As LEGO releases more and more minifigures, they are adding all kinds of different pieces that resemble real world things.

In this case, LEGO made a hair piece that is in the Bob hair style.  No, not the shorted name Robert.

If you don’t know the bob haircut is one of the most popular hairstyles of the moment, and it shows no signs of going out of style anytime soon. Thanks to its versatile nature, the bob can be styled to suit any face shape or hair type. modern bob haircuts feature a couple of innovations which upgrade bob hairstyles to the level of up-to-the-minute looks you’ll rock with pleasure this season. Shaggy bob haircuts and layered bob hairstyles are among the absolute favorites. Here you’ll be able to find both perfect solutions of bob hairstyles for thick hair and flattering bob haircuts for fine hair. A right-chosen curly bob hairstyle will make your day and fix the annoying issues with disobedient curls. So if you’re looking for a fresh new haircut, a bob might just be the perfect option for you.

Also, be sure to pick up one of the LEGO tools for separating bricks and plates to make your life easier.

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Showing all 2 results