LEGO 41165 Anna’s Canoe

This is one of the more simple and affordable sets. There is a cool white canoe (that’s going to end up in my Disney LEGO city at some point) as well as a teeter totter, and some large panel bricks that looks like there are stickers on it. And a blue ice slide that we’ve seen in several Frozen LEGO sets before.

When available, I will post the official LEGO set PHOTO here (then change it to my set photo when released).

LEGO 41165 Anna’s Canoe Release Date

The new series of LEGO Disney Frozen 2 sets are scheduled to be released on November 22, according to my sources. This should be right around the time the new movie is also released.

LEGO 41165 Anna’s Canoe Minifigures

I looks like there is only 1 minifigures in this set, an Anna character, as well as aon Olaf. But, I’m not sure to count the snowman as a minifig – he has the head and it looks like he has a torso, but I can’t be positive right now. T It also looks like there is a little brown bunny as well.

Of course the minifigures for this set haven’t been released yet, but here are some others you might be interested in. Complete your minifigure collection!

LEGO 41165 Anna’s Canoe Price

Unknown at this point. Probably around 250 based on the look on the box and all the minifigs, and the 108 piece count.

LEGO 41165 Anna’s Canoe Review

Coming soon! As soon as I have this cute little LEGO set in my hands, I’ll share it with you and update this post.

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