LEGO Dean Thomas Minifigure


The  LEGO Dean Thomas Minifigure  comes in a plastic bag.  This is the version from the Harry Potter Fantastic Beasts Minifigure Series.  He comes with a Gryffindor flag on a pole, as well as the new dark brown wand as well as a black base plate.

Official Minifigure Number: colhp08

Head:  Dark Brown Minifigure, Hair Male with Coiled Texture

Torso:  Black Torso Hogwarts Robe Clasped over Sweater, Dark Red and Bright Light Orange Scarf and Trim Pattern / Black Arms / Medium Dark Flesh Hands

Hair:  Dark Brown Minifigure, Hair Male with Coiled Texture

LEGS:  Black Hips and Medium Legs with Robe Ends and Dark Red Scarf with Bright Light Orange Stripes Pattern

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What we have here is the LEGO Dean Thomas Minifigure from the Harry Potter Custom Minifigure Series.   Nobody really knows what happened to Dean after he graduated Hogwarts, but his younger years are fairly well documented.


LEGO Dean Thomas Minifigure appears in these sets:

71022 Harry Potter & Fantastic Custom Minifigure Series (2018)


When Dean was a child, he though he was a Muggle, and from a Muggle family.  This is because his dad, who was a wizard, never told his mom, then he died, and she re-married.    In Quiddich, he was a Chaser


  • House: Gryffindor
  • His wand is unknown

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