I’ve been collecting LEGO for some time now, and I’m in love with the new BeatBits that come in the LEGO VIDIYO sets. These little 2×2 printed tiles come in the different Beat Boxes & Bandmates sets, and are colorful, collectable, and have a special feature.

LEGO BeatBits

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In the first series of the VIDIYO system released on March 1 2021, there are a total of 104 Different Beat Bits. I have a complete list below of the name of each one, what group they are in, their color, and what they do in the VIDIYO app.

Overall there are 6 different categories of Beat Bits –

  • Dress up
  • Dance
  • Music
  • Funny
  • Scene
  • Video

Each of the different categories causes a different action or effect in the LEGO Video App. Of course you can collect and display the tiles, but they really come to life when you download the app on your phone or tablet and scan them in.

How to use Beat Bits

While it is fun to open the packages and see what you get inside, these little 2×2 printed tiles really come to life when you scan and upload them into the VIDIYO app. Each set comes with one standard beat bit, and depending on if you get the Beat Boxes or Bandmates you will get 3 total or 16 with the larger bandmates sets.

The only way I have found to scan in the tiles so far is to use the little stands that come in the sets. for the beat boxes it is 3 across (with a minifigure on top), and for the bandmates it is all 16 (8 on either side of the Minifig.

Once you scan them in, they will appear in your inventory in the app, an you can use them when you create your videos to do different things to the characters, music, background, or effects. Then you upload and share!

Complete list of Beat Bits

Beat Bit CategoryColorBeat Bit NameBeat Bit Description
Dress UpPinkChicken SuitDress your Bandmates up as chickens and make them cluck the words of the song
Dress UpPinkDiver SuitDress your Bandmates up with deep sea diver suits and have them blowing bubbles as if performing on the sea floor
Dress UpPinkBallerinaDress your Bandmates as ballet dancers with ballet shoes and tutu skirts
Dress UpPinkSpace SuitTurn your Bandmates into astronauts with full space suits and walky-talky sound effects
Dress UpPinkPajama PartyDress your Bandmates in their pajamas ready for bed and have their teddies bounce around the stage to the beat
Dress UpPinkLizard SuitTurn your Bandmate into a giant lizard, stomping and roaring on stage
Dress UpPinkMummyTurn your bandmates into scary mummies, risen from their tombs to dance the night away
Dress UpPinkPandamoniumDress your bandmates like Giant Pandas and have a ton of toy pandas thrown all over the stage
Dress UpPinkBagpiperDress your bandmates in a traditional outfit form the Scottish Highlands and give them some bagpipes to play
Dress UpPinkGlam DressHave your Bandmate perform while wearing a glamorous ball gown
DanceYellowTrendy DanceHave your Bandmates perform the most popular dance move of the decade
DanceYellowBreakdanceSwitch up the music with an electro beat and get your Bandmates Breakdancing
DanceYellowRhythm DanceMake your Bandmates run on the spot along to the beat of the song
DanceYellowRobot DanceMake your Bandmates perform some classic robot dance moves
DanceYellowMartial ArtsHave your Bandmates show off their best karate moves, Hiyah!
DanceYellowCharleston DanceHave your Bandmates perform some Charleston dance moves that were popular in the 1920s
DanceYellowLatin DanceHave your Bandmates perform some sizzling hot Latin dance moves.  Viva la Vidoyo.
DanceYellowRock PosesHave your Bandmates pose like rock Superstars
DanceYellowParty PoppersGet the party started with some disco moves straight out of the wild west.
DanceYellowGroovy DanceGet your Bandmates in the groove and dancing some classic moves from the swinging 60s
DanceYellowRock OutMake your Bandmates headband like they are listening to heavy metal music
DanceYellowVogue DanceHave your Bandmates move like they are dancing down a fashion show catwalk.
DanceYellowBallet DanceHave your Bandmates perform a lovely ballet dance routine
DanceYellowGlow Stick DanceGive your Bandmates some cool glow sticks that leave traits as they dance.  Party on!
DanceYellowGlam PosesMake your Bandmates pose like glamorous superstars.
DanceYellowBollywood DanceHave your Bandmates perform some dance move made famous by the Bollywood movies of India.
DanceYellowCapoeira DanceGet your Bandmates pulling some cool Brazilian capoeira moves.
DanceYellowStreet DanceGet your Bandmates performing some cool street dance steps.
DanceYellowCheerleader DanceGive your Bandmates some pom-poms and have them pump up the crowd with a fun cheerleading routine.
MusicTealRock Guitar SoloPlay an epic rock guitar solo over the music of the song
MusicTealPolice SirenAdd the sound of loud sirens along with flashing red and blue lights
MusicTealRetro Game StyleMake your video game sound like an old video game
MusicTealKazooSwitch out the words of the song with the sound of a kazoo.
MusicTealAcapella SoloShine a spotlight on your Bandmate as the sing along with the music.
MusicTealRock StyleChange the music to sound like it is being played by a heavy rock band
MusicTealFuture StyleChange the music to sound like an urban futuristic style.
MusicTealGongHit a huge gong and make the whole stage shake
MusicTealTouch SynthCreate a ball of light that you can move with your finger and play it like a cool musical instrument over the song
MusicTealTouch FilterCreate a ball of light that you can move with your finger to change how the music sounds when it plays
MusicTealTouch HarmonyCreate a ball of light that you can move with your finger to create cool new harmonies with the song vocals
MusicTealPirate VoiceMake your Bandmate suddenly shout like a pirate
MusicTealSamba StyleGive your Bandmates some maracas and switch up the music style to sound like a samba played at a tropical carnival
MusicTealSax SoloMake the song your own by playing an epic saxophone solo over it.
MusicTealTheater StyleChange the music to sound like it is part of a fun musical theater show
MusicTealHorn BlastSound a loud blast from an airhorn to shake things up
MusicTealMouse VoiceSing the words of the song in a super high-pitched mouse voice
MusicTealSynth Pop StyleAdd a special effect to make the song sound super cute
MusicTealScratch SoloPerform an amazing record-scratching solo over the music like a superstar DJ
MusicTealDrum SoloAdd your own rhythm to the music by piecing to gather an epic drum solo
MusicTealSteel Drums StyleTransform the song into a tropical tune with the sound of steel drums
MusicTealBeatboxerTurn your Bandmate into a world-class beatboxer and transforms he beat of the song
MusicTealKeytarAdd another dimension to any song by playing a little bit of keytar here and there
FunnyOrangeCustard PieSplatter your bandmates wit some well aimed custard pies.
FunnyOrangeZZZZapMake your Bandmate jump with a funny electric shock and see their skeleton lights up
FunnyOrangeTrap DoorMake your Bandmate drop through a trap door that suddenly appears on the stage under their feet.
FunnyOrangeTomatoesThrow Tomatoes at your band and see them split all over the place. Yuk!
FunnyOrangeSeagull PooMake Seagulls appear and swoop over your Bandmates, driving dollops of poo all over the stage.  Splat!
FunnyOrangePortalSee your Bandmate get sucked into, thrown between and spat out of portals from another dimension.
FunnyOrangeBucking BullMake your Bandmate ride a bucking rodeo bull.  Yeehaw!
FunnyOrangeRandom RainMake a bunch of random objects rain down from the sky and onto the stage around your bandmates.
FunnyOrangeSuper CatsMake cats appear and fly across the stage, leaving magical glitter rainbow trails behind them
FunnyOrangeCrab AttackMake a bunch of crabs appear and latch on to your Bandmate with their claws. Oouch!
FunnyOrangeMutate RayZap your Bandmate and see them butte into something truly alien… just for a while.
FunnyOrangeBuuurpMake your bandmate burp along to the song
FunnyOrangeKaboomSet off a Hughe explosion on stage while your Bandmates carry on as if everything is totally normal.
SceneGreenFire Burst Trigger huge bursts of flames that shoot out form special points in the stage
SceneGreenBaloonsMake colorful balloons appear and fall down around your bandmates before going POP!
SceneGreenWindy DayCause a strong wind to blow a variety of funny things across the stage and nearly knocking your bandmates off their feet.
SceneGreenFlower ShowerShower the stage with colorful flower petals.
SceneGreenConfetti CannonShoot fireworks at the stage and see them explode with a shower of colorful confetti
SceneGreenRainy DayMake it suddenly start raining on the stage, soaking your Bandmates as they perform.
SceneGreenBlooming FlowersMake bunches of flowers spring up all over the stage to look like a wild meadow.
SceneGreenPopcornMake popcorn suddenly erupt from the stage, popping to the beat of the song.
SceneGreenBouncy BallsMake giant colorful beach balls appear and bounce around the stage
SceneGreenSnowMake a flurry of fluffy snowflakes float down over the stage and make your Bandmates shiver
SceneGreenCupcake SnowMake sweet cupcakes float down from the sky to the stage.
SceneGreenRainbow WorldChange the stage into a magical scene full of rainbows and castles floating on clouds.
SceneGreenElectricityMake some electricity towers appear and spark with electricity in time with the music
SceneGreenNeon CityGive your stage a futuristic city feel with big neon sign shat flicker and glow
SceneGreenTropical PlantsFill your stage with colorful plants to make it look like a tropical rainforest
SceneGreenIce Cream WorldCover the stage with enormous dollops of ice cream and other sweet treats.  Yummy!
SceneGreenRainbows GaloreMake lots of colorful rainbows appear on stage foray super happy scene!
SceneGreenButterfliesRelease a flurry of colorful butterflies on stage and watch them flutter around your performing bandmates.
SceneGreenExploding HeartsMake heart-shaped clouds appear, floating and growing until they finally go POP!
SceneGreenRainbow StripesSet off huge columns of sparkling rainbow trails shooting hight into the air.
SceneGreenSpark ShowerMake bright sparks rain down all over the stage around your bandmates
SceneGreenWeightlessTurn off gravity to make your bandmates slowly float up into the air.  Then watch them come crashing down when gravity comes back.
VideoBlackGlitch FilterMake your video glitch as if your camera is broken – giving it a fantastic look.
VideoBlackBling FilterTurn your video background black and white but your bandmates a shiny and sparkling gold.
VideoBlackVintage FilterMake your video look and sound like a really old movie
VideoBlackSlow DownMake everything go in slow motion for a short time
VideoBlackGothic FilterAdd a lady black border to your video and turn your bandmates black and white
VideoBlackGrunge FilterGive your video a dirty and scratched look to seem extra punk!
VideoBlackWhiteoutFade your video to a bright white light and back again.  Great for covering up a change of location.
VideoBlackColor FilterAdd a tint of color to your video that change all the time
VideoBlackPixel FilterMake your video look like an old video game
VideoBlackRetro Future FilterGive your video the look of a 1980s vision of the far future
VideoBlackX-Ray FilterMake your video look like your camera has x-ray vision.
VideoBlackSunny Day FilterTurn up the brightness and feel the hear on stage with a sunny color filter
VideoBlackSpooky FilterMake your video look like a CCTV camera capturing ghosts appearing on stage with your bandmates
VideoBlackLight SpeedChange the background of your video to look like you band are flying through space faster than the speed of light.
VideoBlackMirror FilterUse your camera to add a crazy kaleidoscope effect as your video background.
VideoBlackCrazy CommercialMake your video super quirky by quickly switching your background for something crazy!
VideoBlackSparkle FilterMake your video twinkle like a diamond with sparkles everywhere.

6 thoughts on “LEGO VIDIYO BeatBits

  1. Hello!

    In a previous post I thought there are 130 different ones. Now this article says 104. So it would seem like if you get all the releases you get all the beat bits, plus some extra? Can you clarify which figure these may come with or is it totally random after the single, unique beat bit for the blind boxes and 2, unique ones per beat box? Like Pokemon, Gotta catch em all!

    1. Hi –

      I’m trying to figure that out as well! I have 1 complete set of the minifies, and 1 complete of the 6 figures in the boxes. I still don’t have a complete set of the beatbits. There is 1 specific tile that always comes with each minifigure, but the others seem to be random.

      1. It is totally random. I opened 8 beat boxes and 40 bandmates. Even the same bandmate had different beat bits (except the exclusive figure ones). I finally got them all. You can also go to BrickLink. Sellers lit them all there. So, you could just go buy them all for ~$100….had I only known that! 🙂 Happy Hunting!

  2. Hi Eric, your February 17 post is accurate with the picture and the corresponding beatbits, and I actually used it as picture guide to collect the beatbits that I don’t have. I have few duplicates, and I wonder if there is a site where we can swap beatbits that are duplicates. I have 17 more that I need to collect and am trying to get rid of the others but really don’t want to sell. Id’ rather swap 1:1. What do you suggest?

    1. Glad the post was helpful. Look me up on Instagram, there are a few of us trading the tiles there.

  3. Thank you so much. I checked it out and gave you dm!

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