New LEGO sets being released in May 2019

I’ve been slowly learning about new LEGO sets that will be released in May 2019. Some of the information here is official, and has come from the official LEGO Group, while others are leaks and come from unofficial, but mostly reliable sources.

The late spring and early summer months aren’t usually big release times for new LEGO sets. Usually we will see something a bit different being released, and this month is shaping up to be similar to previous years.

Stranger Things LEGO set

There has been some chatter on a few of the websites I follow about a LEGO Stranger Things set. Like most sets that come out this time of year, it will first be released to VIPs and then the general public in June.

LEGO Stranger Things
LEGO Stranger Things Set 85810

Supposedly it will have 2287 pieces and be set number 85810. Somewhere in the $250 price range. I don’ know how many minifigures it will contain. It is supposed to be a model of Joyce Byers home. I’d love to see a Winona Ryder Minifigure of course, too.

New LEGO sets being released in February 2019

I’ve been slowly learning about new LEGO sets that will be released in February 2019. All the info you see here is official, meaning that it doesn’t come from a rumor website, or a strange twitter account. If the set appears on the official LEGO website, I use their photos (with credit of course).

Wow, after the blockbuster release of new sets last month (there were over 100). There were so many sets that came out that I had to do two blog posts about it – one of my usual January new sets where I featured the new Overwatch series, and another list of all the 100+ LEGO sets.

Honesty, I didn’t think LEGO had any more new sets to release.

With the upcoming The LEGO Movie 2, coming to the US on Feb, 8, I think LEGO Group wanted to save a few of those themed sets to be launched closer to the movie dropping.

The LEGO Movie 2

I’m so excited for both of these! Welcome to Apocalypseburg! and a LEGO Movie 2 based CMF with 20 new Characters.

Let’s start with the Welcome to Apocalypseburg! set. With 3178 pieces this set is targeted for ages 16+ and in my experience this will be a more advanced set.

0840 Welcome to Apocalypseburg Front
0840 Welcome to Apocalypseburg Back

Welcome to Apocalypseburg! will have 12 new minifigures based on the movie:

LEGO 71023 LEGO Movie 2 Custom Minifigures

The LEGO Movie 2 Custom Minifigures will be set number 71023, and will consist of 20 new style blind bags where it is going to be harder to “feel” which character is inside.

I don’t know the official names for each of these Minifigures, and will update this post when I learn more.

  1. Emmet
  2. Lucy
  3. Benny
  4. President Business
  5. Unikitty
  6. Rex Dangervest
  7. Dorothy
  8. the Tin Man
  9. the Scarecrow
  10. the Cowardly Lion
  11. Watermelon Suit Guy
  12. Giraffe Guy
  13. Crayon Suit Girl
  14. Pink Popstar
  15. Blue Popstar
  16. Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter
  17. Cat Girl Guitarist
  18. Hawaiian Singer
  19. Apocalypseburg Crazy Cat Lady
  20. Apocalypseburg Swamp Creature

I don’t know how many of each will appear in each “box”. But if it is the usual 60, I hope there will be an even distribution of 3 each. No matter what happens I’ll buy a full box and share what I find with you.