LEGO Disney Series 2 Jack Skellington Minifigure


The LEGO Jack Skellington Minifigure from the Disney Custom Minifigure Series 2.  Minifigure and a black minifigure stand only.  Includes box and trans clear tiles.

Jack as a minifigure does not come with hair, does come with black cloth tails, and a plastic black bow tie with a hidden mickey molded on it.

Official LEGO Minifigure Number:  coldis2-16

Head:. White Minifigure, Head Skull Large Black Eyes, Nostrils and Very Wide Mouth Pattern – Hollow Stud
Torso:  Black Torso Tuxedo Jacket with White Shirt and Stripes Pattern / Black Arms with 6 White Stripes Pattern / White Hands

Legs:   Black Hips and Legs with 18 Narrow White Vertical Stripes on Front and 9 on Each Side Pattern

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When the LEGO announced the Disney Series 2 Custom Minifigures, Jack Skellington was the most pre-ordered one!  I thought it would have been someone else, but for some reason, Jack, (and Sally) were purchased in pre-orders 3:1.

Now I have lots of Jacks in stock and for sale, so I never will run out.  I’ve got enough for sale that if you want to create a Jack Skelliningon Army, you could!


The Jack Skellington Minifigure from the LEGO Disney Series 2 appears in these sets:

71024 The LEGO Disney Series 2 CMF (Complete Series of 18 Complete Minifigure Sets) (2019)


Jack Skellington is the lead character in Tim Burton’s cult classic movie “The Nightmare before Christmas”, which came out in 1993.  Like Santa Claus, or the Easter Bunny, he is the patron saint of Halloween,

Disney’s Haunted manion is remade every year with Jack Skellington as the theme as well.

He would also fit in nicely with a winter village set.  I think it would be cool if LEGO made a Christmas version of Jack Skellingotn, too.


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