LEGO Part Green Tile 2 x 2


Lego Part Number: 87079

Here’s how a person might use the LEGO Green Tile 2 x 2:

  1. Smooth Finishes: The 2 x 2 tile is perfect for creating smooth surfaces in your builds. It’s often used to give a polished, finished look to floors, walls, and other flat surfaces in architectural and landscape models.
  2. Decorative Elements: Use this tile as a decorative element in various creations. Its vibrant green color makes it ideal for adding color highlights, creating patterns, or simulating grass or foliage in outdoor scenes.
  3. Custom Mosaics and Art: Incorporate the tile into custom mosaics or pixel art. The uniform size and bright color allow for detailed and intricate designs, adding depth and visual appeal to your artwork.
  4. Base for Minifigures: This tile can serve as a base or platform for minifigures, providing a stable and smooth surface for display. It can be used to create scenes or dioramas where minifigures interact with their environment.
  5. Interior Design: Use the tile to add detail to the interior of buildings. It’s great for creating tiled floors, tabletops, or other flat surfaces that require a smooth finish and a pop of color.
  6. Pathways and Walkways: The green tile can be used to create pathways or walkways in garden or park scenes. Its color helps simulate grass or other natural elements, enhancing the realism of outdoor settings.
  7. Creative Custom Builds: For custom LEGO projects, the 2 x 2 tile provides flexibility and creativity. Its flat surface and vibrant color can solve building challenges and enhance the uniqueness of your creations.
  8. Replacement Part: If a LEGO set originally included this tile and it’s been lost or damaged, obtaining a replacement ensures the set remains complete and the original design is maintained.
  9. Board Games and Grids: Use the tile to create grids or boards for custom LEGO-based games. The consistent size and smooth surface make it suitable for creating playing fields or game boards.

These are just a few ways to utilize the LEGO Green Tile 2 x 2 in your LEGO creations. Its versatile size and vibrant color make it an essential component for a wide range of builds.

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This is an official LEGO® part  The LEGO 2×4 Tile Green in color.  All my parts are sourced from either new sets or reputable sources.

 Verified 100% original.

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