32 LEGO YouTube creators to binge watch

When I can’t build LEGO, I turn to YouTube to watch others build LEGO.

I watch everything from set reviews, to MOCS, to trains, to organization, and everything in between.

This page has my 30+ favorite LEGO Youtubers, and i think I have it set up so that it imports the most recent videos from each of the creators and builders

In alphabetical Order:

Video count and subscriber numbers are from the time of the blog post.

AFOL man
27,960 subscribers
915 Videos

Emory (the AFOL Man) started “messing around” with LEGO when his kiddo was little, and ever since then it has stuck.  He has had several dark ages, but always comes back either to run his Bricklink store, or build his city or sets and review them.

Alex Nunes
291 Videos
43,281 subscribers

Alex has been collecting Lego for over 30 years and has an impressive 330 square foot city he updates and shares videos of regularly.

Alexander studios
521,974 subscribers
26 Videos

With over half a million subscribers and only a handful of videos, Alexander Studios has truly cracked the code on what people want to watch on YouTube.  His bowling video has over 32 MILLION views, so chances are you’ve probably seen it at some point.

Almighty Arjen is trains
123,427 subscribers
83 Videos

If you like LEGO Trains, this is the channel for you!  At one level he uses an Arduino to control his trains, and other videos feature spectacular LEGO train crashes.

Artifex creation
633,660 subscribers
1668 Videos

A self proclaimed family friendly channel that’s all about LEGO.  They have perfected the timelapse or stop motion building of Lego Sets.

Beyond the brick
392,552 subscribers
1773 Videos

Beyond The brick is a different kind of LEGO YouTube channel.  The go around and interview builders, visit LEGO shows and talk with MOC makers, and even show behind the scenes things for LEGO itself.

Brick Bros UK
84,655 subscribers
1628 Videos

Tom and his Brother Drew run this channel,   They are truly expert builders, as they created the TRON set which became a real LEGO set after 10,000 fans voted for it.  They show off MOCS, have free tutorials, and share the latest LEGO news, too.

Brick toy co
39 Videos
2,725 subscribers

A pretty new channel, they do reviews, speed builds and share MOCs.  They have a good video production level, so I’m excited to see what they end up doing!

Bricks on the dollar
1825 Videos
4,900 subscribers

Clutch has a huge Bricklink store, and never holds back on his videos.   More of a how to collect, find deals,  Hauls, and live with LEGO instead of builds, or reviews.

3168 videos
49,904 subscribers

BrickTsar is a true AFOL.  He’s got quite a collection of bricks he talks about and shows off.  Again more of a behind the scenes, or living with Lego, over reviews or MOCS.  One of my favorites.

1237 Videos
445,082 subscribers

This channel is run by a few different people and they have news, reviews, MOCS and speed builds.

Brotherhood workshop
117 Videos
211,220 subscribers

Easily one of the best stop motion animation Lego Channels, the Brotherhood Workshop combines LEGO, popular movies or pop culture, and humor to create new and entertaining content.

Custom Bricks & Models by Ren
12,109 subscribers
447 Videos

A fairly new channel with great MOC instructions and alternative builds.

Down Under Bricks
647 Videos
22,784 subscribers

Everything from MOCs to reviews.  Hauls to comparisons.

ellieV toys
610 Videos
865,948 subscribers

Lots of Toy reviews in addition to LEGO.  You can hear the enthusiasm in her voice.  One of the few YouTube reviewers who focuses on the Friends series and Disney Princess series.

Forest fire 101
112 Videos
1,028,446 subscribers

Another one of the few LEGO YouTubers with over a million subscribers.  Focusing on animation, this channel isn’t always appropriate for younger viewers.

4022 Videos
1,090,711 subscribers

Proclaimed by many as the best, Jang does reviews, and has an incredible LEGO city with mostly custom buildings.  Lots of Trains, which are my favorite, too.  Be sure to check out his organization videos, as they are simply amazing.

2372 Videos
357,667 subscribers

Another one of the popular channels, this channel focuses on hauls, reviews of older and newer sets, and MOCs.

Keep on bricking
500 Videos
10,445 subscribers

This channel is all about custom MOCs, and building better LEGO creations!

319 videos
17,267 subscribers

LionBricks is a TFOL (teenage Fan of Lego) who does city updates, MOCs, Reviews, Hauls, and Time Lapse builds of sets.

Michael Hickox
138 Videos
1,269,223 subscribers

Here is another one of those million plus Youtube LEGO stop motion channels.  With great story lines, high level production, and clever short videos, Michael has found the secret to YouTube LEGO success.

Rebel Builder
294 Videos
14,477 subscribers

If you love Star Wars LEGO, this is the channel for you.  Not only does he review LEGO sets, but he has some great MOCs and a moon base that can’t be missed.

Ru brick
29 Videos
5,376 subscribers

This husband and wife team does updates of their LEGO city, and goes into amazing descriptions of their strategy and building techniques.

Sariel’s LEGO® Workshop
582 Videos
191,635 subscribers

Sariel has 2 channels, but this is the bigger of them.  Here he does Technics MOCs and updates, and lots of power functions and electronics updates with LEGO.

Solid Brix
496 Videos
257,889 subscribers

Stop Motion Animations, News, Reviews, and an incredible Star Wars MOC that can’t be missed.

The brick Lab
189 Videos
3,997 subscribers

More MOCs and Mods with an emphasis on custom city buildings.  I especially like his minifig scale furniture tutorials.

The brick show shop
268 Videos

The Brick Show used to be one of the largest YouTube channels out there until they violated the 3-strike rule.  Now they are rebuilding their brand on their store channel where you can find MOCs and Lego Reviews.

Zazi nombies
592 Videos
1,384,042 subscribers

MOCs (mostly weapons from video games) are the specialty of this channel with over a Million Subscribers.

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