LEGO Disney Series 3 Prince John Minifigure


This is a new, LEGO Disney Series 3 Prince John.

You will receive 1 Prince John Minifigure from the to be released Disney 100 Series.  The bag will be opened to make sure you get the correct minifigure.  Then all the contents will be transferred to a new ziploc bag.  The minifig will be new, and never assembled

This set is due to be released on May 1, 2023 and as soon as I receive them I will ship directly to you, USPS first class with a tracking number.

Verified 100% original.

Return policy – I am happy to refund the cost of the product if you return the complete minifigure including all pieces, inserts and accessories.  If you want to cancel your order before I have shipped, I am happy to refund you the cost of the product plus shipping.   Please contact us if you have any questions, please contact us via email for the fastest response.

I’m passionate about Minifigs.

I only sell original LEGO minifigures that have been obtained new by me in original boxes, or from reputable sources.

Each minifigure is assembled, and bagged separately.

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This is a new, original Prince John Minifigure.

What set does the this Minifigure appear in?

The Prince John Minifigure from the LEGO Disney Series 3 appears in these sets:

  • 71038 The LEGO Disney Series 3 CMF (Complete Series of 18 Complete Minifigure Sets) (2023)

Prince John Minifigure Background & Trivia

Prince John is a fictional character from Disney’s 1973 animated film “Robin Hood”. He is the main antagonist of the film and the younger brother of King Richard the Lionheart.

In the film, Prince John serves as the temporary ruler of England while his brother is away fighting in the Crusades. He is depicted as a greedy and selfish ruler who cares only about his own wealth and power, and is willing to exploit and oppress his subjects to get what he wants.

  • Prince John is often portrayed as a cowardly and insecure character, constantly seeking reassurance and validation from his henchman, the Sheriff of Nottingham. He is easily frightened and prone to throwing tantrums when things don’t go his way.
  • Despite his flaws, Prince John is a cunning and manipulative villain who uses his power and influence to try to eliminate Robin Hood and his band of Merry Men. He is determined to maintain his hold on the throne and will stop at nothing to achieve his goals.
  • Prince John’s obsession with money is a recurring theme throughout the film, and he is often seen counting his ill-gotten riches and hoarding treasure in his castle. His greed and corruption make him a hated figure among the people of England, and his downfall is ultimately brought about by his own arrogance and disregard for others.

The LEGO Prince John from the Disney Custom Minifigure Series 3.  For sale.  He comes with a molded head with a crown, a brown sack, and a castle coin.  A custom Disney 100 Baseplate is also included.

Official Minifigure Number:  coldis100-15

Head:  Bright Light Orange Minifigure, Head, Modified Lion with Molded Gold Crown and Printed Eyes, Black Nose and Tan Muzzle and Beard Pattern

Torso:  Red Torso Coat with White Trim with Black Spots, Medium Azure and Blue Shirt Pattern / Red Arms with White Cuffs and Black Spots Pattern / Bright Light Orange Hands

Legs:  Red Hips and Legs with White Coat Trim with Black Spots, Bright Light Orange Ankles and Feet with Reddish Brown Sandals and Toes Pattern

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