LEGO Space Construction Mech Review

LEGO Space Construction Mech

The new LEGO Space Construcion Mech is the most affordable set in the new 2024 City Space series. If you are looking for a highly detailed, fun space themed set, this is the one for you! Start new epic space adventures or contine ones you have already started with a simple minifig in a futuristic space robot toy or mech suit.

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Sometimes the simple sets are the most fun. The LEGO Space construction mech, is the cheapest in the new LEGO city space range, but has some features that inspire creativity, and teach a few unique building experiences that all LEGO builders should have.

Overall Rating for LEGO Space Construction Mech

LEGO Space Construction Mech set
LEGO Space Construction Mech set

Rating: 4 out of 5.
  • Price: $10.99
  • Set Number: 60428
  • Release Date: January 1, 2024
  • Recommended Age: 6+
  • Part count: 140 pieces
  • Number of Minifigures: 1

When is the LEGO Space Construction Mech Released?

This 140 piece set was released on Jan 1 2024. I was able to find this set a few days early at a local Target store, but that could have been a mistake. Now it is available at as well at LEGO stores,, and other LEGO resellers everywhere.

What’s in the Box?

Image of Box Contents

Inside the Space construction mech box is a bag with the parts, an instruction book, and a sticker sheet. You do get a few extra pieces with this set, but overal LEGO is very good with including exactly what you need to for an exciting building adventure. In all my years of building, I have never had a set that is really missing a piece.

If I find a part is missing it is usually either:

  1. on the floor
  2. Still in the bag (didn’t get dumped out)
  3. Hidden under or beneath another piece.

LEGO almost always includes a few extra pieces of the smaller parts – for instance I got an extra 1×1 rounded tile with the battery icon, an half circle in the new orange coloir, and a few other minor pieces that could easily get lost.

Instructions for the the LEGO Space construction mech toy

In the box is a printed booklet witthe instructions clearly spelled out. Every page counts as a step towards completing the space mining mech model, and at the top of each page is a little box with the parts you will need to complete that page.

LEGO Space Construction Mech Instructions
LEGO Space Construction Mech Instructions

You can also download the instructions from Here is a link to the direct download page.

There is also the new”ish” LEGO builder app – this is a cool program you can load onto your phone or tablet that doubles as an instruction book. With the LEGO builder app you can have the insttructions for any set at your fingertips, keep track of your sets, view models and you can even track your own building progress!

Building the set

As an experienced builder this set didn’t take me long to build at all. There are 4 different things you actyally build

  1. the minifigure
  2. the mech
  3. the mining robot
  4. a little landscape feature with the crystals.

This set is made for ages 6+, and I think that’s a really realistic age. Some of the parts are sort of tiny, and not appropriate for super young builders. There are some stickers which can be more challenging to place correctly. There are not any very compliated build steps either.

When you are done you have 4 things to play with, and each can interact with the other. The minifigure can fit inside the Mech of course, the robot mining tool can work on the landscape. There is a large hammer as part of the articulated mech suit, as well as claw tool arms a hand with a gripper arm. The rpbot pilot has big feet so it can stand on its own, and if you want to engage in space battles, this toy would also work for that.

Review of LEGO Space Construction Mech

To learn how I came up with the different categories and how I assign star ratings, please read my article about how I review LEGO sets.

Is it Worth it?

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The question I get most often about the sets I review is “is the LEGO Space Construction mech worth it?” and the answer is a resounding YES! For $10 you get a mech, a minifigure an much more.

Regular subscribers to my site will know that I don’t just give good ratings to inexpensive LEGO sets. But this one has a lot of great features that make it worth the price.

“Build fun-ness”

Rating: 4 out of 5.

This set would be a challenging build for someone 6 years old. After I build it, I took it apart and let my 11 year old do it, and he had fun with it. I give it 4 stars because although it is a fun construciton bot to build, it is a pretty standard Mech toy, and doens’t have any new or unique build features I haven’t seen before.

LEGO Space Construction Mech Logo
LEGO Space Construction Mech Logo


Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

This set only comes with one minifig, an man with a single printed face. He does have a cool earpiece printed above his left ear which is something I haven’t seen before. Overall he is pretty common. His torso is white and remidns me of the White time traveling suits we saw in the Marvel Movies. There is the new Orange space logo printed on his suit, but it is small and not very prominent.

He also has a newer style space yellow helmet with a face shield. And a large chest place with 4 studs on the back. Although I don’t know what is supposed to fit back there.

The legs are printed and have some good detail but are what I would expect in a set at this price range.

Hidden Surprises

Rating: 3 out of 5.

I wouldn’t say there are really any hidden surprises in this set. I did like the way the cage that holds the minifigure pilot cockpit was put together – that was sort of interesting. There are a few detailed structures on the mech that are interesting and I’m not quite shre what they are there for. But they are fun to play with nonetheless.

LEGO Space Construction Mech Side View
LEGO Space Construction Mech Side View

Build time

Rating: 4 out of 5.

For a $10 set the build time was good. I found myself enjoying the build. Nothing too repetitive, and you get a good selection of different pieces.

I really like the new orange color that is being released iwth this wave of space sets. There are the energy crystals elements are also new battery pieces that are charged into purple caisters that are powered by the new purple colored crystal pieces.

LEGO Space Construction Mech robot
LEGO Space Construction Mech robot

Final thoughts

This is a great introduction to the new LEGO City space range (other sets sold separately). It doesn’t matter if you have imaginative kids or not, this set will be fun for them, and is the perfect birthday gift, or hoiiday gift for a budding LEGO builder. I dont’ think it would even matter much if someone already had this set. If I got another, I could simply begin to create an army on my planet setting, and merge fantasy with reality! The 60428 space construction mech is a great little set despite the average rating.

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