Lego 76115 Spider Mech vs. Venom

Oh NO! What’s going to happen to Aunt May? Is Spider-Man going to be able to save her in time? If you ask me, I think Venom just wants some tasty LEGO Ice Cream.

Lego 76115 Spider Mech vs. Venom  is a new 2019 set that was released in December of 2018.  It has 604 pieces and is labeled for ages 9 and up. 

I ordered this set from Target, and picked it up on the day it was released.  Once I opened the box, inside were 5 labeled bags, one sticker sheet  and 1 instruction book,  a bag of new LEGO web elements, and an orange brick separator.

LEGO 76115 Pieces and Minifigures

There are 604  pieces in this set, including 4 minifigures.  You get a Spider-Man, Ghost Spider, Venom and Aunt May.  In addition to building the Spider Man Mech and the Venom Mech you also get to build Ghost Spider Hover Board.

New for December 2018 LEGO web elements
New for December 2018 LEGO web elements

This set has some new Lego web elements.

LEGO 76115 Review

This is a pretty easy set but isn’t my first choice for beginners.  I’d put this more of a lower intermediate set, not quite good for a first set, but better for some one who has built a few LEGO sets before.  As I always say, if the set comes with a brick separator, it’s not for beginners, and this set has 1 orange brick separator tool.

In this set, you get 1 instruction book.  The steps are not too complicated and easy to follow for someone who is just getting started collecting LEGO.

Lego Spider Man Mech
Lego Spider Man Mech

There are 5 bags, and the first bag had me building Spider-Man, and his Mech.  All in the first bag.  The Spider Mech isn’t as big or as fancy as the Venom one, but it does have moving arms, legs, hands and feet.  It also has a cleverly designed claw made of mostly the new web pieces, as well as a little shooter on the other hand.  Spider man stands atop the mech and is connected by 2 studs (so he doesn’t fall out), and controls the machine with some levers.

Ghost Spider Hoverboard
Ghost Spider Hoverboard

Moving to Bag 2, this contained all the parts for the Ghost Spider, and his hoverboard.  Plus a few to get started on the torso of the Venom Mech.  The Ghost Spider Hoverboard has a couple of stud shooters, and a surf board element with a sticker.

Bag 3 is when we really start to build the Venom Mech.  This bag builds most of the Torso, including the head and the mouth with the teeth.

Bag 4 continues to work on the Venom Mech with the legs and feet being put together.  It doesn’t get very repetitive, because there are only 2.

The final bag, Bag 5 has Venom Mech Arms and hands with claws.  Plus at the very end you get to add the super long tongue which is the perfect final addition.

Overall the Venom Mech is way cooler than the Spidey Mech.  But Spidey has more features.

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LEGO 76115 Release Date

This set was released  in December of 2018, although it is labeled as a 2019 Lego Marvel set.  I paid for this set with my own money.