Introducing LEGO Fortnite

LEGO Fortnite

This is the collab of the decade. The LEGO Group and Epic Games have teamed up to first bring the LEGO world to Fortnite. A new Survival crafting game. This is what I’ve learned so far.

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If you are a regular reader you know I LOVE LEGO. I’m not a huge Video Game player, but I do know a bit about Fortnite, so here’s what I’ve learned about the LEGO Fortnite collide.

There will be a lot of other blogs talking about the video game size of things – I’m more focused on the sets side of the collab.

I really want to see a Fortnite Llama as a set, and I’m 99.9% certain that will be announced on the 7th.

If you look carefully you can also see some crossover between LEGO sets in the Fortnite world. Specifically there is the Dreamzzz Nightmare Shark ship in the cover art.

Will there be old theme crossovers like the did in the LEGO movie? I’m excited to learn more!

One of my big questions is will this be a more closed world like Minecraft where you have your own space, or will it be an more open world or server with lots of different players all interacting at the same time on the same map? Only time will tell.

Fortnite and Lego join forces for ‘survival crafting’ game

First of all this isn’t the usual EPIC Fortnight game – as described by EPIC games it is something totally new. It’s the ultimate LEGO survival crafting game.

A vast series of open worlds where the magic of LEGO and Fortnite collide. Designed to encourage creativity in an open world. There will be hours of pla and fun for old and new players.

Crafting and Auto Crafting

Since this game is for all ages, I expect this to be simple and easy to understand. Something with a basic craft table and I believe a more advanced one as well. There will be a building tool with non schematic slots. This is a game chagner when designing you base.


Because this is LEGO don’t expect to be running around with full auto. I have seen a crossbow, and an axe, and not much more advanced. This is not battle royale, but more building and survival crafting game.

Introducing Abilities

As you progress and level up you will get more abilities. Probably some regular stuff like flying, and swimming, but what about LEGO specific abilities like Spinjitsu?

Different Biomes

Based on the cover art, there is Desert, snow, and Woodland. Each with it’s own villians, and Im guessing materials too.

How to get Fortnite Lego Insiders skin for free

Over 1200 skins available – check your locker. If there is a gear next to the skin I’m told it may be upgradeable in the future.

Woudln’t it be cool to have a real minifure of all the different skins?

LEGO Fortnite Skins

If you have the fortnite skin – you will get the LEGO skin Ive been told. Some are genere.

The big clunky skins that might be too big for battle Royale play when converted to LEGO are awesome sized. BUT – you won’t be able to use LEGO Fortnite skins in the battle Royale

It doesn’t appear that the LEGO Fortnite skins are editable

Some that arent included yet are :

  • Gaming Legends
  • DC Ones
  • Marvel
  • Star Wars

Already there are you tube Channels where all the skins they have are shown as LEGO.

Some Skins won’t be available to new users

If you are brand new to Fortnite – some of the skins won’t be ever avaliable to you -which is kind of sad, but that’s just the way it is.

Here are over 190 of my favorite skins – which are yours?

  1. Frozen Raven
  2. Frozen fish-stick
  3. Permafrost Raider
  4. Frozen Red Knight
  5. Midas
  6. Blaze – another rene
  7. Molten Battle Hound
  8. Shadow Arc
  9. Roast Loard
  10. Shadow Skully
  11. Mecha Team Shadow
  12. Big Chuggus
  13. Slurpentine
  14. Professor Slurpo
  15. Ark – the angel skin is FIRE!
  16. Catalyst – with the ears!
  17. Carbide – an OG Skin
  18. Calamaty
  19. Blackheart
  20. Crackshot
  21. Cuddle team leader – a mainstay of the LEGO fortnite journey
  22. Drift
  23. Deadfire – with the cowboy hat
  24. Superhero Skins?
  25. Fusion – a new skin?
  26. Frostbite?
  27. Firebrand
  28. Glow – a rare skin
  29. Fade
  30. Fate
  31. Galaxia – crew pack skin
  32. Galaxy grappler
  33. Glimmer
  34. Inferno with hair that is literally FIRE
  35. Leviathan – the fish space astronaut
  36. Magnus the viking
  37. Lynx – amazing
  38. Midas – with golden hands!
  39. ORO – with a very detailed figure
  40. Power Chord
  41. Raven
  42. Ravage
  43. Raptor
  44. Rex – in the green
  45. Ronin
  46. Singularity
  47. WuKong
  48. Ace Acedemic
  49. Arial Assault raider
  50. Abyss
  51. Abstratct
  52. Zero
  53. Agent Jones – with the drip
  54. Ava
  55. Bash – with a unicorn head
  56. Beat Boss – burgerhead
  57. Burnout
  58. Charlotte
  59. Cloak shadow
  60. Culture Club
  61. Cube assin
  62. Dante – in progress
  63. Dio
  64. DJ Yonder – the helmet is sick!
  65. Double agent Hush
  66. Double Helix – a super rare skin – only when you bought a Switch could you get it
  67. Fabio Sparklemain – Unicorn supreme!
  68. Funkops
  69. Ginger Gunner
  70. Ghoul Trooper
  71. Gloe shaker with a round head for Christmastime
  72. Golden gear Midas
  73. GrimWire
  74. Hay Man
  75. Harlove
  76. Hope
  77. Hollow Head
  78. Imani
  79. Isabelle
  80. Jittershock
  81. Jules
  82. Luminos
  83. LT Evergreen – Free christmas skin from years ago – no longer available
  84. Marigold -Midas’s girlfrined
  85. Mecha Team Leader
  86. Merry maureder
  87. Minty Bomber
  88. Mission Specialist
  89. Overtaker in white
  90. Oscar – AKA Tony the tiger
  91. Orelia
  92. Peely – the banana skin for fortnite
  93. Peely Bone
  94. Ready Penny
  95. Reese
  96. Red Strike
  97. Revolt
  98. Rogue Agent – very first Fortnite starter pack
  99. Sanctum – Vampire
  100. Shadow Midas – purple hands?
  101. Shade
  102. Shadow Ops
  103. Skull Trooper – the skeleton Fortnite skin
  104. Skye – very cool
  105. snowmando
  106. Slushy soldier –
  107. Trace
  108. Trailblazer – A twitch Prime Exclusive Skin
  109. Tresspasser Elite
  110. Tsuki 2.0
  111. Vega
  112. Vengence Jones with a beard
  113. wingman
  114. Wonder- a rare one
  115. Wildcat the rare nintendo switch skin
  116. Yond3r – no helmet version
  117. Aerial Assault trooper – mega RARE – even more rare tan Mega Raider if you ask me.
  118. Axo – so cool – very detailed!
  119. Band pass
  120. Barracuda
  121. Beach brutus in a swimsuit
  122. Birch
  123. Biz
  124. Blinky
  125. Bravo leader
  126. Blue team leader
  127. Breakpoint
  128. Brite Bomber – one of the main characters for sure
  129. Core Knight Tailor
  130. CutiePie – fall out vibe
  131. Diecast with a beanie
  132. Dolph – the reindeer
  133. Dummy – a crash test dummy
  134. Dynamo – the luchador
  135. Fa-La-La Fishstick
  136. Fishstick
  137. Gingerbread Raider
  138. Grimbles- a gnome
  139. Hi-Hat
  140. Haze
  141. Holly Striker – christmas skin
  142. Hush
  143. Jellie – with a cool head
  144. Razor Mancare
  145. Monks
  146. Pepper thorne
  147. Pitstop
  148. Potassius Peels
  149. Red Nose Raider
  150. Reina
  151. Renegade Raider – one rare skin!
  152. The brat – literally. a hotdog
  153. Tsuki – Japanese schoolgirl version
  154. Waypoint
  155. Wolf
  156. Wiretap
  157. Wolly Warrior
  158. Zuri
  159. BRUTE Navigator
  160. Bridie- the golf skin
  161. Bracer
  162. Bullseye
  163. Cabbie
  164. Castaway Jones
  165. Clash
  166. Cozy Jonsey – so many Christmas skins
  167. Crystal
  168. Envoy
  169. Grit
  170. hailstorm
  171. Hayseed – the Farmer
  172. Jack O’Sassin
  173. King Flamingo
  174. Liteshow
  175. Manic
  176. Marius
  177. Mel
  178. Nag OPS – Xmas version
  179. Plastic Patroller – a little army man
  180. Pastel
  181. Quackling – the duck
  182. Red Nosed Ranger
  183. Sagan
  184. Scorpion
  185. Skull Scout
  186. Sunflower – gardener
  187. Swamp Stocker
  188. Tango
  189. World Warrior – from the World cup – only available 1x
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