LEGO Iron Man MK V Minifigure


The  LEGO Iron Man (Mark V)  comes fully assembled and includes the helmet.  There is a silver flip up face shield on this version. This suit is more silver in color.  No instructions, bag, or additional pieces are included.  The face is a simple trans clear head with no printing.

 Verified 100% original.

Official Minifigure Part Number:  sh566

Head: Trans-Clear Minifigure, Head (Plain) – Hollow Stud

Torso: Dark Red Torso Armor with Silver Panels and Metallic Light Blue Circle in Center Pattern / Dark Red Arms / Dark Red Hands

Helmet: Dark Red Minifigure, Headgear Helmet Space with Open Face and Top Hinge (Iron Man)

LEGS: Dark Red Hips and Legs with Silver and Black Armor Panels Pattern

I’m passionate about Minifigs.  I only sell original LEGO minifigures that have been obtained new by me in original boxes, or from reputable sources.  Each minifigure is assembled, and bagged separately.

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The Mark 5 Iron Man LEGO Minifigure came in the hall of Armor set that was released before the Avengers Endgame movie.  This is the suit from the second Iron Man Movie and has some special features that I’ll detail below.


LEGO Iron Man MK 1 Minifigure appears in these sets:

76125 Iron Man Hall of Armor (2019)


The MKV Iron Man suit is the next one we see in the MCU after the first Iron Man Movie.  It makes it’s debut during the Race in Monaco when Ivan Vanko does his attack.

This suit is designed to be lightweight and easily transportable.  In fact it travels as a suitcase, and can be deployed almost anywhere in seconds.

One big drawback with the Mark 5 Iron Man suit is that it doesn’t have a full arsenal of weapons because of it’s light weight.  It also has thinner plates and not as much armor as the other suits.  It can still fly, although not as high, or carrying as much weight.  It also relies on the ARC reactor in Tony’s chest, rather than an independent one that many other suits have for power.

The iron suit does provide protection against most bullets and other small arms.


  • This suit is made to be transported in a suitcase.

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