2019 LEGO 41357 Olivia’s Heart Box

LEGO 41357 Friends Olivia's Heart Box

Not many people knew this but my BrickLand city is right next door to Hearltake City, the home of Olivia and her other 4 friends. Olivia loves all things related to Science. She even has a pet robot named Zobo. This little heart shaped box, contains all the things Olivia Loves!

Lego 41357 Olivia’s Heart Box is a new 2019 set that was released in January of 2019. It has 85 pieces and is labeled for ages 6 and up.

LEGO 41357 Pieces & Minidoll

There are 85 pieces in this set, including 1 minidoll, the Olivia friends Minidoll. She is part of a series of 5 similar Heart boxes, one for each character in the Friends Lego series: Mia, Stephanie, Emma, Andrea, and of course Olivia.

This set also comes with a heart shaped box that is made out of bricks in Olivia’s colors – pink and yellow. There is a little Zobo brick built robot, a chocolate bar, a wrench, a printed tile to control the robot, too. Plus there is a 2×4 printed tile with the name Olivia on it.

LEGO 41357 Review

This is one in a series of 5. Each LEGO friends character Mia, Stephanie, Emma, Andrea, and of course Olivia comes with their own little brick built box. The box has a removable lid that can be a sage or a platform for her to stand on, plus more. Including some little flowers and a 2×4 LEGO tile with the name Olivia printed on it.

The lid fits perfectly on the box, and each box for each character is stackable, making you want to collect them all.

The lid comes off the box and Olivia and her accessories can be stored inside

Inside the box, is Olivia, a Zobo brick built Robot, a wrench, and a printed tile (from the cover of a book) that has computer controls on it.

All in all these are great little sets. They are affordable at under $10, and very collectable. Even though you don’t get a lot of minifigures or minidolls for the price, you do get a lot of accessories that are related to the series.

Putting together a minidoll is very easy – it’s just like a minifigure. Connect the body part to the legs part. Put on the head. Add hair. The minidolls don’t have 2 faces as their heads are shaped differently, and are not compatable with regular minifigures. In fact, no part of a minidoll can connect to a minifig. They are completely different. But for me, they work quite nicely in my LEGO city, as they do resemble Disney Princesses. They are like minifigs in costume if you ask me.

If you want to see when I open the set and build it in real time,  follow me on Instagram where I frequently do live feeds and Lego Instagram Stories of new sets.

LEGO 41357 Release Date

This set was released  in January of 2019 on the New Year’s Day. I bought this set with my own money at my local Target store, the week after it came out.

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