LEGO Cho Chang Minifigure – Light Aqua Dress


This is the LEGO Cho Chang in a an fancy aqua dress.  She comes disassembled and is new.

Official LEGO Minifigure Number:  hp259

Hair: Black Minifigure, Hair Female Swept Back into Bun, Hole on Top

Head:   Nougat Minifigure, Head Dual Sided Female, Black Eyebrows, Reddish Brown Lips, Open Mouth Smile / Sad Pattern – Hollow Stud

Torso:  Light Aqua Torso Female Dress, Teardrop Neckline, Silver Flower Filigree, Magenta Flowers and Black Stars Pattern / Light Aqua Arms / Nougat Hands

Legs:  Light Aqua Brick 1 x 2 with Silver Flower Filigree, Magenta Flower, Stars and Dark Bluish Gray Dress Gather Lines Pattern

 Verified 100% original.

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I’m passionate about Minifigs.  I only sell original LEGO Minifigures that have been obtained new by me in original boxes, or from reputable sources.  Each Minifigure is assembled and bagged separately.

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The LEGO Cho Chang Minifigure hp259 is from the 2020 LEGO Holiday Advent Calendar Day 5.  She is wearing the fancy dress from the holiday ball that was in the Goblet of Fire movie and book

She was a seeker on the Ravenclaw team, and at one point I think she had a crush on Harry, although her real love interest came out later in the books/movies.

The LEGO Cho Chang Minifigure hp263 came in this set:

  • 75981 Advent Calendar 2020, Harry Potter (Day 5) (2020)

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