LEGO 10329 Tiny Plants

10329 TINY PLANTS set

Are you like me? Do you want to have plants and greenery around your house but just spend too much time in your LEGO room and forget about watering or caring for your plants? Then this new set from the Icons series is for you. LEGO 10329 Tiny Plants comes with 9 plants in 3 sizes and 3 categories, and you don’t have to work about watering them!

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While this set is designed for advanced builders, I think that anyone could build this set – Smaller Kids might need a grown-ups help, but I also think that kids prefer LEGO Ninjago or Friends over plastic plants. I know by 11 year old would handle building complexity of this set no problem.

But for the right person, this is a fantastic set. You get an assortment of the tiny plants building set which makes for a mindful gift idea for plant lovers of any age.

Designed by LEGO Creator Theo Bonner, this display set is the perfect project and a great gift at a very reasonable price point.

  • Set: 10329
  • Pieces: 758
  • Release date: Dec 1 2023
  • Age: 18+
  • Minifigs: 0
  • Original US Price: $49.99

List of the 9 plants included in the LEGO 10329 Tiny Plants Set

The tiny plants included in this set come in 3 sizes. Each is in its own terra-cotta colored brick built lego pot. Group them together by theme, or by size, or just mix and match. The LEGO Botanical collection looks great anywhere in your house. Three are larger, three are mid sized and mini lego plants are the last 3.

  • Jade Plant
  • False Shamrock
  • Laceleaf
  • Venus Flytrap
  • Red Sundew
  • Pitcher Plant
  • Succulents
  • Prickly Pear
  • Pincushion

LEGO Rainforest Plants

A rainforest plant refers to any of the diverse botanical species thriving in the lush, tropical ecosystems characterized by high humidity, constant warmth, and abundant rainfall.

These plants showcase an extraordinary array of adaptations to the unique conditions of the rainforest, from towering trees forming dense canopies to intricate epiphytes clinging to branches without harming their hosts.

Rainforest plants can include exotic orchids, vibrant ferns, towering hardwoods, and inspiring range of valuable medicinal species, each contributing to the unparalleled biodiversity of these ecosystems.

The term encompasses a wide range of flora, from carnivorous plants that have evolved to extract nutrients from insects to the versatile bamboo used for various purposes.

In essence, rainforest plants encapsulate the rich and complex tapestry of life found within these vital and ecologically significant habitats.

LEGO 10329 Tiny Plants Rainforest
LEGO 10329 Tiny Plants Rainforest

Jade Plant

The entire LEGO Plants series has one very cool thing in common – it uses traditional parts in non-traditional ways. The Jade plant is a perfect example of this.

The Jade plant comes in the medium sized pot.

A normal jade plant has thick green leaves that aren’t quite round or oval, but definately of a circular shape. LEGO uses green newsie hats to mimic the Jade Leaves, and does it quite successfully.

Purists will argue that the smaller jade leaves, which are mimicked using 1×1 round tiles and held by a clip is an illegal building technique. This would be true if the tiles didn’t have the groove (which would stress the clip), but these do, so it isn’t an illegal building technique.

False Shamrock

The False Shamrock plant comes in the smaller sized pot.

It consists of a few small butterfly pieces in a purple color and attached to a brown plant stem piece. These plant legos could bring you lots of luck!


Also called Painter’s Palette or Flamingo Flower this comes in the largest pot.

This plant uses a re-colored shell piece that is commonly found in Disney sets, specifically the mermaid ones. But in this case it represents the back leaf, and is a contrast to the yellow stamen which protrudes as a major element of the Laceleaf.

This plant also uses the green Donkey Kong leaves which I think of as banana leaves due to their large shape and size.

And there is a cute little easter egg in the form of a ladybug hidden in the build.

LEGO Carnivorous Plants

LEGO 10329 Tiny Plants Carnivorous
LEGO 10329 Tiny Plants Carnivorous

Venus Flytrap

The Venus Flytrap plant comes in the smaller sized pot.

As a kid I was fascinated by the benus flytrap plant but my mom wouldn’t ever let me buy one when I saw it in a store.

This LEGO version uses a gear element in the lime green color as the jaws. It’s quite a creative build. I just wish they would have made a little 1×1 fly tile like the bee or ladybug.

Red Sundew

This plant used another very creative building technique. Tiny brushes re-colored in reddish brown are the prickly leaves for the LEGO version of the Red Sundew Plant.

Also, on a totally different note, did you know that the shoulder pads that are often worn on military outfits are called epaulettes? Well they are – and in this case LEGO has made pink ones to help make this bug eating plant more realistic.

The Red Sundew Plant is in the medium sized pot.

Pitcher Plant

The largest of the carnivorous plants in this series is the Pitcher Plant.

In case you aren’t familiar with the pitcher plant, it las a long segment that is like a pitcher of water. Except at the bottom of this pitcher isn’t a refreshing drink, but a gooey-enzime slime that dissolves any bugs that fall into it.

To make the pitcher segment LEGO has used a creative piece yet again. The pith helmet upside down perched atop a mop head element. All recolored in a lime green!

LEGO Cacti

LEGO has already released one series of Succulent plants. Set 10309 which came out last year consisted of a small array of 8 succulents on a black stand. The Cacti in this new set match the older series nicely.

LEGO 10329 Tiny Plants Succulents
LEGO 10329 Tiny Plants Succulents


The blue and purple live forever is the smallest of the series –

Prickly Pear

There is a new printed tile in this one – a 2×2 round green tile with a little cactus. And it is just perfect for this set. 3 on one side, and the same on the other.


The most dangerous looking of all these plants is the Pincushiuon cactus. With prickly brown plant stems protruding all over the surface, this one really looks like a cactus.

Build together with LEGO Tiny Plants

Lately LEGO has been encouraging people to Build Together. Its a new-ish initiave where more than one person can participate in the same building project for a set. In the case of the LEGO Icons Tiny Plants set they come with 3 instruction books, making it a perfect activity for 3 people.

If you dont’ want to use the paper instructions, or loose them and need the step-by-steps, you can always download a PDF of the building instructions on The LEGO Builder app features detailed step by step instructions in full color – it’s just like having the paper version, but on your phone, tablet, or screen!

Look for the build together icon in the lower right corner on the front of the box!

LEGO 10329 Tiny Plants Box Back
LEGO 10329 Tiny Plants Box Back

Plants from Plants

A few years ago LEGO started an iniativie where they wanted to begin to move away from plastic based products and become Greener, and more Eco Friendly. They launched Plants from Plants, and while we really don’t know which specific pieces are made this way, if it’s on the box, I can believe that a lot of pieces are probably made from cellulose materials.

10329 Tiny Plants Set Details

Purists will be glad to know that there are no stickers in this set. It’s a fun builder project that can be done in one sitting, or spread out over several days. Plus it can be done alone, or with a friend. The LEGO Icons Tiny plants 10329 set is great for both new and advanced builders and is a great gift for friends and family for a relaxing building experience for all!

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