO gaming tournament truck is an amazing recreation of that experience. A perfect addition for your LEGO city’s esport fans.

Honestly, I don’t ever remember seeing a group of kids get so excited.

Here’s what happened – We arrived to the party right on time, and then hung around for 20 minutes. The hosts ushered everyone outside for a big surprise.

Around the corner came this Big Pickup, towing a trailer decorated with video games. I’m surprised you didn’t hear the screams of joy where you were! It might have been the most fun birthday ever!

LEGO Gaming Tournament Truck
LEGO Gaming Tournament Truck

Set Details for LEGO 60388 Gaming Tournament Truck

Set – 60388
Pieces – 344
Release date – 2023
Age – 7+
Minifigures – 4
Original US Price – $39.99

What’s in the LEGO 60388 Gaming Tournament Truck Box?

Inside the box are 4 bags, 2 large white plate pieces, an instruction book and a sticker sheet.

Building the City Gaming Tournament Truck

There are many features in the LEGO® City Gaming Tournament Truck (60388) that encourage creative play. A stage with 2 toy computer gaming stations, a stadium screen with entertaining “animated” features, a winner’s trophy, and fascinating eSport-related products are all visible when the trailer is opened. The host and gaming minifigures are all that are needed to start the competition.

There are 4 Bags in the Gaming Tournament Truck set.

Bag 1 contains the complete cab build as well as the owner and lady minifigure and accessories.

Bag 2 contains the two gaming minifigures as well as 2 large white plates for the trailer frame. This starts the build for the base and lower sections of the trailer.

Bag 3 is the middle build of the trailer and bag 4 completes the set.

Overall the build experience is fun. I didn’t really notice any new techniques, however the sliding part of the gaming screen with fun animation was fun.

LEGO 60388 Gaming Tournament Truck Details
LEGO 60388 Gaming Tournament Truck Details

LEGO City Gaming Tournament Truck Details

The truck comes in two major parts – there is the cab up front, and the large trailer being towed behind. The basic colors are black with a Lime green accent. The accent color uses angled pieces like Nexo shields and the newer 2×2 45° angled tile.

The Truck Part

LEGO 60388 Gaming Tournament Truck
LEGO 60388 Gaming Tournament Truck

The truck is a simple design – more European inspired, than American. What I mean by that is most American trucks have a big “nose”. The hood covering the engine extends out from the cab. This truck is flatter up front, which provides a better view for the driver, but looses some aerodynamic efficiency. But at low speeds that doesn’t matter as much.

The overall colors of the truck are black and lime green with a few white accents.

The license plate has two letters followed by the set number. I wonder if the letters “MP” are the initials of the designer. If you know, please leave a comment below!

Another cool thing at the front of the truck are the headlights. They aren’t the usual clear, yellow, or amber, but a neon green. How cool would it be to see a truck with green lights pull up to your party?

On the top of the truck is a standard black roof piece that is so often used for vehicles. This one has a large sticker that is the logo of the city gaming tournament truck. A minifigure head, with a microphone headset. and a pair of glasses that looks like a video game controller for eyes. It sounds creepy but actually looks pretty cool.

The standard 6-wide build fits on both the old and new LEGO road systems, and has room for a single minifigure driver inside. The interior of the truck is very simple with only 1 standard steering wheel. There isn’t even a seat.

At the rear of the truck is a plate piece with a hole that allows a pin on the trailer to fit in, and be towed.

The City Gaming Tournament Truck Trailer

The trailer is also 6 studs wide, but pretty long. It has to be to be able to pack all the cool features in.

Basically the gaming trailer has all the playable” stuff. On the top is a billboard like video game controller that spins around.

Below that is a trans-green canopy that opens to reveal the esports winner’s trophy ( a little brick build) that sits on a little gold 2×2 jumper plate.

LEGO 60388 Gaming Tournament Truck prize
LEGO 60388 Gaming Tournament Truck prize

On the side of the trailer is a large 10×16 plate (decorated with lime green plates) that is on a hinge and can open up revealing the inside.

Inside is the main part of the trailer where all the gaming action happens. It’s where you are staging imaginary gaming competitions. There is a blue side and an orange side. Each with little chairs and a brick built gaming PC battlestation. They can also fold out which is a cool features for imaginative play.

Inside the gaming trailer

On the inside of the large black tile are two huge stickers – one for the blue team, the other for the orange team – simulating the characters in the game. and behind that is the coolest part of the build. Its the toy stadium screen!

LEGO 60388 Gaming Tournament Truck Playing
LEGO 60388 Gaming Tournament Truck Playing

The screen uses stickers and simulates the game play. There is a blue character on one side, and an orange one on the other. In between is a space with little red progress or health bar.

You access and adjust the progress bar from the other side of the truck. It also has a fold up plate.

But the best part of the toy stadium screen is that you can move the characters back and forth with a little lever, as well as move the progress bar to see who is winning. This makes for an excellent gaming tournament playset.

At the rear of the truck are some black steps that lead up to some doors at the rear of the trailer that swing open. Inside the back is cool merchandise that are the weapons for each side. The blue has a sword (katana) and the orange has large power gloves. In between them is a little cash register. This is a merch store!

The Gaming Tournament Truck Minifigures

This set comes with 4 minifigs:

  1. a guy with blue spiky hair
  2. a girl with Pink hair
  3. An organizer of the tournament (or truck owner) who is in green
  4. and a lady with a cell phone and a dual printed face

The boy has a picture of the blue katana on his chest, while the girl has the large orange glove represented.

Their facial features for imaginative play are some of the best I’ve seen. And they are dual printed faces. One side looks like they are concentrating, the other is more of astonishment.

LEGO 60388 Gaming Tournament Truck Minifigures
LEGO 60388 Gaming Tournament Truck Minifigures

Interactive digital building instructions are also provided with the LEGO Builder App

The LEGO Builder app, a fantastic digital instruction manual with zoom and rotate abilities that let children see the finished product from all sides as they build, is included with this setup for children aged 7 and up.

If you want the regular web version of the PDF of instructions for the Gaming Tournament Truck you can find them here.

THE LEGO Gaming Tournament Truck is Another Great Children’s Product.

We are constantly surrounded by incredible machines and vehicles, and LEGO City Great Vehicles building kits let kids get up close and personal with them while providing lifelike models and imaginative characters for imaginative role playing.

This is one of my favorite city sets for 2023, and when you visit my LEGO city you might just see it pulling up to a nearby house!

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