LEGO HP004 Harry Potter – Blue Open Shirt Torso, Tan Legs


The used LEGO Harry Potter LEGO HP004 Harry Potter – Blue Open Shirt Torso, Tan Legs came in these sets:

Official LEGO Minifigure Number:  hp004

Hair: Black Minifigure, Hair Short Tousled

Head:  Yellow Minifigure, Head Glasses with Lightning Bolt on Forehead Pattern (HP Harry Potter) – Blocked Open Stud

Torso:  Blue Torso Harry Potter Open Shirt and Sweater, Yellow Chest Pattern / Blue Arms / Yellow Hands

Legs:  Tan Hips and Legs Plain

 Verified 100% original.

Refund Policy – we offer a 100% refund if you request it to us via email before the item ships to you.  Once it has shipped, we will refund your money if you send the items ordered back to us in original condition and packaging.  US shipping rates are $4 for any number of minifigs, and we ship internationally starting at $11.  Tracking numbers are provided for all orders.

I’m passionate about Minifigs.  I only sell original LEGO Minifigures that have been obtained new by me in original boxes, or from reputable sources.  Each Minifigure is assembled and bagged separately.

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Here’s how a person might use the LEGO Harry Potter minifigure, HP004 Harry Potter with a Blue Open Shirt Torso and Tan Legs:

  1. Recreate Iconic Scenes: Use this Harry Potter minifigure to recreate iconic scenes from the Harry Potter series, especially those that depict him in casual attire. This specific figure can be used in scenes from the early books and movies where Harry is often seen in more casual clothes.
  2. Custom MOCs (My Own Creations): Incorporate the minifigure into custom MOCs. Whether creating new adventures in the Wizarding World or integrating Harry Potter into entirely different themes, this minifigure adds a touch of magic and character.
  3. Minifigure Collection: Add this figure to a collection of LEGO minifigures. Fans of Harry Potter and LEGO often collect different versions of characters, and this variant is a unique addition to any collection.
  4. Educational Displays: Use the minifigure in educational displays or dioramas. It can be part of a historical or literary display that discusses the impact of the Harry Potter series on popular culture.
  5. Gift for Fans: This minifigure makes a perfect gift for fans of Harry Potter and LEGO. It can be given as part of a custom set or as a standalone collectible.
  6. Stop-Motion Animation: Utilize the minifigure in stop-motion animation projects. Harry Potter fans often create their own stories and animations, and this figure provides a key character for such creative endeavors.
  7. Role-Playing Games: Integrate the minifigure into LEGO-based role-playing games. It can serve as a character in imaginative games where players create their own magical adventures.
  8. Themed Builds: Use the figure in themed builds, such as creating a mini version of the Hogwarts grounds, Diagon Alley, or other locations from the Harry Potter series.

These are just a few ways to utilize the LEGO Harry Potter – Blue Open Shirt Torso, Tan Legs minifigure in your LEGO projects. Its unique design and recognizable character make it a versatile piece for various creative uses.

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