LEGO Boutique Hotel 10297

LEGO Boutique Hotel

Can you beleive that it has been 16 years since LEGO released their first modular? The LLEGO Boutique Hotel, set 10297 is the 16th in the series, and just as much fun to build and display as all the others. This was originally the Creator series, but has been rebranded to the new ICONs Label.

I’ve made a complete roundup if you want to see all the different LEGO Modular buildings collection.

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LEGO Botique Hotel LEGO Details

LEGO Boutique Hotel
LEGO Boutique Hotel
  • MSRP: $229.99
  • Set Number: 10297
  • Recommended Age: 18+
  • Release Date: January 1, 2022
  • Part count: 3,066 pieces
  • Number of Minifigures: 7

Designed by Anderson Ward Grubb, this build has an old world European Feel, with more contemporary Meditteranean vibes. I would almost expect to find this building in Cuba – it’s got the feeling that it has been in business a long time, and the owners love and take care of all the details of building and business. Plus, there is a little reference to Cuba as you build the set – Read on!

I feel like I’ve been there before, and if I haven’t I definitely want to!

LEGO Modular Buildings Collection

The LEGO boutique hotel 10297 looks amazing by itself, or as part of your LEGO City. Directed primarily at adult LEGO builders, this set comes in a big box, and has some advanced building techniques.

But don’t let the price or size mislead you. Like other modular buildings in the collection, this set has some great hidden features, and playability and looks great next to the LEGO Natural History Museum.

While the age says 18+, this set is designed for more experienced builders. While I wouldn’t get it for a little kid, I do build this with my kiddo, and for a teenager who likes LEGO this would be a fun and challenging build.

LEGO Boutique Hotel connections
LEGO Boutique Hotel connections

Other Corner LEGO Modular Buildings

Designed as a corner building kit (the others are the Corner Garage, the Cafe Corner, Grand Emporium, and the Palace Cinema, this set looks best when placed at an intersection, or at just the start or end of a line of other models. But because of the way it is built it can go in between two non corner units.

History Museum

LEGO Natural History Museum Modular
LEGO Natural History Museum Modular

Jazz Club

JAZZ Club Modular
JAZZ Club Modular


LEGO Bookshop

It consists of 5 sections, with a removable roof. More on that below

A Distinctive Wedge Shaped LEGO building.

But what is really interesting to advanced builders is that this building is in a wedge shape.

On first glance this doesn’t seem like a big deal. However, if you think about it for a moment it becomes quite obvious. LEGO studs are arranged in a perfect grid. To make an angle you have to use math, specifically the Pythagorean theorem, and then only in specific combinations does it work.

My fellow LEGO Blogger, Depak over at Towering Brick Creations has done a great review and summary of the building technique for all the angles in this set – I encourage you to go read his work.

It explains the math behind the wedge shape, and provides inspiration for future builds.

LEGO Boutique Hotel Modular
LEGO Boutique Hotel Modular

Build (this Modular) Together

With all of this said, my 11 year old and I build this set together. We alternate jobs.

First I will open a bag and collect all the pieces needed for a particular step, and then he will use those pieces to build the step. We do this for a while and then swap jobs – he picks, and I build. Its a great way to spend quality time crafting the set together.

As a reminder, the Modular buildings started in 2007 when Jamie Berard (one of the hosts of LEGO Masters) built the first Cafe Corner

Inside the Boutique Hotel 10297 Box

This is a big set, with over 3,000 pieces.

When you have a set this big, you don’t just get all the pieces thrown into a box and shipped off.

Although that makes for a very interesting building experience. If you ever want to test your part finding skills, I suggest opening all the bags at the same time and dumping them into a great big pile! This will 2x or even 3x your building kit time.

Instead the pieces are sorted into bags that relate to steps in the instruction book. You start with bag one, which starts the build from the ground up, step-by-step.

What comes in the box?

Inside the box are 14 numbered bags, a 32×32 baseplate, and the instruction book

There are no stickers in the LEGO Boutique Hotel 10297. There are only printed bricks.

Inside the Boutique Hotel 10297 Instructions

LEGO Boutique Hotel Details
LEGO Boutique Hotel Details

The instruction book follows the same style as others in the series. It is full of detailed color images of the set at the beginning.

There is a section describing the designer, and the inspiration behind the set.

Then the step-by-step instructions that follow make for a fun and enjoyable building experience. There are little tips and callouts throughout the instruction manual detailing cool steps. I don’t want to give too much away, obviously!

One other thing – did you know that you dont have to buy the set to get the instructions? You can download a Digital PDF of the instruction at

For all of you that make your own MOCs and sets, I have a guide about how to make your Own LEGO Instructions.

The Modular Boutique Hotel Minifigures

There are a total of 7 minifigures in this set:

  1. Bellhoop 1
  2. Bellhop 2
  3. Art Gallery Curator
  4. Barista
  5. Accountant
  6. Backpacker
  7. Seasoned Traveller
LEGO Boutique Hotel Minifiugres
LEGO Boutique Hotel Minifiugres

Plus there are a bunch of fun mini buildable model features including a coffee cart and even a trolley for luggage.

Building the Boutique Hotel 10297

Another cool thing about this set is that it comes out on the 15th year anniversary of the modulars. As a result there are all kinds of little easter eggs thought out this set that refer back to previous modular builds. I like to call this set the brickland hotel, as it fits nicely in the LEGO city in my basement.

Bags 1-6 build the first floor.

This building kit with it’s unusual triangular geometry has the lobby terrace and staircase on the first floor. That’s what you build first.

There is a highly detailed mosaic floor, but one of my favorite features is the Blue dumpster behind the building. You also get a front desk with a telephone and ledger.

Behind the desk is a cupboard with the keys to the different guest rooms within. An extra large black vase with flowers decorates the lobby with glamorous decor.

On the back side of the hotel lobby, there is a separate room that is the entrance to the neighboring art gallery. The design details in this room include an original pieces of art.

By the way, the name of this art gallery is El Cubo Art- and most of the pieces in the gallery are cubist in nature. There’s a Mondrian as well as an original piece modeled after the LEGO Creator Expert icon.

More art is inside the hotel lobby, too. There is a piece that, according to the insturctions, comes from the artist who lives above the Parisian Restaurant (one of my all time favorites LEGO Modular sets.

These little bulds are what I reall like about the Modular buildings collection. You get to create all the fun references that make this a realistic set. Luggage carts, pieces of art. and so on.

LEGO Boutique Hotel Interior Details 4
LEGO Boutique Hotel Interior Details 4

Outside the building there is a stone staircase with a little alcove for more art. It leads upstairs to…

Bags 7 – 10

The next four bags build the second level of the luxurious hotel.

You start hands on project with plates that make the roof of the first story and floor of the second story. It is fun discovering how the angles all work in this model building project.

This floor has 2 rooms – one with a red bed, and another with a green one. Each is decorated nicely, with appropriate late century European architecture.

Again, there are cool details in the instruction book like this back story for the accountant

LEGO Accountant Backstory
LEGO Accountant Backstory

“The Accountant is in town to assist with the sale of the Art Gallery’s masterpieces. However, he’s also been asked to audit the accounts from the 10251 Brick Bank set.

Finally you find out where the stone staircase leads to – its a rooftop terrace over the art gallery with a palm tree and rooftop bar.

There is some really creative work done with the entrance to the rooftop garden mimicking wrought iron that creates more elegant decor for the hotel guests.

LEGO Boutique Hotel Interior Details 2
LEGO Boutique Hotel Interior Details 2

Bags 11-14

The final set of bags create the 3rd floor and roof.

The thrid floor is the penthouse suite, and it is where the globetrotter minifigure stays when she visits. there is a LEGO bathroom, and a beautifully appointed suite.

LEGO Boutique Hotel Interior Details 3
LEGO Boutique Hotel Interior Details 3

Boutique Hotel 10297 Alternate Builds

Regular readers of my blog, and people that follow me on Instagram know that I like to build each set once, using the supplied instructions. Then I do something that most people object to.

I like to follow the instructions just like everybody else who builds LEGO sets. Aside from making sure all the pieces are in the bags and boxes, I like reading about how the sets were created, and of course discover new building techniques, and easter eggs.

But then, after I assemble it, and take photos (for this website and social media) I take the whole thing apart and sort it into my enhanced LEGO storage system.

That’s right. Everything gets disassembled and broken down to it’s component parts.

That is so I can make my own MOCs or Alternate builds of the set.

There are a few really good published Alternate builds for the Botique hotel. They can be found on Re-brickable and other model sites:

These alternate builds don’t usually come with the pieces. Only a PDF of the instructions needed to complete the set. I think it’s really cool how they make their own LEGO instructions.

My Review of the LEGO Boutique Hotel Modular.

Modular buildings are one of the big reasons I got back into LEGO after my 2nd Dark Age.

The LEGO Creator Boutique Hotel stands as an architectural masterpiece, carefully crafted with attention to every detail and triangular geometry. As you step inside, the highly decorated facades and interior transport you to a turn-of-the-century world where the blend of art gallery and coffee cart awaits. The model features a wealth of carefully considered elements, including a coffee vendor ready to serve your favorite brew.

LEGO builders will appreciate the fun references to previous modular sets, creating a sense of continuity and nostalgia. The gallery owner in you will delight in the miniature art gallery, while the coffee enthusiast can imagine spending quality time at the charming coffee corner.

Just don’t call it the LEGOs Botique – that just sounds wrong!

Final Thoughts

If it were to come down to the LEGO Jazz Club vs Boutique Hotel, I would pick the Botique Hotel. While the Jazz Club is fun, and has several hidden secrets, and unique build techniques, this set is a bit better with piece usage and overall design. The angles are really what does it for me.

The model doesn’t just showcase its exterior beauty; it invites you to enjoy hours exploring its interior intricacies. From the art gallery adorned with tiny masterpieces to the delightful coffee cart, every aspect has been designed to captivate and engage.

In the world of LEGO Creator, this boutique hotel seamlessly integrates with other models, adding a unique touch to your modular city. Whether you’re a seasoned LEGO enthusiast or a newcomer, the LEGO Creator Boutique Hotel promises an all immersive building experience where the joy is found in the details and the fun references to previous sets.

Now, if someone could just recreate the LEGO Fortnite Grand Palace…

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