LEGO 70420 Hidden Side Graveyard Mystery

The brand new LEGO 70420 Hidden Side Graveyard Mystery is one of seven new sets released in this series. This set is one of the more reasonably priced ones at around $30 US, and has four new minifigures. More about that below. The tombstone twists, the tree shakes, and the grave opens for lots of brick play-ability. Then there is the Augmented reality side.

It used to be that when you purchased a LEGO set, you could build it, and take it apart, rebuild it, or change it into something else, but unless you had other sets and LEGO bricks to use, it was challenging to create something new and different. Now, with the Augmented Reality LEGO sets, a software update can be made, and a whole new story or experience can be created using the same sets. There might not be anything else to buy, or it could be a very affordable $0.99 update. Either way, it would be easy to change the play-ability with the click of a button.

LEGO 70420 Hidden Side Graveyard Mystery release date.

The Hidden Side Graveyard Mystery LEGO set is scheduled to be released on August 1, 2019. This is not a VIP only release. I expect this series of sets to be available at both the official LEGO store, as well as 3rd party retailers like Amazon, Target, and Walmart.

I generally only buy my LEGO sets at the LEGO store (so I can get the VIP points), at Amazon, using affiliate links to support fellow bloggers, or at Target with my RED card so I can get a 5% discount.

LEGO 70420 Pieces & Minifigures

There are 335 pieces in this set, including 4 minifigures: heroes Jack Davids and Parker L. Jackson, a skeleton figure and Mr. Branson, plus Davids’s ghost dog figure, Spencer, to pretend play the ghost-catching play in this graveyard toy and in the AR app.

The size of the assembled Graveyard Mystery set is over 5” (14cm) high, 12” (32cm) wide and 3” (10cm) deep.

All of he Hidden Side sets are focused around the town of Newberry, where strange things happen. You can’t see them without the use of an iPhone, or iPad app, however. From the LEGO website:

Using the LEGO® Hidden Side™ app is like looking through a window to a cool and spooky Hidden Side filled with challenging mysteries to solve, ghosts to defeat and unique ghost bosses, like Mamali, to overcome in each set.

LEGO 770420 Hidden Side Graveyard Mystery Price

This set is priced at $29.99 US and will be on sale starting August 1, 2019.

LEGO Hidden Side Information

From the LEGO website:

Solve the mysteries haunting the town of Newbury before it’s too late. Forget what you know – you’ve never experienced LEGO® play like this before. Your phone opens the door to a virtual hidden world where your LEGO sets come alive in an unfolding ghostly adventure.

It seems these LEGO sets will use your phone to do some kind of Augmented Reality. LEGO tried this before with the Dimensions sets (which were sort of a flop, and now only collected by hard core fans). This seems different though. Not only do you get a set where you can build something and play with it , but when you point your phone at it it comes alive or something and you get an additional experience.

If you want to see when I open the set and build it in real time,  follow me on Instagram where I frequently do live feeds and Lego Instagram Stories of new sets.

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