LEGO Disney Series 3 Pinocchio Minifigure


This is a new, LEGO Disney Series 3 Pinocchio.

You will receive 1 Pinocchio Minifigure from the to be released Disney 100 Series.  The bag will be opened to make sure you get the correct minifigure.  Then all the contents will be transferred to a new ziploc bag.  The minifig will be new, and never assembled

This set is due to be released on May 1, 2023 and as soon as I receive them I will ship directly to you, USPS first class with a tracking number.

Verified 100% original.

Return policy – I am happy to refund the cost of the product if you return the complete minifigure including all pieces, inserts and accessories.  If you want to cancel your order before I have shipped, I am happy to refund you the cost of the product plus shipping.   Please contact us if you have any questions, please contact us via email for the fastest response.

I’m passionate about Minifigs.

I only sell original LEGO minifigures that have been obtained new by me in original boxes, or from reputable sources.

Each minifigure is assembled, and bagged separately.

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This is a new, original, Pinocchio Minifigure.

What set does the this Minifigure appear in?

The Pinocchio Minifigure from the LEGO Disney Series 3 appears in these sets:

  • 71038 The LEGO Disney Series 3 CMF (Complete Series of 18 Complete Minifigure Sets) (2023)

Pinocchio Minifigure Background & Trivia

Pinocchio is a beloved character from the Walt Disney animated film of the same name, which was released in 1940. Here’s a brief history:

Pinocchio is based on the character of the same name from the Italian novel “The Adventures of Pinocchio” by Carlo Collodi, which was first published in 1883.
The Disney film adaptation of Pinocchio was a critical and commercial success, and it is now considered a classic of the animation genre.
The character of Pinocchio has since become a major part of Disney’s brand, appearing in theme park attractions, merchandise, and various other forms of media.

Three bullet point facts about Pinocchio are:

  • Pinocchio is a wooden puppet who dreams of becoming a real boy, and he embarks on a series of adventures to achieve this goal.
  • Pinocchio’s nose grows longer whenever he tells a lie, a characteristic that has become one of the character’s most iconic traits.
  • Pinocchio is accompanied on his adventures by a cast of colorful characters, including Jiminy Cricket, a wise and loyal cricket who serves as Pinocchio’s conscience, and Geppetto, the kindly woodcarver who created Pinocchio in the first place.

Official Minifigure Number:  coldis100-2

Hat:  Black Minifigure, Hair Combo, Hair with Hat, Short Hair with Quiff with Molded Yellow Hat and Dark Azure Band and Printed Red Feather Pattern

Head:  Light Nougat Minifigure, Head, Modified with Nose with Black Eyebrows and Smile with Tongue Pattern

Torso:  Bright Light Yellow Torso Black and White Vest, Dark Azure Bow, Red Pants with Suspenders Pattern / Light Nougat Arms with Molded Bright Light Yellow Sleeves Pattern / White Hands

Legs:  Red Hips and Medium Legs with Light Nougat Lower Legs, Reddish Brown Shoes and Dark Azure Stripes and Stars on Sides Pattern

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