Big Figs

Do you collect LEGO Big Figs? Big Figs are another kind of character that is made in the LEGO world. Most of us are familiar with the LEGO Minifigure. But there are lots of other different kinds of LEGO people that have been made over the years. Here’s one of the more recent LEGO Figures made.

Another name for less large-scale figures is Giant from the Bricklink reference guide.

As far as I can tell the Big fig was introduced in 1999 with the Rock Monster Character from Rock Raiders.

A normal minifigure is just 4 bricks tall, but a Big Fig is supersized – Almost twice as tall as the traditional fig. These giants are used to represent larger than human scale (if the regular minifig is supposed to be a person). But they are still in the same minifigure scale we are familiar with. They fit in nicely with standard lego bricks and don’t look unusual.

Think about the Hulk, Thanos, Trolls (the scary kind), or Maui.

LEGO Big Figs

Like a minifig, Big Figs can be customized, but only a little bit.

The body and legs are one piece. Only the arms and wrists can move. 

Sometimes the head is a separate piece, but not usually. When the minifigure’s head is removable, the stud that holds it on is the same as a regular minifig (which can result in some funny customizations.

The methods of attachment for the arms and wrists are standardized to the technic pin dimensions. While this only provides for some limited movement, it does allow for other unique options.

The hands don’t use the standard claw method of gripping either. They are the same opening as a claw hand, but don’t curve around so nothing can lock in. Think of it as a loose grip.

Larger LEGO Minifigures

Some of the branded LEGO sets (think Star Wars sets, Disney Minifigures, and Marvel) have characters that make good big figs – 

In the star wars universe Jabba the Hutt is a good example.. 

For Disney Maui is a larger than life figure.

And of course in the Marvel universe The Hulk and some villians (Killer croc) come to mind.

LEGO Released Bionicle Playsets in 2000

Keep in mind that there were 452 Bionicle sets made in the 10 or so years that Bionicle Was active. 

Even though these were larger figures they were a different scale from Big Figs and are not counted.

Other LEGO Figures

There are also other lego figures that are different from the regular minifigures produced. Over the years the LEGO group has experimented with different scales and techniques.

  • Maxifigure
  • Jack Stone
  • Fabuland
  • Technic Figures
  • Belville
  • Duplo figures

I’m not including brick built figures like Miniland, Brickhads, Constraction, or the larger brickbuilt Minecraft figures. They will be the subject of different articles.

Final Thoughts

I think the LEGO designers are doing a good thing by changing up modern minifigures. By adding a different size to the standard LEGO Elements line up, There is now a lego figure that can be a harder to fight villian, or a stronger than human hero.

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