LEGO Bouquet of Roses 10280

LEGO Bouquet of Roses Set

Dive into the romantic charm and detail of the Icons LEGO Bouquet of Roses set 10328, a stunning creation tailored for anone who wants to give (or receive) a dozen red roses. Whether you’re engaging in a sentimental building journey or offering it as a heartfelt gift, this enduringly crafted bouquet is a captivating idea, perfect for occasions such as Valentine’s Day or any other special moment.

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LEGO 10329 Tiny Plants

10329 TINY PLANTS set

Are you like me? Do you want to have plants and greenery around your house but just spend too much time in your LEGO room and forget about watering or caring for your plants? Then this new set from the Icons series is for you. LEGO 10329 Tiny Plants comes with 9 plants in 3 sizes and 3 categories, and you don’t have to work about watering them!

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NEW LEGO 10268 Vestas Wind Turbine

Lego 10268 Vestas Wind Turbine 001510

LEGO Vestas Wind Turbine

The new LEGO 10268 Vestas Wind Turbine is a REALLY TALL set.  Taller than Ninjago City.  Taller than the Ferris Wheel.  It dominates above my LEGO city.    This is the tallest set I have ever built, by far.  

LEGO 10268 Pieces & Minifigures

There are 826  pieces in this set, including 3 minifigures, and a Power Functions Motor set.  There are 2 Vestas technician minifigures, and a woman.  Plus you get a LEGO German Shepard Dog.  There is also a large LEGO Power Functions Battery Box, some LEGO LED lights, a power functions extension cord, and a Power Functions motor that goes in the very tippy-top of the wind turbine to make the whole thing spin around.

Lego Vestas Minifigures included in the set
These are the LEGO Vestas Minifigures that are included in the set.

In addition to the minifigure and power functions there is also a new spruce tree element made from plants.  Recently LEGO announced they wanted to discontinue the use of petroleum products in the manufacturing of LEGO bricks by 2030, and they have been shifting to alternative manufacturing materials.  The first change has been with plants from plants.

Building LEGO 10268 

In Box:

  • Green Base Plate
  • Instruction Book
  • 5 big bags
  • 5 medium bags
  • 2 small bags

This was a fun set to build.  Overall there were 12 bags, all unnumbered, a large green base plate, an instruction book, and ZERO stickers.  I love it when LEGO uses printed tiles instead of stickers.  

The build was done in several different groups.  First was the 3 minifigures, and the Vestas Truck.  Then was the house, which has powered lights and cleverly hidden wires.  Next I got to build the mountain behind the house which holds the support for the wind turbine, as well as the large Power Functions Block.

Then I got to build the tower.  So simple and elegant.  Finally there was the generator at the top and the turbine blades.

All in all there were lots of long white bricks and plates in this set.  It never got too repetitive, and overall was a fun build, especially the little modern house, and hiding the wires.

LEGO 10268 Review

I cannot say how tall this set really is. It’s long and skinny and spindly (but not too fragile), and goes really high. The design is such that it is completely supported and not wobbly which is great.

The LEGO Vestas Wind Turbine 2018
The LEGO Vestas Wind Turbine 2018

When you turn the power functions on the 3 blades spin slowly. It doesn’t go fast enough to be a fan in a room, Also, the blades are not dangerous, securely attached, but easy to break off in case you bump into them without damaging anything.

I also want to talk about the little truck that comes with the set. There is room as usual for one minifig in the front, and then in the back there is a cool little slider system that colds a second component inside, securely. Part of building the set is making a little welder’s system on a handtruck. There are some unique attachment methods I didn’t know about before, and when it is all put together it slides neatly and securely inside the back of the truck.

The Lego Vestas Truck with a brick built welder's tanks that fit neatly inside the back.
The Lego Vestas Truck with a brick built welder’s tanks that fit neatly inside the back.

The little modern red LEGO house is nothing special, a pretty standard build, but there are some clever techniques used to hide the power function wires that illuminate the lights at the front of the building.

A little red LEGO house.
A little red LEGO house.

Finally, I should end with the plants from plants that are used in this set. There aren’t as many as came in the initial plants from plants release set, but there are some cool elements for the LEGO collector.

LEGO Plants from Plants
LEGO Plants from Plants
LEGO minifigures on a park bench.
LEGO minifigures on a park bench.

All LEGO Plants from Plants Sets

LEGO Plants from Plants

The other day I did a quick google search for a list of all the new sets that include the Plants from Plants elements.

If you haven’t heard, LEGO® has made a public commitment to change from petroleum based plastics to plant based materials by 2030.  I know it seems like 2030 is a long time in the future, but in reality it is only 12 years away.  Where will you be in 12 years?

Currently only trees, leaves, and other botanical objects are made from this new plant based plastic.  Sugarcane, yes the stuff sugar comes from is the base, and it is identical in composition to all other LEGO® bricks previously made.

That means there is no way to tell the difference between the old trees and the new trees.

Right now, only two sets have the Plants from Plants elements.

The first set was released in the late summer of 2018 as a promotional set with a purchase at LEGO® stores.  I picked up a few, and I am unable to tell the difference between old and new trees bushes, and plants.

Set 40320 – Plants from Plants came with:

16 Green 30176 Bamboo Leaves 3X3
4 Lime green 2423 Limb Element, Small
3 Green 6064 Bush
2 Green 2435 Spruce Tree, Small
4 Green 6148 Palmleaf, Small

Lego 10268 Vestas Wind Turbine 001514
Vestas Wind Turbine Plants from Plants

The second set to feature the LEGO® Plants from Plants is 10268, the new VESTAS Wind Turbine.  Moving towards green energy and sustainability, it was an obvious choice for this set to have the new eco friendly parts.

The wind turbine came with 2 large trees, 1 small tree, 2 bushes, and 5 flower stalks.  I’m not sure the flower stalks are made from the new plant based plastics, but I am guessing they are.  The item number is 6135278 which is the same for all other flower bases.  When I compare it with the item number for a tree (347128) from the same set, I get similar results.  It looks like there won’t be an easy way to differentiate the old vs new.

Until then, we will have to look for the Plants from Plants logo.

Personally, I’m very excited for this change.  Our world has limited resources, and I want to make this a better place for future generations.  How about you?