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LEGO CMF 25 Minifigures

We are starting to see some leaks of the new LEGO Series 25 Custom Minifigures. There will be 12 in the series, and they will be released on Jan 1 2024 at a cost of 4.95 per pack. Rumor has it that there will be a total of 3 CMF Series released in 2024, so be sure to signup to my mailing list to get the latest information.

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Of course everyone wants to know about the Goat – I’ve got the info for you! Plus a full description of each of the collectible minifigures in this series.

LEGO CMF 25 box
LEGO CMF 25 box

LEGO CMF Series 25 release date

Mark your calendars for Jan 1 2024! That’s when we are expected to see the official release of the 25th Series of LEGO Custom Minifigures. They will come in the new boxes (instead of bags) and will be LEGO yellow in color.

I expect to be able to find these on shelves at some stores fairly soon, as not every retail employee follows the rules about putting sets out early. Check your local big box stores like Target and Walmart as that’s where these sets can often be found early.

If you wait until January, I’m sure you will be able to purchase these characters, and hopefully quickly complete your set. Like other fans I have collected all the series since they started.

LEGO CMF 25 List of Characters
LEGO CMF 25 List of Characters

Complete List of LEGO CMF 25 Minifigures

  • Noir Detective
  • Gamer Girl
  • Basil the Bat Lord
  • Paralympics Athlete
  • Goatherd
  • Kid with Mushroom Hat
  • Weightlifter
  • Guy in Triceratops Costume
  • Raven (or possibly a Harpy from greek mythology)
  • Kid in Locomotive
  • Barbarian
  • Dog Groomer

Details on All LEGO Series 25 Minifigures

These descriptions are based on what I can see from the inserts and pre-release photos. Im super excited to hold these in person, and get you all the details of minifigures series 25 firsthand.

Noir Detective

This minifigure comes in a grey trenchcoat and has a red herring (fish) and a magnifying. In case you didn’t know a Red Herring is known as a mis-leading clue. He also has a little collar piece and a black detective hat. His face comes with a moustache

Gamer Girl

This e-sports minifigure has headphones areound her neck and three accessories – a 1×2 printed rainbow colored keyboard piece (which is very cool), a 1×1 half round tile mouse, and a gold trophy that we have seen lots of times before.

Printed on her torso is the falcon logo from the old Medieval sets.

Basil the Bat Lord

He has a shield with the bat logo as well as a battle axe with red blades. As the leader of the fright k nights, I also believe. AKA Count Bat Lord.

Paralympics Athlete

Could this be the first double amputee minifigure? He has the cool spring loaded lower legs that allow him to actually run faster than most minifigs. How do I know this? He has a gold medal around his neck and stands next to a 1×2 brick printed with the number 1 showing he came in first place. Plus he has a cool fro


This could be the favorite for most in this siries. Why? Because of the Goat. For the longest time the only LEGO goat came in the 2011 set Mill Village Raid – and now, that single animal regularly sells for around $100 on Bricklink.

This goat is different from that one – this one doesn’t have spots. But it will still always be compared to that one.

The Goat Herder minifigure also comes with a staff or flute (I cant quite tell from the photos, a round plate which I believe to be a piece of Goat cheese, and a backpack and hood. He has a very peaceful look on his face.

Kid with Mushroom Hat

Strangely, this is one of my favorites from the series. We know this is a kid because of the short legs, and I believe it to be a girl as well as she seems to have a white skirt. But my favorite piece is the red with white spots mushroom cap she is wearing. It is a very cool piece that I see being used all over the place.

She also comes with a butterfly that can be held in her claw hand.


This female weightlifter comes with an energy drink and a 10-pound Kettle ball. Sure it could be 10 kilo but that would be very heavy even for me! I like her short blonde hair, too.

Guy in Triceratops Costume

When I was a kid the Triceratops was (and still is) my favorite dinosaur. He is a simple minifig in the costume tradition with a 3-horned dinosaur headpiece. He also has a tail to complete the outfit.

Raven (or possibly a Harpy from greek mythology)

Originally from Greek mythology Harpy could also be an altered Monkey. He has claws for hands, purple wings and a cute little mohawk haircut. His legs are also more animal like than a regular LEGO minifig’s legs.

Kid in Locomotive

Another one of my favorites is the Locomotive Kid Minifig. You know because I love LEGO Trains so much. This character has a green train engine that fits between his legs and torso. With 6 red wheels, and a little circle piece with the number 25. The 25 is for the 25th series of CMF. He also has a blue checker eyepatch.


This Barbarian Minifig in series 25 comes with a giant silver sword as well as an over the shoulder satchel and hdadband around his red hair.

Dog Groomer

The last minifigure in my top 3 is this Dog groomer. She comes with a pair of scissors and the only other animal in the series, an Afghan Hound Dog.

The LEGO Goat in Series 25 Minifigures

Over the years there have been many different goats in LEGO form. If you discount all the Duplo ones, we are left with

  • Thor’s brick built goat Tanngrisnir
  • A Minecraft brick goat
  • and the GOAT goat – from 2011.

The 2011 Goat has become something of a rockstar in the lego world. They frequently sell for $100 on the 2ndary LEGO market, and the major difference between the series 25 and the rare one is the spots. The new series doesn’t have any. But they do both have the brown horns.

List of pocket scales for LEGO Minifigures

Since LEGO has converted to the box packaging (instead of the polybags) you can’t “feel” what minifig is inside anymore. The only way to learn what is inside is by weighing the box. Because of the small size, and relatively light weight, you need a scale that is sensitive enough to see the differences between the minifigures.

Ideally a pocket scale that weighs to 0.01g is best. There can be a lot of error introduced because of the cardboard box packaging. Stay tuned and I’ll have a complete guide when I get my first case.

Here is a list of the best pocket scales for weighing LEGO minifigures all under $25:

71045 Series 25

The latest series will be coming in Jan 2024, and will sell individually in blind boxes for 4.95 each. Which are your favorites?

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