LEGO 71025 Collectible Minifigures Series 19


Are you looking for one of the new LEGO CMF Series 19 Minifigures? We have them in stock, and available for immediate shipping today! No need to drive around looking for a store that might have them. No need to feel the bag to see if you are going to get the minifig you want, only to spend money on the wrong one when you open it.

We have every single Series 19 Minifigure in stock. Verified 100% original LEGO, and available now.

LEGO 71025 Series 19 Minifigures Rumors

When the series was first announced this is what I wrote:

Here are the details I know so far. There will be 16 character minifigures (see list below). The release date for the new 71025 LEGO minifigures is probably going to be September of 2019. The cost will most likely be the same as other series, and priced at $4.95. Plus it seems there are at least 5 female characters!

This set follows the extremely popular LEGO Disney Series 2 CMF. There were some people that subscribed to the site to be notified when the series was released and they were able to get their minifigures a few days before release by pre-ordering.

Order the LEGO 71025 Series 19 Minifigures

Now that the series has dropped, we will ship them to you immediately. These blind bags will be opened to verify contents, but you will receive the minifigure you request, as well as any accessories, inserts, or extra pieces, plus the bag. Ordering early locks in the lowest price, and guarantees delivery of the exact minifigure you want without having to search, feel, and guess the contents of each bag.

List of all the LEGO 71025 Series 19 Minifigures

  1. LEGO Series 19 Video Gamer MinifigureVideo Game Player – appears to come with a controller and either a trading card or small poster tile.
  2. LEGO Series 19 Shower Guy MinifigureGuy taking a bath or shower – comes with a shower cap, has a green rubber ducky and a scrubbing brush
  3. LEGO Series 19 Black Knight MinifigureGhost Knight in a Suit of Armor – ghostly head, transparent sword, shield with a bat image, helmet
  4. LEGO Series 19 Monkey King MinifigureMonkey King with staff – Could this be a new Chima minifigure – is LEGO going to bring back the retired series?
  5. LEGO Series 19 Coder Girl MinifigureFemale Robotics Teacher or Coder Girl (also thought to be a hacker, or robot programmer) comes with a laptop computer, she also comes with a robot.
  6. LEGO Series 19 Mummy MinifigureGirl Egyptian Mummy with a gold scorpion
  7. LEGO Series 19 Explorer MinifigureExplorer (could this be a LEGO minifigure of Johnny Thunder?) Comes with a chameleon and a magnifying glass, new hat and backpack
  8. LEGO Series 19 Firefghter MinifigureFemale Firefighter (also thought to be a fire warden) with a new colored megaphone
  9. Lego Series 18 CMF Dog Walker MinifigureDog Walker or Pooper Scooper with daschund LEGO dog, and White French Bulldog LEGO.
  10. LEGO Series 19 Pizza Guy MinifigurePizza Guy – using the same mold as the Watermelon guy but with a pizza print.
  11. LEGO Series 19 Intergalactic Bounty Hunter MinifigureBlack Tron Bounty Hunter has a yellow tri-force only his chest, and a red wanted poster tile
  12. LEGO Series 19 Pet Owner MinifigureGrandma Gardner or Pet Lady with Pink Flamingo
  13. LEGO Series 19 Rugby Player MinifigureRugby Player with new ball and green helmet
  14. Lego 71025 Series 19 Fox Girl MinifigureFox costume This might be a character from LEGO movie 2, and comes with a LEGO chicken and a sack.
  15. LEGO Series 19 Care Bear MinifigureCare Bear or Rainbow Bear– This minifigure comes with a 1×1 heart tile, and a curved rainbow piece, and seems to be getting the most hype on line at this point.
  16. LEGO Series 19 Mountain Biker MinifigureBMX or Mountain Bike Rider – comes with a new Mountain bike piece.

LEGO 71025 Series 19 Minifigures Leaks

Which one(s) are your favorite? I really like how it seems there is almost an equal mix of men and WOMEN minifigures. It’s about time the fairer sex was better represented. Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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