LEGO Part 1×1 Brick black


This is a 1×1 brick in the black color.

Lego Part Number: 3005

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This is an official LEGO® part. LEGO Part 1×1 Brick black

A black 1×1 LEGO brick is a rectangular brick that measures one stud wide and one studs long. It is three plates high (the height of a standard LEGO brick). It is solid black in color and made of hard plastic, with a glossy finish.

The brick has one stud on the top surface. Commonly for attaching other LEGO elements like other bricks and minifigures.There are four hollow tubes on the underside, which can connect with other LEGO bricks or plates as well.

A black 1×1 LEGO brick is a very common and versatile building block, often used in a wide range of LEGO creations, including walls, floors, roofs, and other structural elements.

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