LEGO Star Wars 75254 AT-ST Raider

I’ve lost count at all the different walkers and raiders LEGO has released over the years. I’ve tried to go back and count them but I just cant without creating a spreadsheet. This will be a review of the NEW AT-ST Raider, LEGO set 75254 as soon as it comes out.

When an official photo is released, I’ll add it here, and then update it with my own picture when I get the set.

LEGO Star Wars 75254 AT-ST Raider Release Date

October 4, 2019 according to all my sources. Mark your calendar.

LEGO Star Wars 75254 AT-ST Raider Minifigures

The set includes four minifigures

  • Pedro Pascal’s “Mandalorian”
  • Gina Carano’s “Cara Dune”
  • and a couple of humanoid aliens

The minifigures for this set haven’t been released yet, but here are some others you might be interested in. Complete your minifigure collection!

LEGO Star Wars 75254 AT-ST Raider Price

Unknown price at this point. If you know, please leave a comment below.

LEGO Star Wars 75254 AT-ST Raider Review

This set seems to be based on the new Disney Plus series, The Mandalorian. At the time of writing this, Disney Plus isn’t even released yet and I’m very excited to see the new series.

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2 thoughts on “LEGO Star Wars 75254 AT-ST Raider

  1. Did you get your Disney+ subscription yet? I’m about to watch the Mandalorian! I got my subscription for free with my Verizon service.

    1. Yeah, My wife signed us up on Apple TV, and then it appeared on my iPad and iPhone too. So I watched the first episode of the Mandalorian the day it came out.

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