LEGO Violet Minifigure


The LEGO lncredibles Violet Minifigure is new, and fully assembled.  This is the Junior’s version from 2018, and was found in set LEGO Juniors The Great Home Escape.  Also in this set were Dash and Brick Minifigs plus a baby Jack-Jack Microfig. Verified 100% original.

The subthemes for this Minifigure are Juniors, and Disney and the Incredibles

Official LEGO Minifigure Number: incr004

Head:  Violet from the Incredibles head is a light flesh skin color, with a painted on black mask.  Her eyes are black, and he as a big open mouth smile where you can see her teeth. She has red lipstick.  Her face is printed on both sides, and the other face has the same black printed mask but her mouth is slightly closed in a concerned way.

Hair:  Violet Incredible hair is Black Minifigure, Hair Long Straight with Orange Headband Pattern

Torso:  Violet Incredible Body is red, with the new golden yellow “I” logo printed in the center.  There is an orange belt at the bottom.  The arms are dual printed with red and black sleeves, and her hands are black.

Legs:  The Legs are printed red and black, with superhero black shorts, and black printed boots.  Black Hips and Red Legs with Black Leotard and Boots Pattern


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Violet Parr is the oldest of the 3 Incredibles kids.  She has two brothers, Dash, and Jack-Jack.  This LEGO minifigure  was released in 2018.  Her father is Mr. Incredible, and her mom is Mrs. Incredible, Elastigirl.


The Violet from the Incredibles minifigures  appeared in the following LEGO set:

10761 LEGO The Great Home Escape (2018)


Violet from the Incredibles is the oldest child.  Although she often fights with her brother Dash, they are still family, and when things get tough she stands up for him, and the rest of her family all they way.  When she isn’t around family she is often shy and withdrawn, although when she does talk she has a good sense of humor and a sharp wit.

Her powers allow her to become partially or fully invisible, as well as create a force-field around herself and others.  Using her force field she can also levitate.


  • She has a crush on s, Tony Rydinger, but is often embarrassed when he is around with others.  But when the two of them are together her true personality comes out.
  • Most of her powers are more mental, and she can become drained and tired if she uses them too much or too hard.
  • While Violet does not possess any super-human physical traits she is very agile, and fast and flexible.  Much more athletic than other girls of her age.

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