LEGO 75248 A-Wing Fighter

I’m sure you agree with me that it is about time for a new LEGO A-Wing fighter. This is a set that has been released before, but the new one is rumored to have only 2 minifigures, and have more of a green color scheme rather than a red one. I’ve also heard this version is based on the Rise of Skywalker movie.

If Available, put official LEGO set PHOTO here (then change it to my set photo when released

LEGO 75248 A-Wing Fighter Release Date

Everything I have learned about this new wave of Star War Sets is that it will be released on October 4th. I’m sure it will be on line, at retail stores, as well as at the official LEGO store.

LEGO 75248 A-Wing Fighter Minifigures

At this time I only know of two minifigures for this set, but they haven’t been confirmed. When I learn more I’ll add the info here, obviously.

Until then, here are some others you might be interested in. Complete your minifigure collection!

LEGO 75248 A-Wing Fighter Price

The price for the new LEGO Star Wars A-Wing fighter is around $29.95.

LEGO 75248 A-Wing Fighter Review

All I can see from the secret photos I’ve looked at for this set is a single ship, with green markings over a white frame. There appears to be a stud shooter, and a secret compartment.

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