LEGO October 2023 GWP – FREE Gift With Purchase

October 2023 LEGO GWP

Right now there are two sets available when you spend a certain amount of money on Depending on how much you spend, you can either get a Mini Steamboat Willie set, or the Fourth set in the Houses of the World Series.

Have you ever wanted to get FREE LEGO – I know I do! Well, this is one way to get a free set (sort of). LEGO frequently offers cool promotions to get you to buy more. For me that really isn’t an issue, especially this time of year when there are so many great new sets.

You have to act quickly however, these two sets are only available for 1 week (or until they are sold out). October 23-31, 2023!

Instead I find myself trying to plan or time my purchases to maximize my hauls. If I can wait to get a set so that when I buy it I can also get a cool free LEGO set (GWP) then that’s what I try to do.

One set has a $100 threshold, and the other is higher at $250.

Right now there are two FREE GWP available – the LEGO Mini Steamboat Willie set and the 4th Houses of the world set. Read on to learn more about each, as well as what purchases qualify to get them.

LEGO Mini Steamboat Willie Set

The LEGO Disney Mini Steamboat Willie set is free on when you spend $100.

  • Gift with Purchase Threshold: Spend $100 on
  • Time Available: Oct 23 -31 2023
  • Qualifying sets: LEGO Disney, Duplo, Star Wars, and Marvel
  • Set Number: 40659
  • Number of Pieces:424
  • Age: 9+
  • Value: $24.99 (October 2023 Gift with Purchase)

If you are looking for the ORGINAL LEGO Disney Steamboat Willie set you can find it on

The new LEGO Gift with Purchase (GWP) Mini Steamboat Willie Disney LEGO set is a delightful and collectible addition to the world of LEGO. This charming mini-set is a tribute to the iconic Disney character, Steamboat Willie, and captures the essence of the classic black-and-white cartoon in LEGO form. Here’s a description to help you convey its charm:

  1. Design: The Mini Steamboat Willie set features a miniature version of the famous steamboat from the 1928 Disney short film. The build is compact and meticulously designed to capture the essence of the original cartoon.
  2. Color Scheme: The set predominantly features a black-and-white color scheme, just like the classic animation, with subtle gray and silver accents. It creates a nostalgic and authentic feel, reminiscent of early animation.
  3. Details: Despite its small size, the set is rich in details. The steamboat includes a rotating paddlewheel and a smokestack. Mickey Mouse, dressed in his classic attire, stands at the wheel, ready to steer the ship. His design is adorable and instantly recognizable.
  4. Unique Elements: It comes with unique elements like printed parts that depict Mickey Mouse’s face and hands, ensuring the set remains faithful to the character.
  5. Collectible Value: This GWP set holds a special place in the hearts of LEGO and Disney enthusiasts. Its limited availability and nostalgic appeal make it a must-have for collectors and fans of classic animation.
  6. Size: The Mini Steamboat Willie set is small and portable, making it a perfect desk or shelf display piece. It’s an excellent conversation starter and a reminder of Disney’s rich history.
  7. GWP Promotion: As a Gift with Purchase, it’s an enticing bonus for LEGO buyers, encouraging them to make a purchase and add this charming piece to their collection.
  8. Packaging: It comes in a unique and eye-catching packaging that complements the theme and design of the set, making it feel like a special and exclusive item.

In summary, the Mini Steamboat Willie Disney LEGO set is a delightful, nostalgic, and collectible piece that pays homage to the iconic Steamboat Willie animation. Its attention to detail and faithful representation of the source material, combined with its limited availability as a GWP, make it a sought-after addition to any LEGO or Disney fan’s collection.

Houses of the World 4

The LEGO Houses of the World 4th set is free on when you spend $250.

Over time, these sets, when collected, saved in sealed boxes can sell for over $65. If you are looking for an older one I suggest searching

  • Gift with Purchase Threshold: Spend $250 on
  • Time Available: Oct 23 -31 2023
  • Qualifying sets: Any
  • Set Number: 40599
  • Number of Pieces: 218
  • Age: 12+
  • Value: ?? (October 2023 Gift with Purchase)

Design: The LEGO Houses of the World 4 GWP set is a captivating and educational collection of miniature buildings representing iconic architectural landmarks from around the globe. Each building is a miniature masterpiece, showcasing the unique design and character of its real-world counterpart.

Miniature Replicas: The set includes a diverse range of miniature replicas, representing famous houses from different countries. These houses are instantly recognizable and authentically recreated, from the charming brickwork of a traditional English cottage to the elegant lines of a French chateau, and many more.

Detail: Despite their small scale, each mini house is packed with intricate details, capturing the essence of the original architecture. From tiny windows and doors to unique roof designs, the craftsmanship is truly impressive.

Diverse Selection: The Houses of the World 4 set offers a diverse selection of architectural styles, allowing you to appreciate and compare different cultural influences and building techniques. It’s a journey around the world in the form of tiny, collectible houses.

Educational Value: This GWP set provides an excellent opportunity for learning and appreciation of global architecture. Whether you’re a budding architect, a travel enthusiast, or simply a LEGO collector, it offers insight into the rich architectural history of various countries.

Compact Display: Each mini house is compact and can be proudly displayed on a shelf or desk. The entire set creates an eye-catching display piece that sparks curiosity and conversation among those who see it.

Limited Availability: As a Gift with Purchase, this set adds an extra layer of appeal for LEGO enthusiasts, encouraging them to make a purchase to obtain this unique and collectible set.

Packaging: The set comes in attractive and thematic packaging that reflects the international spirit of the collection. It’s a small, portable treasure trove of architectural wonders.

In conclusion, the LEGO Houses of the World 4 GWP set is a captivating and educational journey through global architecture, offering miniature replicas of iconic houses from around the world. Its attention to detail, educational value, and limited availability as a GWP make it a desirable addition to the LEGO collection of architecture enthusiasts and anyone with an appreciation for the world’s diverse architectural heritage.

How LEGO GWP works

LEGO frequently offers gifts with purchase, but they typcially only last a limited amount of time. The way it works is quite simple – All you have to do is spend a certain amount on

When you order on-line the sets are automatically added to your card when you checkout. There’s really nothing extra to do! So simple!

How long do LEGO GWP last?

This LEGO GWP (Gift With Purchase) only lasts for 1 week – October 23-31 2023, or until supplies run out. Be sure to order favorite qualifying sets today from to be sure.

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