LEGO 80103 Chinese Dragon Boat Race

LEGO 80103 Dragon Boat Festival

When I heard that LEGO was releasing 2 Chinese themed sets I was so EXCITED! Then I learned that they would only be available in Asia, and I was Sad. But when LEGO announced that the Dragon Boat Race would be released at LEGO stores in the USA – Rejoice! This set, with it’s 15 minifigures, 2 dragon boats, and docks with Sushi stand is one of my must have sets for 2019. Originally priced at $79, this set has so many minifigs!

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Monochrome Nanofigures

Set of 10 collectable LEGO monochrome nanofigures.

The other day I saw two different people post their pictures of their monochrome nanofigure collections on instagram, and I thought they were so cool that I wanted to do that too.

So I went into my collection and checked out which ones I had. And among everything in all my LEGO storage, I was quickly able to find that I only had 3 of them!

All in all there are currently 12 different LEGO monochrome nanofigures. (FYI, some collectors also call them trophyfigs because they look like little LEGO trophies the minifigs might hold).

They have a single anti-stud at the bottom so the can fit on any lego piece, or be held by a minifigure by being clipped on their hand (they don’t fit inside the claw hand, but instead the claw hand fits inside the anti-stud.

All the LEGO Monochrome Nanofigs
All the LEGO Monochrome Nanofigs

Monochrome nanofigure colors

Dark Red
Pearl Gold
Metallic Gold
Sand Green
Dark Blue
Dark Bluish Gray
Metallic Silver

By the way – if you want to start searching for these little guys you might want to use the official LEGO name which is Minifigure, Utensil Statuette / Trophy

Plus if you want to start collecting monochrome minifigures, I have a whole series about it. Here’s the link to my monochrome nanofigures for sale.