LEGO Interstellar Spaceship 60430 Review

LEGO Interstellar Spaceship

The LEGO Interstellar Spaceship is a fun, easy to build and affordable set from the City 2024 series of sets. With a single female minifigure who fits perfectly in the cockpit, and a couple of very cool play features, this set is a great entry level set for builders both young and old.

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A few blog posts ago I did a roundup announcement of the 7 new LEGO City Space toys being released on Jan 1 2024. I’m happy to be able to say I found this set in the wild a few days before the offical release, so I can bring you my first LEGO review of 2024.

Overall Rating for the LEGO Interstellar Spaceship

Rating: 4 out of 5.
  • Price: $19.99
  • Set Number: 60430
  • Release Date: January 1, 2024
  • Recommended Age: 6+
  • Part count: 240 pieces
  • Number of Minifigures: 1

When is the LEGO City Interstellar Spaceship Released?

This set 60430, The Interstellar spaceship was released on Jan 1 2024. It is available at LEGO retail stores,, and other retailers.

I was able to purchase mine early at Target where I found it on the shelf a few days before Christmas.

LEGO Interstellar Spaceship 2
LEGO Interstellar Spaceship

What’s in the Box

2 plastic bags of parts, instructions, 2 bigger black spaceship frame pieces. No Stickers!

LEGO 60430 Interstellar Spaceship Box Contents
LEGO 60430 Interstellar Spaceship Box Contents

Instructions for the Interstellar Spacehip

Use the new LEGO Builder App for a digital experience. Better than downloading the PDF and following on your screen on the builder app … this program is great because you not only have a digital copy of the instructions, but it is animated so you can even see how the pieces are supposed to connect.

If you have any trouble with your build at all, this is the app to help!

A few other Instruction manual details –

  • At the end of the book is a list of all the parts and quantities needed
  • There is a QR code on the front that when scanned opens a digital version of LEGO instructions.
  • At the bottom of each page is a little graph showing how far along you are in the build. It’s fun to follow the little minifigure graphic to the end.

Building Bag 1

The first bag starts as many do with the building of the only minifigure.

Then you continue with the drone bot – jet and battery pack to engage it.

Finally you assemble the two black frame peices together and begin the actual build of the interstellar spaceship.

LEGO 60430 Interstellar Spaceship Connecting the Parts
LEGO 60430 Interstellar Spaceship Connecting the Parts

There is a section where you build a sliding piece in the back, which is part of the fold out main thrusters. At first I thought it was for something that would drop out the back, but this realistic vehicles build doens’t have that.

You finish bag one with the spaceship toy about half complete. You can see the major parts of it, but it still has a lot to come together.

LEGO 60430 Interstellar Spaceship End of Bag 1
LEGO 60430 Interstellar Spaceship End of Bag 1

Building Bag 2

With bag 2 you get to finish the exciting adventure of building the interstellar spaceship.

Most of the steps only have you placing 2-4 pieces so it is very easy to understand, but as a consequence there are a lot of steps – pages that are needed to complete the build.

LEGO 60430 Interstellar Spaceship Connecting Wings
LEGO 60430 Interstellar Spaceship Connecting Wings

Throughout the process you might notice that you are building a little compartment in the back between the thrusters and the cockpit. At first I thought it was for the drone, or maybe an R2-D2 type unit, but this is the surprise feature that I don’t want to spoil.

There is an advanced building technique used, and that little build is held in place with an orange short roller coaster piece. It will all make sense if you follow the instructions either on paper or in the LEGO builder app. Trust the process!

LEGO 60430 Interstellar Spaceship Feature
LEGO 60430 Interstellar Spaceship Feature

Review of LEGO City Interstellar Spaceship 90430

  • Is it Worth it?
  • “Build fun-ness”
  • Minifigs
  • Hidden Surprises
  • Build time

I give this set 3.9 stars overall. It is fun to play with right as built, or you can start to take some pieces off for even more imaginative play. Things like the battery packs, or the main blue control screen are removable and designed for young space enthusiasts to do even more.

Plus, and I give the designers at LEGO a lot of credit for this – there are ZERO stickers in this set. Lots of cool printer parts! I would expect stickers at a set in this price range but am pleasantly surprised there are none!

LEGO 60430 Interstellar Spaceship Cool printed pieces
LEGO 60430 Interstellar Spaceship Cool printed pieces

Is it Worth it?

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The number one question I get on Instagram or social media, or on my comments is “is the LEGO City interstellar spaceship worth it”? And for me, the answer is YES!

This set is a lot of fun for $20. You get a great spaceship with a detailed minifigure, and a nice little accessory that has more than one purpose. Any LEGO or space fan will enjoy this set, and it is sturdy enough to have high “swoosh-ability”.

There is a good assortment of cool parts, and you can use it alone or with other sets from this series for even more epic adventures.

“Build Fun-ness”

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Putting this single seat spacecraft together was building fun at its simplest. There are a few unique techniques that were used, but none are super complicated. The instructions provide great photos of the detailed structures, and there are no confusing steps.

As for repition, there really isn’t any. Sure you have to build 2 wings, and a couple of other duplicate components, but overall the City interstellar spaceship toy is very enjoyable building fun to put together.

LEGO is very good with getting all the required pieces to you. I can’t remember the last time a part was missing from a set. And I build hundreds of sets every year.

You will get a few extra peices when you are all done. These are the ones I had left over when the set was complete.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

You get a single minifig with this set. For $20 that’s a great deal.

The included space crew minifigure is female, and has a blue backpack that holds the drone bot which is also a booster engine so she can make short flights without using the main ship.

She has a moderns space blue helmet with a clear blast shield.

Her face is not dual sided, but has a cool star/constellation patten tatoo or glitter on it with an engaging smile.

The torso is super detailed with new blue and orange colors used over the white base.

Her legs also have detailed prints on the toes and other places.

Hidden Surprises

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

This set has one really cool hidden surprise, but it is sort of a one trick pony. Sure it has the usual canopy that opens and closes, but nothing shoots from anywhere. You get to put the minifigure in the cockpit, but there isn’t a place to store the drone backpack – I really wish there was!

A good way to expand the playablility would be for someone to rebuild the set (which is 100% OK to do) and incorporate the drone backpack into the ship itself.

LEGO 60430 Interstellar Spaceship Everything open
LEGO 60430 Interstellar Spaceship Everything open

It would also be more cool if you were able to insert a whole toy battery pack into the ship or have the battery packs come out and then slip into a recharge station on a different set for instance. All these are other opportunites to further your imaginative play!

Build time

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

this $20 set didn’t take me too long to build at all. I was able to follow the easy to understand instructions and complete the set in about 20 minutes.

Overall there really aren’t any difficult steps or complicated connections. You do have a couple of the most basic Technic connections, but the instructions are clear and easy to understand. There is also one small section that at first doesn’t make any sense, but you soon realize that it is part of the hidden surprise I mentioned above. It’s a cool building technique that advanced users use all the time, but for beginners may be confusing.

LEGO 60430 Interstellar Spaceship Instruction Power and Logo
LEGO 60430 Interstellar Spaceship Instruction Power and Logo

The set is rated for ages 6 and up. I would expect a beginner to be able to do this set, but might need a little help. It would probably take them an hour or so to complete it.

I am giving this a 4 stars for build time as it was fast and easy. Maybe a bit too fast. But definitely fun, for this experienced builder.

Final Thoughts

This is my first in a series of LEGO city space toys for 2024, and it does not disappoint. The Interstellar spaceship was a quick build for me, but had a fun and interesting feature that I didnt expect. There are enough movable parts , like the fold out main thrusters, and the drone bot that kids and adults of any age can enjoy thrilling intergalactic action.

Be sure to take out and play with the removable battery pack to engage the different features. It appears this ship is powered by little purple canisters (a new color) that use crystals that are mined in different sets – and that the little battery tiles help power and monitor the energy of the system. But there is enough going ou that imaginative play can be done in any way you want!

Overall this is a great set, and I encourage you to add it to your collection.

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