LEGO Disney Series 1 Peter Pan Minifigure


The LEGO Disney Peter Pan Minifigure is new, and fully assembled.   He comes with a black base plate, two golden knives which fit into his claw hands Originally these minifigures came in sealed blind bags  You didn’t know which one of the 20 different kinds you would get.  To ensure you get the minifigure you want, the bags are opened and the minifigure is checked and assembled.  No bag or instructions are provided.

 Verified 100% original.

Official Minifigure Number: coldis-15

Head:  Light Flesh Minifigure, Head Dark Orange Raised Eyebrows, Open Mouth Smile with Teeth and Tongue Pattern (Peter Pan) – Hollow Stud

Hat:  Light Flesh Minifigure, Hair Combo, Hair with Hat, Dark Orange Messy with Green Pointed Hat with Red Feather and Pointed Ears Pattern

Torso:  Lime Torso Open Collar, Light Flesh Neck, Dark Brown Belt Pattern / Light Flesh Arms with Lime Short Sleeves with Scalloped Edge Pattern / Light Flesh Hands

Legs:  Lime Hips and Legs with Green Leggings under Tunic and Dark Orange Boots Pattern

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Every villain needs a hero, and Peter Pan is the good guy to Captain Hook.  In the LEGO Disney Series 1, the Peter Pan Minifigure is one of my absolute favorites made.


Peter Pan from the LEGO Disney Series 1 appears in these sets:

71012 The LEGO Disney Series 1 CMF (Complete Series of 18 Complete Minifigure Sets) (2016)


Peter Pan Lives in Neverland, and goes to visit Wendy (and her brother and sister) in London so that he can hear her tales of his adventures.  He has a big ego!


  • He can fly without wings
  • He is the Leader of the Lost boys

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