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JB Watt was the very first minifigure I got from the new LEGO Hidden Side sets.  This version is from the set J.B.’s Ghost Lab.  She has purple hair, and is wearing blue gloves.  She also is wearing a white lab coat, with a name badge, a belt with a USB Drive, some tubes of GLOOM and a screwdriver printed on it.  Underneath she has on a pink monster shirt.

Nobody knows wha JB stand for, or if that is her real name.


LEGO JB Minifig appears in these sets:

J.B.’s Ghost Lab – 70418 (2019)


From the LEGO website:

J.B. has spent all of her life in libraries, labs and garages, and she has mad skills in all things scientific, technical and mechanical. J.B. enjoys being the brains behind the local ghost-hunting operation, app, and all the gang’s ghost-hunting gear, while leaving all the messy work to the kids (Hey, they don’t seem to mind.) She eats, works and sleeps in her messy lab, except when she’s driving ‘Sweet Sally’, her old decked-out school bus. Also, she drinks waaay too much coffee.


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