The LEGO Movie 2 Sherry Scratchen-Post & Scarfield Minifigure


The LEGO Movie 2 Sherry Scratchen-Post & Scarfield Minifigure is new, and fully assembled.   She comes with a white base plate, and cat with a mohawk named Scarfield.  Originally these minifigures came in sealed blind bags  You didn’t know which one of the 20 different kinds you would get.  To ensure you get the minifigure you want, the bags are opened and the minifigure is checked and assembled.  No bag or instructions are provided.

 Verified 100% original.

Official Minifigure Number:  coltlm2-6

Head:  Yellow Minifigure, Head Female, Reddish Brown Headband, Dark Red Glasses, White Cat Whiskers, Scowling Pattern – Hollow Stud

Torso:  Reddish Brown Torso Female Bodice, Silver Trim and Wolf Buckle Pattern / Yellow Arms with Reddish Brown and Silver Cuff and Strap Pattern / Yellow Hands

Hair:  Light Bluish Gray Minifigure, Hair Long Wavy with Center Part

LEGS:  Reddish Brown Hips and Dark Brown Legs with Silver Belt, Cingulum, Yellow Knees, Dark Brown Boots Pattern

I’m passionate about Minifigs.  I only sell original LEGO minifigures that have been obtained new by me in original boxes, or from reputable sources.  Each minifigure is assembled, and bagged separately.

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If you are searching for the Cat Lady Minifigure from the Lego Movie 2, you found her.  Her real name is Sherry Scratchen-Post & Scarfield is the name of her cat in this version.  If you take a regular cat lady, from a regular town, and put her into a post apocalypse LEGO city, this is what you get.


The Cat Lady  from the LEGO Movie 2 appears in these sets:

  • 70123 The LEGO Movie 2 (Complete Series of 20 Complete Minifigure Sets) (2019)


From the LEGO official Description: “She’s always ready to get her claws out and join in the cat fight for Apocalypseburg, as long as she has her scruffy cat crew with her. Her current favorite is this battle-ready bruiser, Scarfield.”


  • The names of the cats Emmet passes in the first LEGO movie are “Jasmine, Dexter, Angie, Loki, Bad Leroy, Fluffy, Fluffy Junior, Fluffy Senior and Jeff”

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