December 2018 Lego Income Report

This is my very first income report for by Lego Blog and YouTube Channel.

First of all I want to thank all 10 of my new YouTube Subscribers, and everyone that visited my website in the last 30 days.

Starting a profitable Lego affiliate site isn’t easy.  I don’t expect to be in the black for at least a year, maybe more  To that end, and so that I don’t go into debt spending I began to drive Uber.  Yes, I could just put all the sets on a new zero payments for 6 months credit card, but since I don’t know exactly when this site will begin to make money I decided it was better to use some of my spare time making some extra money doing ridesharing.

One thing I learned is that it is very hard to be FIRST with quality Set Reviews.

There are multiple things that make it hard to be first.  You have to know what sets are coming out.  You have to know where to get the sets (which store will have them in stock).  Then you have to quickly assemble the set AND film it at the same time.  Then you have to edit, and upload a quality review all within 24 hours.   But that’s not the end.  Throughout the month you need to promote the video (and blog post) on social media to drive traffic to the sites.

There are several great YouTube LEGO channels who seem to have a great system for doing all of the above.  I know with time and experience, I will be there, too.

LEGO Blog Costs for December 2018

Set Costs:

Overall I purchased the 3 new sets that came out spending $409.33

Website Costs – starting my website was $9.95 for the domain name  and $119.40 for a year of hosting.

Other Costs – there were no other costs at this time.

Overall I spent $538.68 to get this site up and running.

YouTube Income Report for December 2018

After starting my channel from zero videos and zero subscribers, I was able to publish 3 videos.  Only 3 sets were released last month, so that was all I did.  I spent a lot of time learning how to film, edit, keyword, and publish videos on YouTube.  I still have a lot of work to do to get them to they style that I want.

I got 10 subscribers in this first month.  If you are one of those 10, THANK YOU!

I also learned that I need to get more professional gear to achieve the look and style that I want.

Of course I can’t start to monetize my channel until I get 10,000 views.  As of right now I’m only at 740, so I still have a ways to go.

Thankfully, I just picked up 5 new Spider-Man LEGO sets, and will review those and that should help me get more subscribers and viewers.

Lego Blog Report for December 2018

One of the biggest challenges for starting the blog was learning what LEGO sets are coming soon!

Another issue is that new sets aren’t always on the sites where I have affiliate codes (like Amazon) so I have to go back and  check for links and change them as I go.

So I didn’t make any money yet, but I am increasing my subscribers, clicks, and views, and expect to be bringing in some income in the next month or two, and making a profit by the end of the year!

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