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Everyone who builds with LEGO should have one of these – but they don’t come in every set.  It’s the LEGO Tool that I call the brick separator.

Have you ever had lego bricks that just don’t want to come apart? This is the tool to use. Don’t use a screwdriver, or your teeth, or risk breaking your fingernail. This should be within reach of every lego builders build table.

lego elements are usually pretty easy to take apart. But every now and then they just get stuck. Especially the 1×2 plates when stacked on top of each other. For me, this is impossible to take apart.

How to use a lego remover: There are a few different ways to use this tool. The easiest is to slide the wedge end under a tile and just pop it off. You can also use the studs to attach to a stuck piece and lever it off. Also there is a technic axle piece used to push out round parts from their holes. It’s like the LEGO group though of it all!

Over the years they have come in different colors (gray, teal), but I have a lot of the Orange ones for sale –  It has lots of different uses:

  • Separate 2 plates
  • Push axles through technic holes
  • Pry up tiles from plates
  • and more

I like to keep my brick separators separate from my orange legos as they can easily be confused because they are the same color. Sure there are other more rare colors of brick separators, but when I need one I need one and want it quickly.

Leave a comment below how you use the lego brick remover

Description: Human Tool Brick and Axle Separator

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The LEGO Brick Separator Tool

The lego brick separator tool is here to help. Do you have a bunch of lego pieces that are all mixed up and can’t find yours? I have them for sale!

This handy tool i quickly and easily separates lego blocks. Simply insert the tool into the hole between two lego blocks and give it a twist. The lego seperater will quickly loosen the blocks so you can easily remove them. This lego block remover is a must-have for any lego fan, and it’s sure to make your lego building experience more fun and efficient!  It comes in lots of different sets – from the Modular buildings on down, but you can never have too many!

How to use the tool by separating a LEGO brick into two pieces

If you’ve ever stepped on a LEGO brick in the middle of the night, you know how important it is to be able to separate the pieces quickly and easily. Fortunately, there’s a tool for that! The LEGO separator is a small, orange tool that is specifically designed for separating LEGO bricks. To use it, simply place the separator over the LEGO brick and press down. The separator will push the two pieces apart, making it easy to remove the offending LEGO brick from your foot!

Who uses the Brick Separator Tool

The lego brick separator is a tool that lego fans use to separate lego bricks that are stuck together. Did you know The original brick separator was created by a lego fan, and it quickly became popular among other lego users. The lego brick separator is a simple tool that consists of a thin plastic wedge attached to a handle. The wedge is inserted into the gaps between two lego bricks, and the handle is used to twist the blade and separate the bricks. It’s a useful tool for lego fans because it helps to keep their lego collection in good condition. Lego bricks that are stuck together can be difficult to separating without damaging them, but the lego brick separator makes it easy to separating bricks without damaging them.

Another way to use the tool is with a row of tiles. Let’s say that you have spent a bunch of time putting down little 2×2 Light blue grey tiles to make a sidewalk in your LEGO city. But you decide that you don’t thile the way it looks or maybe you are just 1 stud off and need to take them all off and re-do it.

You could use your fingernail to try to pop off each tile, but this could take a long time and the chances of you breaking a nail are high.

Instead, use the remover tool!

Simply place the wedge at the first tile and slide it along the row of exposed edges of the tiles. They will pop right off!

Its something every fan must have!

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