LEGO Dash Minifigure


The LEGO lncredibles Dash Minifigure is new, and unassembled.  This is the Junior’s version from 2018, and was found in set LEGO Juniors The Great Home Escape.  Also in this set were Violet and Brick Minifigs plus a baby Jack-Jack Microfig. Verified 100% original.

The subthemes for this Minifigure are Juniors, and Disney and the Incredibles

Official LEGO Minifigure Number: incr002

Hair:  Tan Minifigure, Hair Swept Back with Widow’s Peak

Head:  Light Nougat Minifigure, Head Dual Sided Child Black Mask, Closed Smile / Open Smile Pattern (Dash Parr) – Hollow Stud

Torso:  Red Torso Orange Belt and Incredibles Symbol Pattern (Dash Parr) / Black Arms with Red Short Sleeves Pattern / Black Hands

Legs:  Black Legs Short with Horizontal Red Stripes Pattern
Dash from the Incredibles head is a light flesh skin color, with a painted on black mask.  His eyes are black, and he as a big open mouth smile where you can see his teeth.   Her face is printed on both sides, and the other face has the same black printed mask but his mouth is closed in a big smile.


Dash from the Incredibles hair is Tan Minifigure, Hair Swept Back with Widow’s Peak


Dash from the Incredible Body is red, with the new golden yellow “I” logo printed in the center.  There is an orange belt at the bottom.  The arms are dual printed with red and black sleeves, and her hands are black.


Black Legs Short with Horizontal Red Stripes Pattern.  They do not bend.


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Dash Parr is the middle of the 3 Incredibles kids.  He has an older sister, Violet, and a younger brother baby Jack-Jack.  This LEGO minifigure  was released in 2018.  His father is Mr. Incredible, and his mom is Mrs. Incredible, Elastigirl.


Dash from the Incredibles minifigure appeared in the following LEGO set:

10761 LEGO The Great Home Escape (2018)


Dash from the Incredibles is the middle child.  He is a little bit rebellious because his parents and his sister don’t want him to use his powers.  He often does pranks, and is never found out because he is too fast for even cameras to catch.

His power is super human speed.  This allows him to run and move fast.  So fast in fact he can run on water, as well as run up buildings.  He is also very fast mentally, and has super fast reflexes


  • Dahs’s real name is Dashiell Robert Parr
  • Although Dash can punch and hit super fast, the blows aren’t that hard because he is still young.

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